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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Mammals --> S.Class Theria --> Metatheria --> Marsupialia --> Superord. Australidelphia -->


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Bilby, Macrotis lagotis

"Bilby at Sydney Wildlife World" by Derrick Coetzee via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Fam. Chaeropodidae (Add)
Gen. Chaeropus (Add)
Chaeropus ecaudatus (Add)
Fam. Peramelidae (Add)
Echymiperinae (Add)
Gen. Echymipera (Add)
Echymipera clara (Add)
Echymipera davidi (Add)
Echymipera echinista (Add)
Echymipera kalubu (Add)
Echymipera rufescens (Add)
Gen. Microperoryctes (Add)
Microperoryctes aplini (Add)
Microperoryctes longicauda (Add)
Microperoryctes murina (Add)
Microperoryctes ornata (Add)
Microperoryctes papuensis (Add)
Gen. Rhynchomeles (Add)
Rhynchomeles prattorum (Add)
Peramelinae (Add)
Gen. Isoodon (Add)
Isoodon auratus (Add)
Isoodon macrourus (Add)
Isoodon obesulus (Add)
Gen. Perameles (Add)
Perameles allinghamensis (Add)
Perameles bougainville (Add)
Perameles bowensis (Add)
Perameles eremiana (Add)
Perameles gunnii (Add)
Perameles nasuta (Add)
Perameles sobbei (Add)
Peroryctinae (Add)
Gen. Peroryctes (Add)
Peroryctes broadbenti (Add)
Peroryctes raffrayana (Add)
Fam. Thylacomyidae (Add)
Gen. Macrotis (Add)
Bilby, Macrotis lagotis

Macrotis leucura (Add)
Fam. Yaralidae (Add)
Gen. Yarala (Add)
Yarala burchfieldi (Add)
Yarala kida (Add)

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