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Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Eumalacostraca --> Superord. Eucarida --> Ord. Decapoda --> Pleocyemata --> Anomura -->


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Fam. Porcellanidae

"Neopetrolisthes ohshimai" by Stephen Childs via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Neopetrolisthes ohshimai

"Neopetrolisthes ohshimai" by Stephen Childs via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Fam. Galatheidae
Gen. Acanthogalathea (Add)
Gen. Alainius (Add)
Alainius crosnieri (Add)
Gen. Allogalathea (Add)
Allogalathea, Allogalathea elegans (Add)
Gen. Allomunida (Add)
Allomunida magnicheles (Add)
Gen. Coralliogalathea (Add)
Coralliogalathea humilis (Add)
Gen. Fennerogalathea (Add)
Fennerogalathea chacei (Add)
Fennerogalathea chirostyloides (Add)
Gen. Galathea (Add)
Galathea babai (Add)
Galathea denticulata (Add)
Galathea sinensis (Add)
Gen. Janetogalathea (Add)
Janetogalathea californiensis (Add)
Gen. Lauriea (Add)
Gen. Lessinigalathea (Add)
Gen. Lophoraninella (Add)
Gen. Luisogalathea (Add)
Gen. Macrothea (Add)
Macrothea bouchardi (Add)
Gen. Mesogalathea (Add)
Gen. Nanogalathea (Add)
Nanogalathea raymondi (Add)
Gen. Palaeomunida (Add)
Gen. Phylladiorhynchus (Add)
Gen. Spathagalathea (Add)
Fam. Munididae
Gen. Agononida (Add)
Agononida incerta (Add)
Agononida rubrizonata (Add)
Gen. Anomoeomunida (Add)
Gen. Anoplonida (Add)
Gen. Babamunida (Add)
Babamunida brucei (Add)
Babamunida callista (Add)
Babamunida debrae (Add)
Babamunida hystrix (Add)
Babamunida javieri (Add)
Babamunida kanaloa (Add)
Babamunida plexaura (Add)
Gen. Bathymunida (Add)
Gen. Cervimunida (Add)
Gen. Cretagalathea (Add)
Gen. Crosnierita (Add)
Gen. Enriquea (Add)
Enriquea leviantennata (Add)
Gen. Heteronida (Add)
Gen. Munida (Add)
Munida acacia (Add)
Munida barbeti (Add)
Munida cerisa (Add)
Munida collier (Add)
Munida endeavourae (Add)
Munida exilis (Add)
Munida howensis (Add)
Munida icela (Add)
Munida irassa (Add)
Munida iris (Add)
Munida isos (Add)
Munida quadrispina (Add)
Munida redacta (Add)
Munida rubrimana (Add)
Munida tangaroa (Add)
Gen. Neonida (Add)
Neonida grandis (Add)
Gen. Onconida (Add)
Onconida alaini (Add)
Onconida gemini (Add)
Onconida modica (Add)
Onconida prostrata (Add)
Onconida tropis (Add)
Gen. Paramunida (Add)
Paramunida achernar (Add)
Paramunida amphitrita (Add)
Paramunida antares (Add)
Paramunida antipodes (Add)
Paramunida ascella (Add)
Paramunida belone (Add)
Paramunida cretata (Add)
Paramunida crinita (Add)
Paramunida cristata (Add)
Paramunida curvata (Add)
Paramunida echinata (Add)
Paramunida evexa (Add)
Paramunida granulata (Add)
Paramunida hawaiiensis (Add)
Paramunida labis (Add)
Paramunida leptotes (Add)
Paramunida longior (Add)
Paramunida lophia (Add)
Paramunida luminata (Add)
Paramunida marionis (Add)
Paramunida microrhina (Add)
Paramunida mozambica (Add)
Paramunida parvispina (Add)
Paramunida pictura (Add)
Paramunida polita (Add)
Paramunida poorei (Add)
Paramunida pronoe (Add)
Paramunida proxima (Add)
Paramunida salai (Add)
Paramunida scabra (Add)
Paramunida setigera (Add)
Paramunida spatula (Add)
Paramunida spica (Add)
Paramunida stichas (Add)
Paramunida tenera (Add)
Paramunida thalie (Add)
Paramunida tricarinata (Add)
Gen. Plesionida (Add)
Gen. Pleuroncodes (Add)
Gen. Protomunida (Add)
Gen. Raymunida (Add)
Gen. Sadayoshia (Add)
Sadayoshia acroporae (Add)
Sadayoshia balica (Add)
Sadayoshia edwardsii (Add)
Gen. Setanida (Add)
Setanida cristata (Add)
Gen. Tasmanida (Add)
Tasmanida norfolkae (Add)
Gen. Torbenella (Add)
Fam. Munidopsidae
Gen. Brazilomunida (Add)
Gen. Calteagalathea (Add)
Gen. Eomunidopsis (Add)
Gen. Faxegalathea (Add)
Gen. Galacantha (Add)
Gen. Gastrosacus (Add)
Gen. Leiogalathea (Add)
Gen. Munidopsis (Add)
Munidopsis albatrossae (Add)
Munidopsis aurantia (Add)
Munidopsis bractea (Add)
Munidopsis comarge (Add)
Munidopsis crassa (Add)
Munidopsis laevisquama (Add)
Munidopsis marionis (Add)
Munidopsis maunga (Add)
Munidopsis myojinensis (Add)
Munidopsis norfanz (Add)
Munidopsis papanui (Add)
Munidopsis parfaiti (Add)
Munidopsis polymorpha (Add)
Munidopsis sarissa (Add)
Munidopsis treis (Add)
Munidopsis tridentata (Add)
Munidopsis vesper (Add)
Gen. Munitheities (Add)
Gen. Palaeomunidopsis (Add)
Gen. Paragalathea (Add)
Gen. Shinkaia (Add)
Fam. Porcellanidae

Gen. Aliaporcellana (Add)
Gen. Capilliporcellana (Add)
Gen. Clastotoechus (Add)
Gen. Enosteoides (Add)
Gen. Euceramus (Add)
Gen. Eulenaios (Add)
Gen. Heteropolyonyx (Add)
Gen. Lissoporcellana (Add)
Lissoporcellana miyakei (Add)
Lissoporcellana monodi (Add)
Lissoporcellana nakasonei (Add)
Lissoporcellana quadrilobata (Add)
Gen. Megalobrachuium (Add)
Gen. Minyocerus (Add)
Minyocerus angustus (Add)
Gen. Neopetrolisthes (Add)
Neopetrolisthes ohshimai

Gen. Neopisoma (Add)
Gen. Pachycheles (Add)
Gen. Parapetrolisthes (Add)
Gen. Petrolisthes (Add)
Gen. Pisidia (Add)
Gen. Polyonyx (Add)
Polyonyx boucheti (Add)
Polyonyx gibbesi (Add)
Polyonyx quadriungulatus (Add)
Gen. Porcellana (Add)
Gen. Porcellanella (Add)
Gen. Pseudoporcellanella (Add)
Gen. Raphidopus (Add)
Gen. Ulloaia (Add)

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