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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Actinopterygii --> S.Class Neopterygii --> Superord. Ostariophysi -->


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Fam. Apteronotidae (Add)
Gen. Adontosternarchus (Add)
Adontosternarchus balaenops (Add)
Adontosternarchus clarkae (Add)
Adontosternarchus devenanzii (Add)
Adontosternarchus sachsi (Add)
Gen. Apteronotus (Add)
Black ghost knifefish, Apteronotus albifrons (Add)
Apteronotus apurensis (Add)
Apteronotus bonapartii (Add)
Apteronotus brasiliensis (Add)
Apteronotus camposdapazi (Add)
Apteronotus caudimaculosus (Add)
Apteronotus cuchillejo (Add)
Apteronotus cuchillo (Add)
Apteronotus ellisi (Add)
Apteronotus eshmeyeri (Add)
Apteronotus jurubidae (Add)
Brown ghost knifefish, Apteronotus leptorhynchus (Add)
Apteronotus macrolepis (Add)
Apteronotus macrostomus (Add)
Apteronotus magdelenensis (Add)
Apteronotus magoi (Add)
Apteronotus marauna (Add)
Apteronotus mariae (Add)
Apteronotus milesi (Add)
Apteronotus rostratus (Add)
Apteronotus spurrellii (Add)
Gen. Compsaraia (Add)
Compsaraia compsa (Add)
Compsaraia samueli (Add)
Gen. Magosternarchus (Add)
Magosternarchus duccis (Add)
Magosternarchus raptor (Add)
Gen. Megadontognathus (Add)
Megadontognathus cuyuniense (Add)
Megadontognathus kaitukaensis (Add)
Gen. Orthosternarchus (Add)
Orthosternarchus tamandua (Add)
Gen. Parapteronotus (Add)
Parapteronotus hasemani (Add)
Gen. Pariosternarchus (Add)
Pariosternarchus amazonensis (Add)
Gen. Platyurosternarchus (Add)
Platyurosternarchus macrostomus (Add)
Gen. Porotergus (Add)
Porotergus duende (Add)
Porotergus gimbeli (Add)
Porotergus gymnotus (Add)
Gen. Sternarchella (Add)
Sternarchella curvioperculata (Add)
Sternarchella orthos (Add)
Sternarchella schotti (Add)
Sternarchella sima (Add)
Sternarchella terminalis (Add)
Gen. Sternarchogiton (Add)
Sternarchogiton porcinum (Add)
Sternarchogiton sattereri (Add)
Sternarchogiton zuanoni (Add)
Gen. Sternarchorhamphus (Add)
Sternarchorhamphus muelleri (Add)
Gen. Sternarchorhynchus (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus axelrodi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus britskii (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus caboclo (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus chaoi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus cramptoni (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus curumim (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus curvirostris (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus freemani (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus galibi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus gnomus (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus goeldii (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus hagedornae (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus higuchii (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus inpai (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus jaimei (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus kokraimoro (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus mareikeae (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus marreroi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus mendesi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus mesensis (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus montanus (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus mormyrus (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus oxyrhynchus (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus retzeri (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus roseni (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus schwassmanni (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus severii (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus starksi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus stewarti (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus taphorni (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus villasboasi (Add)
Sternarchorhynchus yepezi (Add)
Fam. Gymnotidae (Add)
Gen. Electrophorus (Add)
Electrophorus electricus (Add)
Gen. Gymnotus (Add)
Gymnotus anguillaris (Add)
Gymnotus arapaima (Add)
Gymnotus ardilai (Add)
Gymnotus bahianus (Add)
Gymnotus carapo (Add)
Gymnotus cataniapo (Add)
Gymnotus choco (Add)
Gymnotus coatesi (Add)
Gymnotus coropinae (Add)
Gymnotus curupira (Add)
Gymnotus cylindricus (Add)
Gymnotus diamantinensis (Add)
Gymnotus esmeraldas (Add)
Gymnotus henni (Add)
Gymnotus inaequilabiatus (Add)
Gymnotus javari (Add)
Gymnotus jonasi (Add)
Gymnotus maculosus (Add)
Gymnotus mamirarua (Add)
Gymnotus melanopleura (Add)
Gymnotus obscurus (Add)
Gymnotus omarorum (Add)
Gymnotus onca (Add)
Gymnotus panamensis (Add)
Gymnotus pantanal (Add)
Gymnotus pantherinus (Add)
Gymnotus paraguensis (Add)
Gymnotus pedanopterus (Add)
Gymnotus stenoleucus (Add)
Gymnotus sylvius (Add)
Gymnotus tigre (Add)
Gymnotus ucamara (Add)
Gymnotus varzea (Add)
Fam. Hypopomidae (Add)
Gen. Brachyhypopomus (Add)
Brachyhypopomus beebei (Add)
Brachyhypopomus bombilla (Add)
Brachyhypopomus brevirostris (Add)
Brachyhypopomus diazi (Add)
Brachyhypopomus draco (Add)
Brachyhypopomus gauderio (Add)
Brachyhypopomus janeiroensis (Add)
Brachyhypopomus jureiae (Add)
Brachyhypopomus occidentalis (Add)
Brachyhypopomus pinnicaudatus (Add)
Gen. Hypopomus (Add)
Gen. Hypopygus (Add)
Hypopygus lepturus (Add)
Hypopygus neblinae (Add)
Gen. Microsternarchus (Add)
Gen. Racenisia (Add)
Gen. Steatogenys (Add)
Gen. Stegostenopos (Add)
Fam. Rhamphichthyidae (Add)
Gen. Gymnorhamphichthys (Add)
Gen. Iracema (Add)
Iracema caiana (Add)
Gen. Rhamphichthys (Add)
Fam. Sternopygidae (Add)
Gen. Archolaemus (Add)
Gen. Distocyclus (Add)
Gen. Eigenmannia (Add)
Eigenmannia humboldtii (Add)
Eigenmannia limbata (Add)
Eigenmannia macrops (Add)
Eigenmannia microstoma (Add)
Eigenmannia nigra (Add)
Eigenmannia trilineata (Add)
Eigenmannia vicentespelaea (Add)
Eigenmannia virescens (Add)
Gen. Humboldtichthys (Add)
Gen. Japigny (Add)
Gen. Rhabdolichops (Add)
Gen. Sternopygus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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