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Ord. Opossums

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Mammals --> S.Class Theria --> Metatheria --> Marsupialia --> Superord. Ameridelphia -->


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Virginia opossum, Didelphis virginiana

"Possum being too cute for its own good" by Jess Beemouse via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Fam. Derorhynchidae (Add)
Gen. Derorhynchus (Add)
Gen. Minusculodelphis (Add)
Fam. Opossum, Didelphidae
Caluromyinae (Add)
Gen. Woolly opossum, Caluromys (Add)
Caluromys (Caluromys) (Add)
Caluromys philander (Add)
Caluromys (Mallodelphys) (Add)
Caluromys derbianus (Add)
Caluromys lanatus (Add)
Gen. Caluromysiops (Add)
Caluromysiops irrupta (Add)
Didelphinae (Add)
Didelphini (Add)
Gen. Chironectes (Add)
Yapok, Water opossum, Chironectes minimus (Add)
Gen. Didelphis (Add)
Didelphis albiventris (Add)
Didelphis aurita (Add)
Didelphis imperfecta (Add)
Didelphis marsupialis (Add)
Didelphis pernigra (Add)
Didelphis solimoensis (Add)
Virginia opossum, Didelphis virginiana

Gen. Lutreolina (Add)
Lutreolina crassicaudata (Add)
Gen. Philander (Add)
Philander andersoni (Add)
Philander deltae (Add)
Philander frenatus (Add)
Philander mcilhennyi (Add)
Philander mondolfii (Add)
Philander opossum (Add)
Marmosini (Add)
Gen. Marmosa (Add)
Marmosa andersoni (Add)
Marmosa lepida (Add)
Marmosa mexicana (Add)
Marmosa murina (Add)
Marmosa quichua (Add)
Marmosa robinsoni (Add)
Marmosa rubra (Add)
Marmosa tyleriana (Add)
Marmosa xerophila (Add)
Gen. Monodelphis (Add)
Monodelphis adusta (Add)
Monodelphis americana (Add)
Monodelphis brevicaudata (Add)
Monodelphis dimidiata (Add)
Monodelphis domestica (Add)
Monodelphis emiliae (Add)
Monodelphis glirina (Add)
Monodelphis iheringi (Add)
Monodelphis kunsi (Add)
Monodelphis maraxina (Add)
Monodelphis osgoodi (Add)
Monodelphis palliolata (Add)
Monodelphis reigi (Add)
Monodelphis ronaldi (Add)
Monodelphis rubida (Add)
Monodelphis scalops (Add)
Monodelphis sorex (Add)
Monodelphis theresa (Add)
Monodelphis umbristriata (Add)
Monodelphis unistriata (Add)
Gen. Tlacuatzin (Add)
Tlacuatzin canescens (Add)
Metachirini (Add)
Gen. Metachirus (Add)
Metachirus nudicaudatus (Add)
Thylamyini (Add)
Gen. Chacodelphys (Add)
Chacodelphys formosa (Add)
Gen. Cryptonanus (Add)
Cryptonanus agricolai (Add)
Cryptonanus chacoensis (Add)
Cryptonanus guahybae (Add)
Cryptonanus ignitus (Add)
Cryptonanus unduaviensis (Add)
Gen. Gracilinanus (Add)
Gracilinanus aceramarcae (Add)
Gracilinanus agilis (Add)
Gracilinanus dryas (Add)
Gracilinanus emiliae (Add)
Gracilinanus marica (Add)
Gracilinanus microtarsus (Add)
Gen. Lestodelphys (Add)
Lestodelphys halli (Add)
Gen. Marmosops (Add)
Marmosops bishopi (Add)
Marmosops cracens (Add)
Marmosops creightoni (Add)
Marmosops fuscatus (Add)
Marmosops handleyi (Add)
Marmosops impavidus (Add)
Marmosops incanus (Add)
Marmosops invictus (Add)
Marmosops juninensis (Add)
Marmosops neblina (Add)
Marmosops noctivagus (Add)
Marmosops ocellatus (Add)
Marmosops parvidens (Add)
Marmosops paulensis (Add)
Marmosops pinheiroi (Add)
Gen. Thylamys (Add)
Thylamys cinderella (Add)
Thylamys elegans (Add)
Thylamys karimii (Add)
Thylamys macrurus (Add)
Thylamys pallidior (Add)
Thylamys pusillus (Add)
Thylamys sponsorius (Add)
Thylamys tatei (Add)
Thylamys velutinus (Add)
Thylamys venustus (Add)
Glironiinae (Add)
Gen. Glironia (Add)
Glironia venusta (Add)
Hyladelphinae (Add)
Gen. Hyladelphys (Add)
Hyladelphys kalinowskii (Add)
Gen. Paradidelphys (Add)
Gen. Peratotherium (Add)
Fam. Sparassocynidae (Add)
Gen. Sparassocynus (Add)
Gen. Szalinia (Add)

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