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Ceriagrion aeruginosum (Add)
Ceriagrion annulatum (Add)
Ceriagrion annulosum (Add)
Ceriagrion auranticum (Add)
Ceriagrion auritum (Add)
Ceriagrion azureum (Add)
Ceriagrion bakeri (Add)
Ceriagrion batjanum (Add)
Ceriagrion bellona (Add)
Ceriagrion calamineum (Add)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum (Add)
Ceriagrion chaoi (Add)
Ceriagrion citrinum (Add)
Ceriagrion coeruleum (Add)
Ceriagrion corallinum (Add)
Ceriagrion coromandelianum (Add)
Ceriagrion fallax (Add)
Ceriagrion georgi-freyi (Add)
Ceriagrion glabrum (Add)
Ceriagrion hamoni (Add)
Ceriagrion hoogerwerfi (Add)
Ceriagrion ignitum (Add)
Ceriagrion inaequale (Add)
Ceriagrion indochinense (Add)
Ceriagrion katamborae (Add)
Ceriagrion kordofanicum (Add)
Ceriagrion lieftincki (Add)
Ceriagrion madagazureum (Add)
Ceriagrion malaisei (Add)
Ceriagrion melanurum (Add)
Ceriagrion moorei (Add)
Ceriagrion mourae (Add)
Ceriagrion nigroflavum (Add)
Ceriagrion nigrolineatum (Add)
Ceriagrion nipponicum (Add)
Ceriagrion oblongulum (Add)
Ceriagrion olivaceum (Add)
Ceriagrion pallidum (Add)
Ceriagrion praetermissum (Add)
Ceriagrion rubella (Add)
Ceriagrion rubellocerinum (Add)
Ceriagrion rubiae (Add)
Ceriagrion ryukyuanum (Add)
Ceriagrion sakejii (Add)
Ceriagrion sinense (Add)
Ceriagrion suave (Add)
Small red damselfly, Ceriagrion tenellum (Add)
Ceriagrion tricrenaticeps (Add)
Ceriagrion varians (Add)
Ceriagrion whellani (Add)

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