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Ord. Frog

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Amphibians --> S.Class Lissamphibia -->


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Archaeobatrachia (Add)
Fam. Alytidae (Add)
Fam. Bombinatoridae

Fam. Leiopelmatidae (Add)
Mesobatrachia (Add)
Fam. Megophryidae (Add)
Fam. Palaeobatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Pelobatidae (Add)
Fam. Pelodytidae (Add)
Fam. Pipidae

Fam. Rhinophrynidae (Add)
Fam. Scaphiopodidae (Add)
Fam. Allophrynidae (Add)
Fam. Marsupial frog, Amphignathodontidae
Fam. Aromobatidae (Add)
Fam. Arthroleptidae (Add)
Fam. Brachycephalidae (Add)
Fam. Brevicipitidae
Fam. True toad, Bufonidae

Fam. Calyptocephalellidae (Add)
Fam. Glass frog, Centrolenidae
Fam. Ceratobatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Ceratophryidae (Add)
Fam. Ceuthomantidae (Add)
Fam. Craugastoridae (Add)
Fam. Cryptobatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Cycloramphidae (Add)
Fam. Poison dart frog, Dendrobatidae

Fam. Dicroglossidae (Add)
Fam. Eleutherodactylidae (Add)
Fam. Heleophrynidae
Fam. Hemiphractidae (Add)
Fam. Hemisotidae (Add)
Fam. Hylidae

Fam. Hylodidae (Add)
Fam. Hyperoliidae
Fam. Leiuperidae (Add)
Fam. Leptodactylidae

Fam. Limnodynastidae
Fam. Mantellidae

Fam. Micrixalidae (Add)
Fam. Microhylidae

Fam. Myobatrachidae
Fam. Nasikabatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Nyctibatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Petropedetidae (Add)
Fam. Phrynobatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Pseudidae (Add)
Fam. Ptychadenidae (Add)
Fam. Pyxicephalidae (Add)
Fam. True frog, Ranidae

Fam. Ranixalidae (Add)
Fam. Rhacophoridae

Fam. Rheobatrachidae (Add)
Fam. Rhinodermatidae (Add)
Fam. Sooglossidae

Fam. Strabomantidae

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