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Tyrannosaurus rex

"Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton" by Arabani via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Ord. Ornithischia (Add)
Cerapoda (Add)
Fam. Ceratopsidae (Add)
Centrosaurinae (Add)
Centrosaurini (Add)
Gen. Centrosaurus (Add)
Centrosaurus apertus (Add)
Centrosaurus brinkmani (Add)
Gen. Styracosaurus (Add)
Styracosaurus albertensis (Add)
Styracosaurus ovatus (Add)
Incertae sedis Centrosaurinae (Add)
Gen. Albertaceratops (Add)
Albertaceratops nesmoi (Add)
Gen. Avaceratops (Add)
Avaceratops lammersi (Add)
Gen. Brachyceratops (Add)
Brachyceratops montanensis (Add)
Gen. Monoclonius (Add)
Monoclonius crassus (Add)
Pachyrhinosaurini (Add)
Gen. Achelousaurus (Add)
Achelousaurus horneri (Add)
Gen. Einiosaurus (Add)
Einiosaurus procurvicornis (Add)
Gen. Pachyrhinosaurus (Add)
Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis (Add)
Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai (Add)
Chasmosaurinae (Add)
Gen. Agujaceratops (Add)
Agujaceratops mariscalensis (Add)
Gen. Anchiceratops (Add)
Anchiceratops ornatus (Add)
Gen. Arrhinoceratops (Add)
Arrhinoceratops brachyops (Add)
Gen. Chasmosaurus (Add)
Chasmosaurus belli (Add)
Chasmosaurus russelli (Add)
Gen. Coahuilaceratops (Add)
Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna (Add)
Gen. Eotriceratops (Add)
Eotriceratops xerinsularis (Add)
Gen. Kosmoceratops (Add)
Kosmoceratops richardsoni (Add)
Gen. Medusaceratops (Add)
Medusaceratops lokii (Add)
Gen. Mojoceratops (Add)
Mojoceratops perifania (Add)
Gen. Nedoceratops (Add)
Nedoceratops hatcheri (Add)
Gen. Ojoceratops (Add)
Ojoceratops fowleri (Add)
Gen. Pentaceratops (Add)
Pentaceratops sternbergii (Add)
Gen. Tatankaceratops (Add)
Tatankaceratops sacrisonorum (Add)
Gen. Titanoceratops (Add)
Titanoceratops ouranous (Add)
Gen. Torosaurus (Add)
Torosaurus latus (Add)
Torosaurus utahensis (Add)
Gen. Triceratops (Add)
Triceratops horridus (Add)
Triceratops prorsus (Add)
Gen. Utahceratops (Add)
Utahceratops gettyi (Add)
Gen. Vagaceratops (Add)
Vagaceratops irvinensis (Add)
Thyreophora (Add)
Stegosauria (Add)
Fam. Huayangosauridae (Add)
Fam. Stegosauridae (Add)
Gen. Chialingosaurus (Add)
Chialingosaurus kuani (Add)
Gen. Chungkingosaurus (Add)
Chungkingosaurus jiangbeiensis (Add)
Gen. Craterosaurus (Add)
Craterosaurus pottonensis (Add)
Gen. Dacentrurus (Add)
Dacentrurus armatus (Add)
Gen. Dravidosaurus (Add)
Dravidosaurus blanfordi (Add)
Gen. Hesperosaurus (Add)
Hesperosaurus mjosi (Add)
Gen. Kentrosaurus (Add)
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus (Add)
Gen. Lexovisaurus (Add)
Lexovisaurus durobrivensis (Add)
Gen. Monkonosaurus (Add)
Monkonosaurus lawulacus (Add)
Gen. Paranthodon (Add)
Paranthodon africanus (Add)
Gen. Stegosaurus (Add)
Stegosaurus armatus (Add)
Stegosaurus longispinus (Add)
Stegosaurus stenops (Add)
Gen. Tuojiangosaurus (Add)
Tuojiangosaurus multispinus (Add)
Gen. Wuerhosaurus (Add)
Wuerhosaurus homheni (Add)
Wuerhosaurus ordosensis (Add)
Ord. Saurischia (Add)
Sauropodomorpha (Add)
Prosauropoda (Add)
Sauropoda (Add)
Fam. Brachiosauridae (Add)
Gen. Abydosaurus (Add)
Abydosaurus mcintoshi (Add)
Gen. Brachiosaurus (Add)
Brachiosaurus altithorax (Add)
Brachiosaurus brancai (Add)
Gen. Cedarosaurus (Add)
Cedarosaurus weiskopfae (Add)
Gen. Dystylosaurus (Add)
Gen. Qiaowanlong (Add)
Gen. Sauroposeidon (Add)
Sauroposeidon proteles (Add)
Gen. Volkheimeria (Add)
Volkheimeria chubutensis (Add)
Fam. Diplodocidae (Add)
Apatosaurinae (Add)
Gen. Apatosaurus (Add)
Apatosaurus ajax (Add)
Apatosaurus excelsus (Add)
Apatosaurus louisae (Add)
Gen. Eobrontosaurus (Add)
Eobrontosaurus yahnahpin (Add)
Diplodocinae (Add)
Gen. Barosaurus (Add)
Barosaurus lentus (Add)
Gen. Diplodocus (Add)
Diplodocus carnegii (Add)
Diplodocus hallorum (Add)
Diplodocus hayi (Add)
Diplodocus longus (Add)
Gen. Seismosaurus (Add)
Seismosaurus halli (Add)
Gen. Supersaurus (Add)
Supersaurus vivianae (Add)
Incertae sedis (Diplodocidae) (Add)
Gen. Dystrophaeus (Add)
Fam. Saltasauridae (Add)
Gen. Neuquenosaurus (Add)
Gen. Opisthocoelicaudia (Add)
Gen. Saltasaurus (Add)
Saltasaurus loricatus (Add)
Saltasaurus robustus (Add)
Theropoda (Add)
Carnosauria (Add)
Ceratosauria (Add)
Fam. Dilophosauridae (Add)
Gen. Dilophosaurus (Add)
Dilophosaurus wetherilli (Add)
Coelurosauria (Add)
Herrerasauria (Add)
Spinosauroidea (Add)
Tetanurae (Add)
Fam. Allosauridae (Add)
Gen. Allosaurus (Add)
Allosaurus atrox (Add)
Allosaurus europaeus (Add)
Allosaurus fragilis (Add)
Allosaurus jimmadseni (Add)
Allosaurus tendagurensis (Add)
Gen. Saurophaganax (Add)
Saurophaganax maximus (Add)
Fam. Spinosauridae (Add)
Baryonychinae (Add)
Gen. Baryonyx (Add)
Baryonyx walkeri (Add)
Gen. Cristatusaurus (Add)
Cristatusaurus lapparenti (Add)
Gen. Suchomimus (Add)
Suchomimus tenerensis (Add)
Spinosaurinae (Add)
Gen. Angaturama (Add)
Angaturama limai (Add)
Gen. Irritator (Add)
Irritator challengeri (Add)
Gen. Spinosaurus (Add)
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (Add)
Spinosaurus marocannus (Add)
Fam. Tyrannosauridae (Add)
Albertosaurinae (Add)
Gen. Albertosaurus (Add)
Albertosaurus sarcophagus (Add)
Gen. Gorgosaurus (Add)
Gorgosaurus libratus (Add)
Aublysodontinae (Add)
Gen. Aublysodon (Add)
Ablysodon amplus (Add)
Ablysodon cristatus (Add)
Ablysodon horridus (Add)
Ablysodon lateralis (Add)
Ablysodon mirandus (Add)
Ablysodon molnari (Add)
Deinodontinae (Add)
Tyrannosaurinae (Add)
Gen. Alioramus (Add)
Alioramus altai (Add)
Alioramus remotus (Add)
Gen. Daspletosaurus (Add)
Daspletosaurus torosus (Add)
Unnamed species of daspletosaurus (Add)
Gen. Nanotyrannus (Add)
Nanotyrannus lancensis (Add)
Gen. Tarbosaurus (Add)
Tarbosaurus bataar (Add)
Gen. Teratophoneus (Add)
Teratophoneus curriei (Add)
Gen. Tyrannosaurus (Add)
Tyrannosaurus imperiosus (Add)
Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis (Add)
Tyrannosaurus rex

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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