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Fam. True frog

Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Amphibians --> S.Class Lissamphibia --> Ord. Frog --> Neobatrachia -->


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Gen. Amolops (Add)
Amolops akhaorum (Add)
Amolops aniqiaoensis (Add)
Amolops archotaphus (Add)
Amolops assamensis (Add)
Amolops bellulus (Add)
Amolops caelumnoctis (Add)
Amolops chakrataensis (Add)
Amolops chunganensis (Add)
Amolops compotrix (Add)
Amolops cremnobatus (Add)
Amolops cucae (Add)
Amolops daiyunensis (Add)
Amolops formosus (Add)
Amolops gerbillus (Add)
Amolops granulosus (Add)
Amolops hainanensis (Add)
Amolops himalayanus (Add)
Amolops hongkongensis (Add)
Amolops iriodes (Add)
Amolops jaunsari (Add)
Amolops jinjiangensis (Add)
Amolops kangtingensis (Add)
Amolops kaulbacki (Add)
Amolops kohimaensis (Add)
Amolops larutensis (Add)
Amolops liangshanensis (Add)
Amolops lifanensis (Add)
Amolops loloensis (Add)
Amolops longimanus (Add)
Amolops mantzorum (Add)
Amolops marmoratus (Add)
Amolops medogensis (Add)
Amolops mengyangensis (Add)
Amolops minutus (Add)
Amolops monticola (Add)
Amolops nidorbellus (Add)
Amolops panhai (Add)
Amolops ricketti (Add)
Amolops spinapectoralis (Add)
Amolops splendissimus (Add)
Amolops torrentis (Add)
Amolops tuberodepressus (Add)
Amolops viridimaculatus (Add)
Amolops vitreus (Add)
Amolops wuyiensis (Add)
Gen. Babina (Add)
Babina adenopleura (Add)
Babina caldwelli (Add)
Babina chapaensis (Add)
Babina daunchina (Add)
Babina holsti (Add)
Babina lini (Add)
Babina okinavana (Add)
Babina pleuraden (Add)
Babina subaspera (Add)
Gen. Clinotarsus (Add)
Clinotarsus alticola (Add)
Clinotarsus curtipes (Add)
Gen. Conraua (Add)
Goliath frog, Conraua goliath (Add)
Gen. Glandirana (Add)
Glandirana emeljanovi (Add)
Glandirana minima (Add)
Glandirana rugosa (Add)
Glandirana tientaiensis (Add)
Gen. Huia (Add)
Huia cavitympanum (Add)
Huia masonii (Add)
Huia modiglianii (Add)
Huia sumatrana (Add)
Gen. Humerana (Add)
Humerana humeralis (Add)
Humerana miopus (Add)
Humerana oatesii (Add)
Gen. Hylarana (Add)
Hylarana albolabris (Add)
Hylarana albotuberculata (Add)
Hylarana amnicola (Add)
Hylarana arfaki (Add)
Hylarana asperrima (Add)
Hylarana attigua (Add)
Hylarana aurantiaca (Add)
Hylarana aurata (Add)
Hylarana banjarana (Add)
Hylarana baramica (Add)
Hylarana celebensis (Add)
Hylarana chalconota (Add)
Hylarana chitwanensis (Add)
Hylarana crassiovis (Add)
Hylarana cubitalis (Add)
Hylarana daemeli (Add)
Hylarana darlingi (Add)
Hylarana debussyi (Add)
Hylarana elberti (Add)
Hylarana erythraea (Add)
Hylarana everetti (Add)
Hylarana faber (Add)
Hylarana florensis (Add)
Hylarana fonensis (Add)
Hylarana galamensis (Add)
Hylarana garoensis (Add)
Hylarana garritor (Add)
Hylarana glandulosa (Add)
Hylarana gracilis (Add)
Hylarana grandocula (Add)
Hylarana grisea (Add)
Hylarana guentheri (Add)
Hylarana hekouensis (Add)
Hylarana igorota (Add)
Hylarana jimiensis (Add)
Hylarana kampeni (Add)
Hylarana kreffti (Add)
Hylarana labialis (Add)
Hylarana laterimaculata (Add)
Hylarana latouchii (Add)
Hylarana lemairei (Add)
Hylarana leptoglossa (Add)
Hylarana lepus (Add)
Hylarana longipes (Add)
Hylarana luctuosa (Add)
Hylarana luzonensis (Add)
Hylarana macrodactyla (Add)
Hylarana macrops (Add)
Hylarana malabarica (Add)
Hylarana mangyanum (Add)
Hylarana maosonensis (Add)
Hylarana margariana (Add)
Hylarana melanomenta (Add)
Hylarana menglaensis (Add)
Hylarana milleti (Add)
Hylarana milneana (Add)
Hylarana moellendorffi (Add)
Hylarana moluccana (Add)
Hylarana montivaga (Add)
Hylarana mortenseni (Add)
Hylarana nicobariensis (Add)
Hylarana nigrovittata (Add)
Hylarana novaeguineae (Add)
Hylarana occidentalis (Add)
Hylarana papua (Add)
Hylarana parkeriana (Add)
Hylarana persimilis (Add)
Hylarana picturata (Add)
Hylarana raniceps (Add)
Hylarana scutigera (Add)
Hylarana siberu (Add)
Hylarana signata (Add)
Hylarana similis (Add)
Hylarana spinulosa (Add)
Hylarana supragrisea (Add)
Hylarana taipehensis (Add)
Hylarana temporalis (Add)
Hylarana tipanan (Add)
Hylarana tytleri (Add)
Hylarana volkerjane (Add)
Hylarana waliesa (Add)
Gen. Meristogenys (Add)
Meristogenys amoropalamus (Add)
Meristogenys jerboa (Add)
Meristogenys kinabaluensis (Add)
Meristogenys macrophthalmus (Add)
Meristogenys maryatiae (Add)
Meristogenys orphnocnemis (Add)
Meristogenys phaeomerus (Add)
Meristogenys poecilus (Add)
Meristogenys stenocephalus (Add)
Meristogenys stigmachilus (Add)
Meristogenys whiteheadi (Add)
Gen. Odorrana (Add)
Odorrana absita (Add)
Odorrana amamiensis (Add)
Odorrana andersonii (Add)
Odorrana anlungensis (Add)
Odorrana aureola (Add)
Odorrana bacboensis (Add)
Odorrana banaorum (Add)
Odorrana bolavensis (Add)
Odorrana chapaensis (Add)
Odorrana chloronota (Add)
Odorrana daorum (Add)
Odorrana exiliversabilis (Add)
Odorrana geminata (Add)
Odorrana gigatympana (Add)
Odorrana grahami (Add)
Odorrana graminea (Add)
Odorrana hainanensis (Add)
Odorrana hejiangensis (Add)
Odorrana hosii (Add)
Odorrana huanggangensis (Add)
Odorrana indeprensa (Add)
Odorrana ishikawae (Add)
Odorrana jingdongensis (Add)
Odorrana junlianensis (Add)
Odorrana khalam (Add)
Odorrana kuangwuensis (Add)
Odorrana leporipes (Add)
Odorrana livida (Add)
Odorrana lungshengensis (Add)
Odorrana margaretae (Add)
Odorrana melasma (Add)
Odorrana monjerai (Add)
Odorrana morafkai (Add)
Odorrana narina (Add)
Odorrana nasica (Add)
Odorrana nasuta (Add)
Odorrana orba (Add)
Odorrana schmackeri (Add)
Odorrana sinica (Add)
Odorrana splendida (Add)
Odorrana supranarina (Add)
Odorrana swinhoana (Add)
Odorrana tiannanensis (Add)
Odorrana tormota (Add)
Odorrana trankieni (Add)
Odorrana utsunomiyaorum (Add)
Odorrana versabilis (Add)
Odorrana wuchuanensis (Add)
Odorrana yentuensis (Add)
Odorrana zhaoi (Add)
Gen. Pelophylax (Add)
Pelophylax bedriagae (Add)
Pelophylax bergeri (Add)
Pelophylax caralitanus (Add)
Pelophylax cerigensis (Add)
Pelophylax chosenicus (Add)
Pelophylax cretensis (Add)
Pelophylax demarchii (Add)
Pelophylax epeiroticus (Add)
Pelophylax fukienensis (Add)
Pelophylax hubeiensis (Add)
Pelophylax kurtmuelleri (Add)
Pelophylax lateralis (Add)
Pelophylax lessonae (Add)
Pelophylax nigromaculatus (Add)
Pelophylax perezi (Add)
Pelophylax plancyi (Add)
Pelophylax porosus (Add)
Pelophylax ridibundus

Pelophylax saharicus (Add)
Pelophylax shqipericus (Add)
Pelophylax tenggerensis (Add)
Pelophylax terentievi (Add)
Gen. Pseudorana (Add)
Pseudorana sangzhiensis (Add)
Pseudorana weiningensis (Add)
Gen. Pterorana (Add)
Pterorana khare (Add)
Gen. Pyxicephalus (Add)
African Bullfrog, Pyxicephalus adspersus (Add)
Gen. Rana (Add)
Rana amurensis (Add)
Rana areolata (Add)
Moor Frog, Rana arvalis

Rana asiatica (Add)
Rana aurora (Add)
Rana berlandieri (Add)
Rana blairi (Add)
Rana boylii (Add)
Rana brownorum (Add)
Rana bwana (Add)
Rana camerani (Add)
Rana capito (Add)
Rana cascadae (Add)
Bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana (Add)
Rana chaochiaoensis (Add)
Rana chensinensis (Add)
Rana chevronta (Add)
Rana chichicuahutla (Add)
Rana chiricahuensis (Add)
Rana clamitans (Add)
Rana compotrix (Add)
Rana coreana (Add)
Rana cucae (Add)
Rana culaiensis (Add)
Agile Frog, Rana dalmatina (Add)
Rana draytonii (Add)
Rana dunni (Add)
Rana dybowskii (Add)
Rana eschatia (Add)
Edible Frog, Rana esculenta (Add)
Rana fisheri (Add)
Rana forreri (Add)
Rana graeca (Add)
Rana grylio (Add)
Rana hanluica (Add)
Rana heckscheri (Add)
Rana holtzi (Add)
Rana huanrenensis (Add)
Rana iberica (Add)
Rana italica (Add)
Rana japonica (Add)
Rana jiemuxiensis (Add)
Rana johni (Add)
Rana johnsi (Add)
Rana juliani (Add)
Rana kukunoris (Add)
Rana kunyuensis (Add)
Rana labialis (Add)
Rana latastei (Add)
Rana lemosespinali (Add)
Pool Frog, Rana lessonae (Add)
Rana longicrus (Add)
Rana luteiventris (Add)
Rana macrocnemis (Add)
Rana macroglossa (Add)
Rana maculata (Add)
Rana magnaocularis (Add)
Rana maoershanensis (Add)
Rana megapoda (Add)
Rana miadis (Add)
Rana montezumae (Add)
Rana multidenticulata (Add)
Rana muscosa (Add)
Rana neovolcanica (Add)
Rana okaloosae (Add)
Rana omeimontis (Add)
Rana omiltemana (Add)
Rana onca (Add)
Rana ornativentris (Add)
Rana palmipes (Add)
Rana palustris (Add)
Rana parvaccola (Add)
Northern Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens (Add)
Rana pirica (Add)
Rana pretiosa (Add)
Rana psilonota (Add)
Rana pueblae (Add)
Rana pustulosa (Add)
Rana pyrenaica (Add)
Marsh Frog, Rana ridibunda (Add)
Rana rufipes (Add)
Rana sakuraii (Add)
Rana sauteri (Add)
Rana septentrionalis (Add)
Rana sevosa (Add)
Rana shuchinae (Add)
Rana sierrae (Add)
Rana sierramadrensis (Add)
Rana spectabilis (Add)
Rana sphenocephala (Add)
Wood Frog, Rana sylvatica

Rana tagoi (Add)
Rana tarahumarae (Add)
Rana taylori (Add)
Common Frog, Rana temporaria

Rana tigerina (Add)
Rana tlaloci (Add)
Rana tsushimensis (Add)
Rana vaillanti (Add)
Rana vibicaria (Add)
Rana virgatipes (Add)
Rana virgitapes (Add)
Rana vitrea (Add)
Rana warszewitschii (Add)
Rana yavapaiensis (Add)
Rana zhengi (Add)
Rana zhenhaiensis (Add)
Rana zweifeli (Add)
Gen. Sanguirana (Add)
Sanguirana sanguinea (Add)
Sanguirana varians (Add)
Gen. Staurois (Add)
Staurois guttatus (Add)
Staurois latopalmatus (Add)
Staurois natator (Add)
Staurois nubilis (Add)
Staurois parvus (Add)
Staurois tuberilinguis (Add)
Gen. Trichobatrachus (Add)
Hairy Frog, Trichobatrachus robustus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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