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Saxaul Sparrow, Passer ammodendri

Passer ammodendri ammodendri (Add)
Passer ammodendri nigricans (Add)
Passer ammodendri stoliczkae (Add)
Passer castanopterus (Add)
Passer castanopterus castanopterus (Add)
Passer castanopterus fulgens (Add)
Passer cordofanicus (Add)
Passer diffusus (Add)
Passer diffusus diffusus (Add)
Passer diffusus luangwae (Add)
Passer diffusus mosambicus (Add)
Passer diffusus stygiceps (Add)
House Sparrow, Passer domesticus

Passer domesticus africanus (Add)
Passer domesticus bactrianus (Add)
Passer domesticus balearoibericus (Add)
Passer domesticus biblicus (Add)
Passer domesticus brutius (Add)
Passer domesticus domesticus
Passer domesticus hufufae (Add)
Passer domesticus hyrcanus (Add)
Passer domesticus indicus (Add)
Passer domesticus maltae (Add)
Passer domesticus niloticus (Add)
Passer domesticus parkini (Add)
Passer domesticus payni (Add)
Passer domesticus persicus (Add)
Passer domesticus rufidorsalis (Add)
Passer domesticus tingitanus (Add)
Passer eminibey (Add)
Passer euchlorus (Add)
Passer flaveolus (Add)
Passer gongonensis (Add)
Passer griseus (Add)
Passer griseus griseus (Add)
Passer griseus laeneni (Add)
Passer griseus ugandae (Add)
Spanish Sparrow, Passer hispaniolensis (Add)
Passer hispaniolensis hispaniolensis (Add)
Passer hispaniolensis transcaspicus (Add)
Passer iagoensis (Add)
Passer insularis (Add)
Italian Sparrow, Passer italiae (Add)
Passer luteus (Add)
Passer melanurus (Add)
Passer melanurus damarensis (Add)
Passer melanurus melanurus (Add)
Dead Sea Sparrow, Passer moabiticus (Add)
Passer moabiticus mesopotamicus (Add)
Passer moabiticus moabiticus (Add)
Passer moabiticus yatii (Add)
Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Passer montanus

Passer montanus dilutus (Add)
Passer montanus dybowskii (Add)
Passer montanus hepaticus (Add)
Passer montanus kansuensis (Add)
Passer montanus malaccensis (Add)
Passer montanus montanus (Add)
Passer montanus obscuratus (Add)
Passer montanus saturatus (Add)
Passer montanus tibetanus (Add)
Passer montanus transcaucasicus (Add)
Passer motitensis (Add)
Passer motitensis benguellensis (Add)
Passer motitensis motitensis (Add)
Passer motitensis subsolanus (Add)
Passer pyrrhonotus (Add)
Passer rufocinctus (Add)
Passer rutilans (Add)
Passer rutilans cinnamomeus (Add)
Passer rutilans intensior (Add)
Passer rutilans rutilans (Add)
Passer shelleyi (Add)
Passer simplex (Add)
Passer simplex saharae (Add)
Passer simplex simplex (Add)
Passer suahelicus (Add)
Passer swainsonii (Add)
Passer zarudnyi (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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