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Ord. Mantis shrimp

Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Hoplocarida -->


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Unipeltata (Add)
Bathysquilloidea (Add)
Fam. Bathysquillidae (Add)
Gen. Altosquilla (Add)
Gen. Bathysquilla (Add)
Fam. Indosquillidae (Add)
Gen. Indosquilla (Add)
Erythrosquilloidea (Add)
Fam. Erythrosquillidae (Add)
Gen. Erythrosquilla (Add)
Eurysquilloidea (Add)
Fam. Eurysquillidae (Add)
Gen. Coronidopsis (Add)
Gen. Eurysquilla (Add)
Gen. Eurysquilloides (Add)
Gen. Manningia (Add)
Gen. Raysquilla (Add)
Gen. Sinosquilla (Add)
Gonodactyloidea (Add)
Fam. Alainosquillidae (Add)
Fam. Gonodactylidae (Add)
Gen. Gonodactylaceus (Add)
Gen. Gonodactylellus (Add)
Gen. Gonodactyloideus (Add)
Gen. Gonodactylolus (Add)
Gen. Gonodactylopsis (Add)
Gen. Gonodactylus (Add)
Gen. Hoplosquilla (Add)
Gen. Hoplosquilloides (Add)
Gen. Neogonodactylus (Add)
Fam. Hemisquillidae (Add)
Gen. Hemisquilla (Add)
Fam. Odontodactylidae (Add)
Gen. Odontodactylus (Add)
Fam. Protosquillidae (Add)
Gen. Chorisquilla (Add)
Gen. Echinosquilla (Add)
Gen. Haptosquilla (Add)
Gen. Protosquilla (Add)
Gen. Rayellus (Add)
Rayellus raymondi (Add)
Rayellus rotuma (Add)
Gen. Siamosquilla (Add)
Fam. Pseudosquillidae (Add)
Gen. Pseudosquilla (Add)
Gen. Pseudosquillana (Add)
Gen. Pseudosquillisma (Add)
Gen. Raoulserenea (Add)
Fam. Takuidae (Add)
Gen. Mesacturoides (Add)
Gen. Mesacturus (Add)
Gen. Taku (Add)
Lysiosquilloidea (Add)
Fam. Coronididae (Add)
Gen. Acordion (Add)
Gen. Coronida (Add)
Gen. Mortensenenus (Add)
Gen. Neocoronida (Add)
Gen. Paracoridon (Add)
Fam. Lysiosquillidae (Add)
Gen. Lysiosquilla (Add)
Lysiosquilla desaussurei (Add)
Lysiosquilla grayi (Add)
Lysiosquilla hoevenii (Add)
Lysiosquilla Lysiosquilla (Add)
Lysiosquilla maculata (Add)
Lysiosquilla manningi (Add)
Lysiosquilla panamica (Add)
Lysiosquilla perparta (Add)
Lysiosquilla scabricauda (Add)
Lysiosquilla spinosa (Add)
Lysiosquilla subricauda (Add)
Lysiosquilla sulcata (Add)
Lysiosquilla sulcirostris (Add)
Lysiosquilla suthersi (Add)
Lysiosquilla tredecimdentata (Add)
Gen. Lysiosquillina (Add)
Gen. Lysiosquilloides (Add)
Lysiosquilloides aulachorhynchus (Add)
Lysiosquilloides mapia (Add)
Lysiosquilloides siamensis (Add)
Fam. Nannosquillidae (Add)
Gen. Acanthosquilla (Add)
Gen. Alachosquilla (Add)
Gen. Austrosquilla (Add)
Gen. Bigelowina (Add)
Gen. Coronis (Add)
Gen. Hadrosquilla (Add)
Gen. Keppelius (Add)
Gen. Mexisquilla (Add)
Gen. Nannosquilla (Add)
Gen. Nannosquilloides (Add)
Gen. Platysquilla (Add)
Gen. Platysquilloides (Add)
Gen. Pullosquilla (Add)
Gen. Victoriasquilla (Add)
Fam. Tetrasquillidae (Add)
Gen. Acaenosquilla (Add)
Gen. Allosquilla (Add)
Gen. Heterosquilla (Add)
Gen. Heterosquilloides (Add)
Gen. Heterosquillopsis (Add)
Gen. Kasim (Add)
Gen. Tectasquilla (Add)
Gen. Tetrasquilla (Add)
Parasquilloidea (Add)
Fam. Parasquillidae (Add)
Gen. Faughnia (Add)
Gen. Parasquilla (Add)
Gen. Pseudosquillopsis (Add)
Squilloidea (Add)
Fam. Squillidae (Add)
Gen. Alima (Add)
Gen. Alimopsis (Add)
Gen. Alimopsoides (Add)
Gen. Anchisquilla (Add)
Gen. Anchisquilloides (Add)
Gen. Anchisquillopsis (Add)
Gen. Areosquilla (Add)
Gen. Beloisquilla (Add)
Gen. Busquilla (Add)
Gen. Carinosquilla (Add)
Gen. Clorida (Add)
Gen. Cloridina (Add)
Gen. Cloridopsis (Add)
Gen. Crenatosquilla (Add)
Gen. Dictyosquilla (Add)
Gen. Distoosquilla (Add)
Gen. Erugosquilla (Add)
Gen. Fallosquilla (Add)
Gen. Fennerosquilla (Add)
Gen. Gibbesia (Add)
Gen. Harposquilla (Add)
Gen. Humesosquilla (Add)
Gen. Kempella (Add)
Kempella mikado (Add)
Kempella stridulans (Add)
Gen. Lenisquilla (Add)
Gen. Leptosquilla (Add)
Gen. Levisquilla (Add)
Gen. Lophosquilla (Add)
Gen. Meiosquilla (Add)
Gen. Miyakea (Add)
Miyakea nepa (Add)
Gen. Natosquilla (Add)
Gen. Neclorida (Add)
Gen. Neoanchisquilla (Add)
Gen. Oratosquilla (Add)
Oratosquilla calumnia (Add)
Oratosquilla fabricii (Add)
Oratosquilla gonypetes (Add)
Oratosquilla hempi (Add)
Oratosquilla holoschista (Add)
Oratosquilla imperialis (Add)
Oratosquilla inornata (Add)
Oratosquilla interrupta (Add)
Oratosquilla massavensis (Add)
Oratosquilla mauritiana (Add)
Oratosquilla mikado (Add)
Oratosquilla nepa (Add)
Oratosquilla oratoria (Add)
Oratosquilla perpema (Add)
Oratosquilla quadraticauda (Add)
Oratosquilla quinquedentata (Add)
Oratosquilla stridulans (Add)
Oratosquilla tweediei (Add)
Oratosquilla woodmasoni (Add)
Gen. Oratosquillina (Add)
Oratosquillina nordica (Add)
Oratosquillina quinquedentata (Add)
Gen. Paralimopsis (Add)
Gen. Parvisquilla (Add)
Gen. Pontiosquilla (Add)
Gen. Pterygosquilla (Add)
Gen. Quollastria (Add)
Gen. Rissoides (Add)
Gen. Schmittius (Add)
Gen. Squilla (Add)
Gen. Squilloides (Add)
Gen. Tuleariosquilla (Add)

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