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Phylum Molluscs

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Class Bivalvia

"Tridacna Crocea Giant Clam - 7/15/03" by Machine is Organic via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Class Cephalopoda

Albert Kok via Wikicommons, ©.

Class Gastropoda

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Class Aplacophora (Add)
Class Bivalvia

S.Class Anomalodesmata (Add)
Ord. Pholadomyoida (Add)
Ord. Septibranchia (Add)
S.Class Heterodonta (Add)
Ord. Cycloconchidae (Add)
Ord. Hippuritoida (Add)
Ord. Lyrodesmatidae (Add)
Ord. Myoida (Add)
Ord. Redoniidae (Add)
Ord. Veneroida (Add)
S.Class Palaeoheterodonta (Add)
Ord. Actinodontoida (Add)
Ord. Trigonioida (Add)
Ord. Unionoida (Add)
S.Class Protobranchia (Add)
Ord. Nuculoida (Add)
Ord. Praecardioida (Add)
Ord. Solemyoida (Add)
S.Class Pteriomorphia (Add)
Ord. Arcoida (Add)
Ord. Limoida (Add)
Ord. Mytiloida (Add)
Ord. Ostreoida (Add)
Ord. Pterioida (Add)
Ord. Tuarangiida (Add)
Class Cephalopoda

S.Class Coleoidea

Superord. Decapodiformes
Ord. Cuttlefish, Sepiida

Ord. Bobtail squid, Sepiolida (Add)
Ord. Spirulida (Add)
Ord. Squid, Teuthida

Superord. Octopodiformes
Ord. Octopus, Octopoda

Ord. Vampyromorphida

S.Class Nautiloidea (Add)
Ord. Nautilida
Class Gastropoda

Ord. Pulmonata (Add)
Ord. Sorbeoconcha
Ord. Vetigastropoda (Add)
Class Monoplacophora (Add)
Class Polyplacophora (Add)
Class Scaphopoda (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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