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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Fly --> Brachycera --> Muscomorpha --> Schizophora --> Calyptrata -->


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Fam. Calliphoridae

Gen. Albaredaya (Add)
Gen. Albuquerquea (Add)
Gen. Alikangiella (Add)
Gen. Amenia (Add)
Gen. Aphyssura (Add)
Gen. Arrhinidia (Add)
Gen. Auchmeromyia (Add)
Gen. Bellardia (Add)
Gen. Bengalia (Add)
Gen. Blepharicnema (Add)
Gen. Booponus (Add)
Gen. Borbororhinia (Add)
Gen. Calliphora (Add)
Calliphora algira (Add)
Calliphora alpina (Add)
Calliphora antennatis (Add)
Calliphora antipodes (Add)
Calliphora antojuanae (Add)
Calliphora aruspex (Add)
Calliphora assimilis (Add)
Calliphora atripalpis (Add)
Calliphora augur (Add)
Calliphora auriventris (Add)
Calliphora australica (Add)
Calliphora axata (Add)
Calliphora bezzi (Add)
Calliphora bryani (Add)
Calliphora calcedoniae (Add)
Calliphora canimicans (Add)
Calliphora centralis (Add)
Calliphora chinghaiensis (Add)
Calliphora clarki (Add)
Calliphora clausa (Add)
Calliphora clementei (Add)
Calliphora coloradensis (Add)
Calliphora croceipalpis (Add)
Calliphora dasyophthalma (Add)
Calliphora deflexa (Add)
Calliphora dichromata (Add)
Calliphora dispar (Add)
Calliphora echinosa (Add)
Calliphora elliptica (Add)
Calliphora erectiseta (Add)
Calliphora espiritusanta (Add)
Calliphora eudypti (Add)
Calliphora flavicauda (Add)
Calliphora floccosa (Add)
Calliphora forresti (Add)
Calliphora franzi (Add)
Calliphora fulviceps (Add)
Calliphora fulvicoxa (Add)
Calliphora fuscipennis (Add)
Calliphora fuscofemorata (Add)
Calliphora genarum (Add)
Calliphora gilesi (Add)
Calliphora grahami (Add)
Calliphora gressitti (Add)
Calliphora grisescens (Add)
Calliphora grunini (Add)
Calliphora hasanuddini (Add)
Calliphora hilli (Add)
Calliphora icela (Add)
Calliphora insignis (Add)
Calliphora io (Add)
Calliphora irazuana (Add)
Calliphora javanica (Add)
Calliphora kanoi (Add)
Calliphora kermadeca (Add)
Calliphora lata (Add)
Calliphora leucosticta (Add)
Calliphora livida (Add)
Calliphora loewi (Add)
Calliphora lopesi (Add)
Calliphora lordhowensis (Add)
Calliphora macleayi (Add)
Calliphora maestrica (Add)
Calliphora majuscula (Add)
Calliphora malayana (Add)
Calliphora maritima (Add)
Calliphora maryfullerae (Add)
Calliphora melinda (Add)
Calliphora metallica (Add)
Calliphora minor (Add)
Calliphora mogii (Add)
Calliphora morticia (Add)
Calliphora mumfordi (Add)
Calliphora neohortona (Add)
Calliphora neozelandica (Add)
Calliphora nigribarbis (Add)
Calliphora nociva (Add)
Calliphora norfolka (Add)
Calliphora nothocalliphoralis (Add)
Calliphora noumea (Add)
Calliphora ochracea (Add)
Calliphora onesiodes (Add)
Calliphora papua (Add)
Calliphora papuensis (Add)
Calliphora pattoni (Add)
Calliphora perida (Add)
Calliphora phacoptera (Add)
Calliphora plebeia (Add)
Calliphora popoffana (Add)
Calliphora porphyrina (Add)
Calliphora praepes (Add)
Calliphora prosternalis (Add)
Calliphora psudovomitoria (Add)
Calliphora pubescens (Add)
Calliphora quadrimaculata (Add)
Calliphora robusta (Add)
Calliphora rohdendorfi (Add)
Calliphora rostrata (Add)
Calliphora rufipes (Add)
Calliphora salviaga (Add)
Calliphora simulata (Add)
Calliphora sternalis (Add)
Calliphora stygia (Add)
Calliphora subalpina (Add)
Calliphora tasmaniae (Add)
Calliphora terranovae (Add)
Calliphora toxopeusi (Add)
Calliphora uralensis (Add)
Calliphora varifrons (Add)
Calliphora vicina (Add)
Calliphora viridescens (Add)
Calliphora viridiventris (Add)
Blue bottle fly, Calliphora vomitoria (Add)
Calliphora xanthura (Add)
Calliphora yezoana (Add)
Gen. Callitrogopsis (Add)
Gen. Cameranda (Add)
Gen. Catapicephala (Add)
Gen. Chloroprocta (Add)
Gen. Chlororhinia (Add)
Gen. Chrysomya (Add)
Gen. Chrysopyrellia (Add)
Gen. Cochliomyia (Add)
Gen. Coganomyia (Add)
Gen. Compsomyiops (Add)
Gen. Cordylobia (Add)
Gen. Cosmina (Add)
Gen. Cyanus (Add)
Gen. Cynomya (Add)
Gen. Cynomyiomima (Add)
Gen. Dyscritomyia (Add)
Gen. Eggisops (Add)
Gen. Epiplastocerus (Add)
Gen. Episthetosoma (Add)
Gen. Ethioporhina (Add)
Gen. Eumesembrinella (Add)
Gen. Euphumosia (Add)
Gen. Eurhyncomyia (Add)
Gen. Eurychaeta (Add)
Gen. Fainia (Add)
Gen. Formosiomima (Add)
Gen. Gangelomyia (Add)
Gen. Giovanella (Add)
Gen. Gulmargia (Add)
Gen. Gymnostylina (Add)
Gen. Hemigymnochaeta (Add)
Gen. Hemilucilia (Add)
Gen. Hemipyrellia (Add)
Gen. Henriquella (Add)
Gen. Huascaromusca (Add)
Gen. Hypopygiopsis (Add)
Gen. Idiella (Add)
Gen. Idiellopsis (Add)
Gen. Isomyia (Add)
Gen. Laneella (Add)
Gen. Lucilia (Add)
Gen. Malayomyza (Add)
Gen. Melanodexia (Add)
Gen. Melanomya (Add)
Gen. Melinda (Add)
Gen. Mesembrinella (Add)
Gen. Metallea (Add)
Gen. Metallicomyia (Add)
Gen. Morinia (Add)
Gen. Mufetiella (Add)
Gen. Neocordylobia (Add)
Gen. Nepalonesia (Add)
Gen. Nepenthomyia (Add)
Gen. Nesodexia (Add)
Gen. Neta (Add)
Gen. Ochromelinda (Add)
Gen. Onesia (Add)
Gen. Onesihoplisa (Add)
Gen. Onesiomima (Add)
Gen. Pachychoeromyia (Add)
Gen. Paralucilia (Add)
Gen. Paramenia (Add)
Gen. Paraplastocerus (Add)
Gen. Paraplatytropesa (Add)
Gen. Pararhynchomyia (Add)
Gen. Pericallimyia (Add)
Gen. Perisiella (Add)
Gen. Phormia (Add)
Gen. Phormiata (Add)
Gen. Phumosia (Add)
Gen. Plastocerontus (Add)
Gen. Platytropesa (Add)
Gen. Pollenia (Add)
Pollenia advena (Add)
Pollenia aerosa (Add)
Pollenia angustigena (Add)
Pollenia antipodea (Add)
Pollenia asiatica (Add)
Pollenia astrictifrons (Add)
Pollenia atramentaria (Add)
Pollenia atricoma (Add)
Pollenia atrifemur (Add)
Pollenia aurantifulva (Add)
Pollenia aurata (Add)
Pollenia bazinia (Add)
Pollenia bentalia (Add)
Pollenia bezziana (Add)
Pollenia bicolor (Add)
Pollenia bicoloripes (Add)
Pollenia bisulca (Add)
Pollenia bulgarica (Add)
Pollenia calamisessa (Add)
Pollenia chotei (Add)
Pollenia chrysothrix (Add)
Pollenia commensurata (Add)
Pollenia consanguinea (Add)
Pollenia consectata (Add)
Pollenia contempta (Add)
Pollenia corinneae (Add)
Pollenia cuprea (Add)
Pollenia dasypoda (Add)
Pollenia demissa (Add)
Pollenia disemura (Add)
Pollenia draco (Add)
Pollenia dysaethria (Add)
Pollenia dyscheres (Add)
Pollenia dysethria (Add)
Pollenia enetera (Add)
Pollenia erlangshanna (Add)
Pollenia eurybregma (Add)
Pollenia fangensis (Add)
Pollenia flava (Add)
Pollenia flavicans (Add)
Pollenia flindersi (Add)
Pollenia fulviantenna (Add)
Pollenia fumosa (Add)
Pollenia grisetomentosa (Add)
Pollenia grunini (Add)
Pollenia guernica (Add)
Pollenia haeretica (Add)
Pollenia hazarae (Add)
Pollenia hermoniella (Add)
Pollenia hirticeps (Add)
Pollenia hirtiventris (Add)
Pollenia hispida (Add)
Pollenia huangshanensis (Add)
Pollenia hungarica (Add)
Pollenia ibalia (Add)
Pollenia immanis (Add)
Pollenia inconclusa (Add)
Pollenia insularis (Add)
Pollenia intermedia (Add)
Pollenia japonica (Add)
Pollenia khasiensis (Add)
Pollenia lativertex (Add)
Pollenia leclercqiana (Add)
Pollenia limpida (Add)
Pollenia longitheca (Add)
Pollenia ludingensis (Add)
Pollenia luteola (Add)
Pollenia luteovillosa (Add)
Pollenia maculata (Add)
Pollenia mallochi (Add)
Pollenia mayeri (Add)
Pollenia mediterranea (Add)
Pollenia melanurus (Add)
Pollenia mesopotamica (Add)
Pollenia mongol (Add)
Pollenia monsdulitae (Add)
Pollenia moretonensis (Add)
Pollenia mystica (Add)
Pollenia nigra (Add)
Pollenia nigripalpis (Add)
Pollenia nigripes (Add)
Pollenia nigriscens (Add)
Pollenia nigrisquama (Add)
Pollenia nigrita (Add)
Pollenia norwegiana (Add)
Pollenia notialis (Add)
Pollenia opalina (Add)
Pollenia oreia (Add)
Pollenia ospedaliana (Add)
Pollenia pallida (Add)
Pollenia papua (Add)
Pollenia paragrunini (Add)
Pollenia parviostia (Add)
Pollenia pectinata (Add)
Pollenia pernix (Add)
Pollenia ponti (Add)
Pollenia primaeva (Add)
Pollenia pseudintermedia (Add)
Pollenia pseudomelanurus (Add)
Pollenia pseudorudis (Add)
Pollenia pulverea (Add)
Pollenia rudis (Add)
Pollenia rufifemorata (Add)
Pollenia sakulasi (Add)
Pollenia sandaraca (Add)
Pollenia scalena (Add)
Pollenia semicinerea (Add)
Pollenia shaanxiensis (Add)
Pollenia sichuanensis (Add)
Pollenia similis (Add)
Pollenia sinensis (Add)
Pollenia solitaria (Add)
Pollenia stigi (Add)
Pollenia stolida (Add)
Pollenia sytshevskajae (Add)
Pollenia tenuiforceps (Add)
Pollenia testacea (Add)
Pollenia tianmushanensis (Add)
Pollenia townsendi (Add)
Pollenia trifascia (Add)
Pollenia umbrifera (Add)
Pollenia uniapicalis (Add)
Pollenia uniseta (Add)
Pollenia vagabunda (Add)
Pollenia varia (Add)
Pollenia venturii (Add)
Pollenia vera (Add)
Pollenia verneri (Add)
Pollenia vespillo (Add)
Pollenia viridiventris (Add)
Pollenia wyatti (Add)
Pollenia yuphae (Add)
Gen. Polleniopsis (Add)
Gen. Prosthetosoma (Add)
Gen. Protocalliphora (Add)
Gen. Protophormia (Add)
Gen. Pseudopsodexia (Add)
Gen. Pseudorhyncomyia (Add)
Gen. Ptilonesia (Add)
Gen. Rhinia (Add)
Gen. Rhyncomya (Add)
Gen. Sarconesia (Add)
Gen. Silbomyia (Add)
Gen. Stegosoma (Add)
Gen. Stilbomyella (Add)
Gen. Stomina (Add)
Gen. Stomorhina (Add)
Stomorhina discolor (Add)
Stomorhina lunata (Add)
Stomorhina obsoleta (Add)
Gen. Strongyloneura (Add)
Gen. Sumatria (Add)
Gen. Tainanina (Add)
Gen. Termitocalliphora (Add)
Gen. Termitoloemus (Add)
Gen. Tetraplastocerus (Add)
Gen. Thoracites (Add)
Gen. Toxotarsus (Add)
Gen. Trichoberia (Add)
Gen. Tricyclea (Add)
Gen. Tricycleala (Add)
Gen. Tricycleopsis (Add)
Gen. Trypocalliphora (Add)
Gen. Vanemdenia (Add)
Gen. Verticia (Add)
Gen. Villeneuviella (Add)
Gen. Wilhelmina (Add)
Gen. Xenocalliphora (Add)
Gen. Zumba (Add)
Fam. Botfly, Oestridae (Add)
Fam. Rhinophoridae (Add)
Fam. Flesh-fly, Sarcophagidae (Add)
Fam. Tachinidae (Add)

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