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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Superord. Dictyoptera --> Ord. Mantis -->


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Hapalomantinae (Add)
Gen. Bolbe (Add)
Bolbe lowi (Add)
Bolbe maia (Add)
Bolbe nigra (Add)
Bolbe pallida (Add)
Bolbe pygmea (Add)
Gen. Bolbena (Add)
Bolbena assimilis (Add)
Bolbena hottentotta (Add)
Bolbena maraisi (Add)
Bolbena minor (Add)
Bolbena minutissima (Add)
Bolbena orientalis (Add)
Gen. Bolbula (Add)
Bolbula debilis (Add)
Bolbula exigua (Add)
Bolbula widenmanni (Add)
Gen. Hapalogymnes (Add)
Hapalogymnes gymnes (Add)
Gen. Hapalomantis (Add)
Hapalomantis abyssinica (Add)
Hapalomantis congica (Add)
Hapalomantis katangica (Add)
Hapalomantis lacualis (Add)
Hapalomantis minima (Add)
Hapalomantis orba (Add)
Hapalomantis rhombochir (Add)
Gen. Papubolbe (Add)
Papubolbe curvidens (Add)
Papubolbe eximia (Add)
Papubolbe flava (Add)
Papubolbe gressitti (Add)
Papubolbe longipennis (Add)
Papubolbe picea (Add)
Gen. Tarachina (Add)
Tarachina brevipennis (Add)
Tarachina congica (Add)
Tarachina constricta (Add)
Tarachina occidentalis (Add)
Tarachina rammei (Add)
Tarachina raphidioides (Add)
Tarachina schultzei (Add)
Tarachina seriepunctata (Add)
Tarachina transvaalensis (Add)
Tarachina werneri (Add)
Tarachina zernyi (Add)
Iridopteryginae (Add)
Gen. Hapalopeza (Add)
Hapalopeza fulmeki (Add)
Hapalopeza nigricornis (Add)
Hapalopeza nigripes (Add)
Hapalopeza nilgirica (Add)
Hapalopeza nitens (Add)
Hapalopeza occipitalis (Add)
Hapalopeza periyara (Add)
Hapalopeza tigrina (Add)
Gen. Hapalopezella (Add)
Hapalopezella maculata (Add)
Gen. Iridopteryx (Add)
Iridopteryx iridipennis (Add)
Gen. Micromantis (Add)
Micromantis glauca (Add)
Gen. Muscimantis (Add)
Muscimantis montana (Add)
Gen. Nemotha (Add)
Nemotha coomani (Add)
Nemotha metallica (Add)
Nemotha mirabiliis (Add)
Gen. Pezomantis (Add)
Pezomantis henryi (Add)
Nanomantinae (Add)
Fulcinini (Add)
Gen. Calofulcinia (Add)
Calofulcinia australis (Add)
Calofulcinia elegans (Add)
Calofulcinia integra (Add)
Calofulcinia oxynota (Add)
Calofulcinia paraoxypila (Add)
Calofulcinia vidua (Add)
Calofulcinia viridula (Add)
Gen. Fulcinia (Add)
Fulcinia alaris (Add)
Fulcinia exilis (Add)
Fulcinia lobata (Add)
Fulcinia punctipes (Add)
Fulcinia uxor (Add)
Fulcinia variipennis (Add)
Gen. Fulciniella (Add)
Fulciniella infumata (Add)
Fulciniella loriae (Add)
Fulciniella verticalis (Add)
Gen. Fulciniola (Add)
Fulciniola snelleni (Add)
Gen. Hedigerella (Add)
Hedigerella fasciatella (Add)
Gen. Nannofulcinia (Add)
Nannofulcinia pulchra (Add)
Gen. Pilomantis (Add)
Pilomantis fusca (Add)
Gen. Tylomantis (Add)
Tylomantis armillata (Add)
Tylomantis fuliginosa (Add)
Nanomantini (Add)
Gen. Epsomantis (Add)
Epsomantis tortricoides (Add)
Gen. Ima (Add)
Ima fusca (Add)
Gen. Machairima (Add)
Machairima papua (Add)
Gen. Mimomantis (Add)
Mimomantis milloti (Add)
Gen. Nanomantis (Add)
Nanomantis australis (Add)
Nanomantis gilolae (Add)
Nanomantis lactea (Add)
Nanomantis yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Nilomantis (Add)
Nilomantis edmundsi (Add)
Nilomantis floweri (Add)
Nilomantis thalassina (Add)
Gen. Papugalepsus (Add)
Papugalepsus alatus (Add)
Papugalepsus elongatus (Add)
Gen. Parananomantis (Add)
Parananomantis brevis (Add)
Gen. Sceptuchus (Add)
Sceptuchus baehri (Add)
Sceptuchus simplex (Add)
Gen. Sinomantis (Add)
Sinomantis denticulata (Add)
Tropidomantinae (Add)
Gen. Chloromantis (Add)
Chloromantis impunctata (Add)
Chloromantis rhombica (Add)
Gen. Enicophlebia (Add)
Enicophlebia hilara (Add)
Enicophlebia pallida (Add)
Gen. Hyalomantis (Add)
Hyalomantis antsingica (Add)
Hyalomantis madagascariensis (Add)
Hyalomantis murzini (Add)
Hyalomantis whitingi (Add)
Gen. Kongobatha (Add)
Kongobatha diademata (Add)
Kongobatha papua (Add)
Gen. Melomantis (Add)
Melomantis africana (Add)
Melomantis asema (Add)
Gen. Miromantis (Add)
Miromantis indica (Add)
Miromantis mirandula (Add)
Miromantis thalassina (Add)
Miromantis yunnanensis (Add)
Gen. Negromantis (Add)
Negromantis gracilis (Add)
Negromantis gracillima (Add)
Negromantis lutescens (Add)
Negromantis modesta (Add)
Gen. Neomantis (Add)
Neomantis australis (Add)
Neomantis hyalina (Add)
Neomantis robusta (Add)
Gen. Oxymantis (Add)
Oxymantis punctillata (Add)
Gen. Platycalymma (Add)
Platycalymma annulicornis (Add)
Platycalymma befasica (Add)
Platycalymma dichroica (Add)
Platycalymma latipennis (Add)
Platycalymma mahafalica (Add)
Platycalymma viettei (Add)
Gen. Tropidomantis (Add)
Tropidomantis gressitti (Add)
Tropidomantis guttatipennis (Add)
Tropidomantis iridipennis (Add)
Tropidomantis tenera (Add)
Tropidomantis yunnanensis (Add)
Xanthomantis bimaculata (Add)
Xanthomantis flava (Add)
Xanthomantis malayana (Add)
Xanthomantis mantispoides (Add)
Xanthomantis ornata (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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