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Phylum Arthropoda --> Chelicerata --> Class Arachnids -->


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Fam. Ammotrechidae (Add)
Ammotrechinae (Add)
Mortolinae (Add)
Nothopuginae (Add)
Oltacolinae (Add)
Saronominae (Add)
Fam. Ceromidae (Add)
Gen. Ceroma (Add)
Gen. Ceromella (Add)
Gen. Cratosolpuga (Add)
Gen. Toreus (Add)
Fam. Daesiidae (Add)
Blossiinae (Add)
Daseiinae (Add)
Gluviinae (Add)
Gluviopsinae (Add)
Gnosippinae (Add)
Triditarsinae (Add)
Fam. Eremobatidae (Add)
Eremobatinae (Add)
Therobatinae (Add)
Fam. Galeodidae (Add)
Gen. Galeodes (Add)
Gen. Galeodopsis (Add)
Gen. Galeodumus (Add)
Gen. Gluviema (Add)
Gen. Othoes (Add)
Gen. Paragaleodes (Add)
Gen. Paragaleodiscus (Add)
Gen. Roeweriscus (Add)
Gen. Zombis (Add)
Fam. Gylippidae (Add)
Gen. Acanthogylippus (Add)
Gen. Bdellophaga (Add)
Gen. Gylippus (Add)
Gen. Lipophaga (Add)
Gen. Trichotoma (Add)
Fam. Hexisopodidae (Add)
Gen. Chelypus (Add)
Gen. Hexisopus (Add)
Fam. Karschiidae (Add)
Gen. Barrus (Add)
Gen. Barrussus (Add)
Gen. Eusimonia (Add)
Gen. Karschia Walter (Add)
Fam. Melanoblossidae (Add)
Dinorhaxinae (Add)
Melanoblossinae (Add)
Fam. Mummuciidae (Add)
Gen. Cordobulgida (Add)
Gen. Gaucha (Add)
Gen. Gauchella (Add)
Gen. Metacleobis (Add)
Gen. Mummucia (Add)
Mummucia ibirapemussu (Add)
Gen. Mummucina (Add)
Gen. Mummuciona (Add)
Gen. Mummucipes (Add)
Gen. Sedna (Add)
Gen. Uspallata (Add)
Fam. Rhagodidae (Add)
Gen. Rhagodalma (Add)
Gen. Rhagodax (Add)
Gen. Rhagodeca (Add)
Gen. Rhagodelbus (Add)
Gen. Rhagoderma (Add)
Gen. Rhagoderus (Add)
Gen. Rhagodes (Add)
Gen. Rhagodessa (Add)
Gen. Rhagodeya (Add)
Gen. Rhagodia (Add)
Gen. Rhagodima (Add)
Gen. Rhagodinus (Add)
Gen. Rhagodippa (Add)
Gen. Rhagodira (Add)
Gen. Rhagodista (Add)
Gen. Rhagoditta (Add)
Gen. Rhagodixa (Add)
Gen. Rhagodoca (Add)
Gen. Rhagodolus (Add)
Gen. Rhagodomma (Add)
Gen. Rhagodopa (Add)
Gen. Rhagodorimus (Add)
Gen. Rhagodorta (Add)
Gen. Rhagodospus (Add)
Gen. Rhagoduja (Add)
Gen. Rhagodula (Add)
Gen. Rhagoduna (Add)
Fam. Solpugidae (Add)
Ferrandiinae (Add)
Gen. Ferrandia (Add)
Ferrandia arabica (Add)
Ferrandia birulae (Add)
Ferrandia ferrandii (Add)
Ferrandia robusta (Add)
Solpuginae (Add)
Gen. Metasolpuga (Add)
Metasolpuga picta (Add)
Gen. Oparba (Add)
Oparba asiatica (Add)
Oparba brunnea (Add)
Oparba maroccana (Add)
Oparba togona (Add)
Gen. Oparbella (Add)
Oparbella aciculata (Add)
Oparbella bicolor (Add)
Oparbella fagei (Add)
Oparbella flavescens (Add)
Oparbella junquana (Add)
Oparbella quedenfeldti (Add)
Oparbella werneri (Add)
Gen. Prosolpuga (Add)
Prosolpuga schultzei (Add)
Gen. Solpuga (Add)
Solpuga alstoni (Add)
Solpuga angolensis (Add)
Solpuga atriceps (Add)
Solpuga bechuanica (Add)
Solpuga bovicornis (Add)
Solpuga brunnipes (Add)
Solpuga butleri (Add)
Solpuga carvalhoi (Add)
Solpuga centenariorum (Add)
Solpuga chelicornis (Add)
Solpuga conservatorum (Add)
Solpuga festae (Add)
Solpuga fitzsimonsi (Add)
Solpuga hewitti (Add)
Solpuga hispidicelis (Add)
Solpuga machadoi (Add)
Solpuga massaica (Add)
Solpuga matabelena (Add)
Solpuga mulongoa (Add)
Solpuga praedatrix (Add)
Solpuga richardi (Add)
Solpuga robusta (Add)
Solpuga roeweri (Add)
Solpuga rufescens (Add)
Solpuga scenica (Add)
Solpuga simplex (Add)
Solpuga suffusca (Add)
Solpuga tarda (Add)
Solpuga truncata (Add)
Solpuga upembana (Add)
Solpuga venosa (Add)
Solpuga villosa (Add)
Solpuga wittei (Add)
Solpuga zuluana (Add)
Gen. Solpugassa (Add)
Solpugassa clavata (Add)
Solpugassa dentatidens (Add)
Solpugassa furcifera (Add)
Solpugassa rudebecki (Add)
Solpugassa signata (Add)
Solpugassa usambara (Add)
Gen. Solpugeira (Add)
Solpugeira fuscorufa (Add)
Solpugeira quarrei (Add)
Gen. Solpugella (Add)
Solpugella anchietae (Add)
Solpugella asiatica (Add)
Solpugella dissentanea (Add)
Solpugella mubalea (Add)
Solpugella ruandana (Add)
Gen. Solpugema (Add)
Solpugema aethiops (Add)
Solpugema brachyceras (Add)
Solpugema broadleyi (Add)
Solpugema calycicornis (Add)
Solpugema coquinae (Add)
Solpugema cycloceras (Add)
Solpugema derbiana (Add)
Solpugema erythronota (Add)
Solpugema erythronotoides (Add)
Solpugema fissicornis (Add)
Solpugema genucornis (Add)
Solpugema hamata (Add)
Solpugema hiatidens (Add)
Solpugema hostilis (Add)
Solpugema intermedia (Add)
Solpugema junodi (Add)
Solpugema krugeri (Add)
Solpugema lateralis (Add)
Solpugema maraisi (Add)
Solpugema marshalli (Add)
Solpugema montana (Add)
Solpugema phylloceras (Add)
Solpugema scopulata (Add)
Solpugema spectralis (Add)
Solpugema styloceras (Add)
Solpugema tookei (Add)
Solpugema tubicen (Add)
Solpugema vincta (Add)
Solpugema whartoni (Add)
Gen. Solpugiba (Add)
Solpugiba arenicola (Add)
Solpugiba lineata (Add)
Solpugiba pictichelis (Add)
Solpugiba svatoshi (Add)
Gen. Solpugista (Add)
Solpugista bicolor (Add)
Solpugista hastata (Add)
Solpugista methueni (Add)
Solpugista namibica (Add)
Gen. Solpugisticella (Add)
Solpugisticella kenyae (Add)
Gen. Solpuguna (Add)
Solpuguna alcicornis (Add)
Solpuguna browni (Add)
Solpuguna cervina (Add)
Solpuguna collinita (Add)
Solpuguna orangica (Add)
Gen. Solpugyla (Add)
Solpugyla centralis (Add)
Solpugyla darlingi (Add)
Solpugyla globicornis (Add)
Solpugyla katangana (Add)
Solpugyla kigoma (Add)
Solpugyla maestrii (Add)
Solpugyla masienensis (Add)
Solpugyla scapulata (Add)
Solpugyla umtalica (Add)
Solpugyla vassei (Add)
Gen. Zeria (Add)
Zeria adunca (Add)
Zeria albistriata (Add)
Zeria angolana (Add)
Zeria antilopicornis (Add)
Zeria atra (Add)
Zeria atrisoma (Add)
Zeria boehmi (Add)
Zeria caffra (Add)
Zeria capitulata (Add)
Zeria carli (Add)
Zeria celeripes (Add)
Zeria davidi (Add)
Zeria farimia (Add)
Zeria ferox (Add)
Zeria fordi (Add)
Zeria funksoni (Add)
Zeria fusca (Add)
Zeria glabricornis (Add)
Zeria greta (Add)
Zeria incerta (Add)
Zeria kapangana (Add)
Zeria keyserlingi (Add)
Zeria kraepelini (Add)
Zeria langheldi (Add)
Zeria lawrencei (Add)
Zeria lobatula (Add)
Zeria loveridgei (Add)
Zeria merope (Add)
Zeria meruensis (Add)
Zeria monteiri (Add)
Zeria nasuta (Add)
Zeria neumanni (Add)
Zeria niassa (Add)
Zeria obliqua (Add)
Zeria obscura (Add)
Zeria orthoceras (Add)
Zeria paludicola (Add)
Zeria parkinsoni (Add)
Zeria persephone (Add)
Zeria recta (Add)
Zeria rhodesiana (Add)
Zeria sagittaria (Add)
Zeria schlechteri (Add)
Zeria schoenlandi (Add)
Zeria schoutedeni (Add)
Zeria schweinfurthi (Add)
Zeria sericea (Add)
Zeria serraticornis (Add)
Zeria spiralicornis (Add)
Zeria strepsiceros (Add)
Zeria striata (Add)
Zeria sulfuripilosa (Add)
Zeria toppini (Add)
Zeria umbonata (Add)
Zeria vansoni (Add)
Zeria venator (Add)
Zeria wabonica (Add)
Zeria zebrina (Add)
Gen. Zeriassa (Add)
Zeriassa bicolor (Add)
Zeriassa cuneicornis (Add)
Zeriassa dubia (Add)
Zeriassa furcicornis (Add)
Zeriassa inflexa (Add)
Zeriassa intermedia (Add)
Zeriassa lawrencei (Add)
Zeriassa lepida (Add)
Zeriassa pardii (Add)
Zeriassa purcelli (Add)
Zeriassa ruspolii (Add)
Zeriassa spinulosa (Add)
Zeriassa spiralis (Add)
Zeriassa sudanica (Add)
Zeriassa transvaalensis (Add)
Zeriassa tuxeni (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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