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Ord. Cuttlefish

Phylum Molluscs --> Class Cephalopoda --> S.Class Coleoidea --> Superord. Decapodiformes -->


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Sepia apama

"Giant Cuttlefish (Sepia Apama)" by Marcleh via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Sepiina (Add)
Fam. Belosaepiidae (Add)
Gen. Mississaepia (Add)
Fam. Sepiadariidae (Add)
Gen. Sepiadarium (Add)
Sepiadarium auritum (Add)
Sepiadarium austrinum (Add)
Sepiadarium gracilis (Add)
Sepiadarium kochi (Add)
Sepiadarium nipponianum (Add)
Gen. Sepioloidea (Add)
Sepioloidea lineolata (Add)
Sepioloidea pacifica (Add)
Fam. Sepiidae (Add)
Gen. Metasepia (Add)
Metasepia pfefferi (Add)
Metasepia tullbergi (Add)
Gen. Sepia (Add)
Sepia (Acanthosepion) (Add)
Sepia aculeata (Add)
Sepia brevimana (Add)
Sepia esculenta (Add)
Sepia lycidas (Add)
Sepia prashadi (Add)
Sepia recurvirostra (Add)
Sepia savignyi (Add)
Sepia smithi (Add)
Sepia stellifera (Add)
Sepia thurstoni (Add)
Sepia zanzibarica (Add)
Sepia (Anomalosepia) (Add)
Sepia australis (Add)
Sepia omani (Add)
Sepia sulcata (Add)
Sepia (Doratosepion) (Add)
Sepia andreana (Add)
Sepia appellofi (Add)
Sepia arabica (Add)
Sepia aureomaculata (Add)
Sepia bathyalis (Add)
Sepia bidhaia (Add)
Sepia braggi (Add)
Sepia burnupi (Add)
Sepia carinata (Add)
Sepia confusa (Add)
Sepia cottoni (Add)
Sepia elongata (Add)
Sepia erostrata (Add)
Sepia foliopeza (Add)
Sepia incerta (Add)
Sepia ivanovi (Add)
Sepia joubini (Add)
Sepia kiensis (Add)
Sepia koilados (Add)
Sepia limata (Add)
Sepia longipes (Add)
Sepia lorigera (Add)
Sepia mascarensis (Add)
Sepia mirabilis (Add)
Sepia murrayi (Add)
Sepia pardalis (Add)
Sepia peterseni (Add)
Sepia rhoda (Add)
Sepia saya (Add)
Sepia sewelli (Add)
Sepia sokotriensis (Add)
Sepia subtenuipes (Add)
Sepia tala (Add)
Sepia tanybracheia (Add)
Sepia tenuipes (Add)
Sepia tokioensis (Add)
Sepia trygonina (Add)
Sepia vercoi (Add)
Sepia vietnamica (Add)
Sepia (Hemisepius) (Add)
Sepia dubia (Add)
Sepia faurei (Add)
Sepia pulchra (Add)
Sepia robsoni (Add)
Sepia typica (Add)
Sepia (Rhombosepion) (Add)
Sepia acuminata (Add)
Sepia cultrata (Add)
Sepia elegans (Add)
Sepia hedleyi (Add)
Sepia hieronis (Add)
Sepia madokai (Add)
Sepia opipara (Add)
Sepia orbignyana (Add)
Sepia reesi (Add)
Sepia rex (Add)
Sepia vossi (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) angulata (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) bandensis (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) bertheloti (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) chirotrema (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) dollfusi (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) elobyana (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) gibba (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) hierredda (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) insignis (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) irvingi (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) mestus (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) novaehollandiae (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) papillata (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) papuensis (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) pharaonis (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) plangon (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) plathyconchalis (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) rozella (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) simoniana (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) tuberculata (Add)
Sepia (Sepia) vermiculata (Add)
Sepia apama

Sepia latimanus (Add)
Common Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis (Add)
Unassigned Sepia (Add)
Sepia bartletti (Add)
Sepia baxteri (Add)
Sepia dannevigi (Add)
Sepia elliptica (Add)
Sepia mira (Add)
Sepia plana (Add)
Sepia senta (Add)
Sepia whitleyana (Add)
Gen. Sepiella (Add)
Sepiella cyanea (Add)
Sepiella inermis (Add)
Sepiella japonica (Add)
Sepiella mangkangunga (Add)
Sepiella ocellata (Add)
Sepiella ornata (Add)
Sepiella weberi (Add)
Vasseuriina (Add)
Fam. Belosepiellidae (Add)
Fam. Vasseuriidae (Add)

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