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Phylum Chordata -->


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Agnatha (Add)
Class Cyclostomata (Add)
S.Class Hyperoartia (Add)
S.Class Myxini (Add)
Class Ostracoderm (Add)
Gnathostomata (Add)
Class Mammals, Mammalia

S.Class Prototheria

Ord. Monotreme, Monotremata

S.Class Theria


Superord. Ameridelphia
Superord. Australidelphia
Ord. Sparassodonta (Add)

Superord. Afrotheria (Add)
Ord. Golden moles, Chrysochloridea
Ord. Hyrax, Hyracoidea

Ord. Elephant shrew, Macroscelidea

Ord. Proboscidea

Ord. Sirenia

Ord. Tenrecs, Tenrecomorpha
Ord. Tubulidentata

Boreoeutheria (Add)
Superord. Euarchontoglires (Add)
Superord. Laurasiatheria (Add)
Superord. Xenarthra
Ord. Cingulata

Ord. Pilosa

Class Reptiles, Reptilia

Ord. Sphenodontia (Add)
Ord. Squamata

Ord. Turtle, Testudines

Ord. Crocodilians, Crocodylia

Superord. Dinosauria
Ord. Ornithischia (Add)
Ord. Saurischia (Add)
Class Birds, Aves

Superord. Palaeognathae

Ord. Rhea, Rheiformes

Ord. Ratite, Struthioniformes

Ord. Tinamou, Tinamiformes

Ord. Cassowary, Casuariiformes

Ord. Kiwi, Apterygiformes

Superord. Neognathae

Galloanserae (Add)
Ord. Anseriformes

Ord. Galliformes

Neoaves (Add)
Ord. Accipitriformes

Ord. Apodiformes

Ord. Caprimulgiformes

Ord. Charadriiformes

Ord. Ciconiiformes

Ord. Columbiformes

Ord. Coraciiformes

Ord. Cuculiformes

Ord. Falconiformes

Ord. Gaviiformes
Ord. Gruiformes

Ord. Opisthocomiformes

Ord. Passerine, Passeriformes

Ord. Pelecaniformes

Ord. Flamingo, Phoenicopteriformes

Ord. Piciformes

Ord. Podicipediformes

Ord. Procellariiformes

Ord. Parrot, Psittaciformes

Ord. Penguin, Sphenisciformes

Ord. Owl, Strigiformes

Ord. Trogoniformes

Class Amphibians, Amphibia

S.Class Lepospondyli (Add)
S.Class Lissamphibia (Add)
Ord. Frog, Anura

Ord. Salamander, Caudata

Ord. Caecilian, Gymnophiona

Class Actinopterygii

Ord. Acipenseriformes (Add)
S.Class Chondrostei (Add)
S.Class Neopterygii
Superord. Acanthopterygii (Add)
Ord. Atheriniformes
Ord. Beloniformes
Ord. Beryciformes
Ord. Cyprinodontiformes
Ord. Perciformes
Ord. Flatfish, Pleuronectiformes (Add)
Ord. Scorpaeniformes
Ord. Syngnathiformes
Ord. Tetraodontiformes

Ord. Zeiformes
Superord. Clupeomorpha (Add)
Ord. Clupeiformes
Superord. Elopomorpha
Ord. Albuliformes (Add)
Ord. Eel, Anguilliformes (Add)
Ord. Elopiformes (Add)
Ord. Notacanthiformes (Add)
Ord. Saccopharyngiformes (Add)
Superord. Lampridiomorpha (Add)
Superord. Ostariophysi (Add)
Ord. Characiformes (Add)
Ord. Cypriniformes (Add)
Ord. Gonorynchiformes (Add)
Ord. Gymnotiformes
Ord. Catfish, Siluriformes (Add)
Superord. Osteoglossomorpha (Add)
Superord. Paracanthopterygii (Add)
Ord. Gadiformes
Ord. Anglerfish, Lophiiformes (Add)
Superord. Polymyxiomorpha (Add)
Superord. Protacanthopterygii (Add)
Ord. Aulopiformes
Ord. Esociformes

Ord. Osmeriformes (Add)
Ord. Salmoniformes
Superord. Scopelomorpha (Add)
Class Cartilaginous fishes, Chondrichthyes

S.Class Elasmobranchii (Add)
Superord. Batoidea

Ord. Myliobatiformes
Ord. Pristiformes
Ord. Rajiformes
Ord. Torpediniformes

Superord. Galeomorphi (Add)
Ord. Carcharhiniformes
Ord. Heterodontiformes
Ord. Lamniformes
Ord. Carpet shark, Orectolobiformes
Superord. Squalomorphi (Add)
Ord. Hexanchiformes
Ord. Pristiophoriformes
Ord. Squaliformes
Ord. Angel shark, Squatiniformes
Class Sarcopterygii

S.Class Coelacanthimorpha
Ord. Coelacanthiformes (Add)
S.Class Dipnoi
Ord. Ceratodontiformes (Add)
Ord. Incertae sedis (Dipnoi) (Add)
Ord. Lepidosireniformes (Add)
S.Class Onychodontida (Add)
S.Class Porolepiformes (Add)
S.Class Tetrapoda
S.Class Tetrapodomorpha (Add)

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