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Fam. Wandering spider

Phylum Arthropoda --> Chelicerata --> Class Arachnids --> Ord. Spiders --> Opisthothelae --> Araneomorphae -->


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Ctenus exlineae

"Ctenus exlineae (F Ctenidae), teneral penultimate male" by M Hedin via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Acantheinae (Add)
Acanthocteninae (Add)
Gen. Acanthoctenus (Add)
Acanthoctenus gaujoni (Add)
Acanthoctenus kollari (Add)
Acanthoctenus maculatus (Add)
Acanthoctenus mammifer (Add)
Acanthoctenus obauratus (Add)
Acanthoctenus plebejus (Add)
Acanthoctenus remotus (Add)
Acanthoctenus rubrotaeniatus (Add)
Acanthoctenus spiniger (Add)
Acanthoctenus spinipes (Add)
Gen. Nothroctenus (Add)
Gen. Viracucha (Add)
Calocteninae (Add)
Gen. Anahita (Add)
Anahita aculeata (Add)
Anahita blandini (Add)
Anahita centralis (Add)
Anahita concrassata (Add)
Anahita concreata (Add)
Anahita concussor (Add)
Anahita faradjensis (Add)
Anahita fauna (Add)
Anahita lineata (Add)
Anahita lycosina (Add)
Anahita mamma (Add)
Anahita maolan (Add)
Anahita nathani (Add)
Anahita pallida (Add)
Anahita punctata (Add)
Anahita punctulata (Add)
Anahita pygmaea (Add)
Anahita samplexa (Add)
Anahita similis (Add)
Anahita syriaca (Add)
Anahita zoroides (Add)
Gen. Apolania (Add)
Gen. Caloctenus (Add)
Gen. Diallomus (Add)
Gen. Gephyroctenus (Add)
Gephyroctenus acre (Add)
Gephyroctenus atininga (Add)
Gephyroctenus divisor (Add)
Gephyroctenus esteio (Add)
Gephyroctenus juruti (Add)
Gephyroctenus mapia (Add)
Gephyroctenus panguana (Add)
Gephyroctenus philodromoides (Add)
Gephyroctenus portovelho (Add)
Gen. Toca (Add)
Toca bossanova (Add)
Toca samba (Add)
Gen. Trujillina (Add)
Cteninae (Add)
Gen. Amauropelma (Add)
Gen. Ancylometes (Add)
Gen. Asthenoctenus (Add)
Gen. Celaetycheus (Add)
Gen. Centroctenus (Add)
Gen. Ctenus (Add)
Ctenus abditus (Add)
Ctenus acanthoctenoides (Add)
Ctenus adustus (Add)
Ctenus agroecoides (Add)
Ctenus albofasciatus (Add)
Ctenus alienus (Add)
Ctenus amanensis (Add)
Ctenus amphora (Add)
Ctenus anahitaeformis (Add)
Ctenus anahitiformis (Add)
Ctenus andamanensis (Add)
Ctenus angigitanus (Add)
Ctenus angularis (Add)
Ctenus argentipes (Add)
Ctenus aruanus (Add)
Ctenus auricomus (Add)
Ctenus avidus (Add)
Ctenus bahamensis (Add)
Ctenus bantaengi (Add)
Ctenus barbatus (Add)
Ctenus beerwaldi (Add)
Ctenus bicolor (Add)
Ctenus bicostatus (Add)
Ctenus bigibbosus (Add)
Ctenus bilobatus (Add)
Ctenus biprocessis (Add)
Ctenus blumenauensis (Add)
Ctenus bolivicola (Add)
Ctenus bomdilaensis (Add)
Ctenus bowonglangi (Add)
Ctenus brevitarsus (Add)
Ctenus bueanus (Add)
Ctenus bulimus (Add)
Ctenus calcaratus (Add)
Ctenus calcarifer (Add)
Ctenus calderitas (Add)
Ctenus caligineus (Add)
Ctenus calzada (Add)
Ctenus captiosus (Add)
Ctenus capulinus (Add)
Ctenus cavaticus (Add)
Ctenus celebensis (Add)
Ctenus celisi (Add)
Ctenus ceylonensis (Add)
Ctenus clariventris (Add)
Ctenus coccineipes (Add)
Ctenus cochinensis (Add)
Ctenus colombianus (Add)
Ctenus colonicus (Add)
Ctenus complicatus (Add)
Ctenus constrictus (Add)
Ctenus convexus (Add)
Ctenus corniger (Add)
Ctenus coxanus (Add)
Ctenus cruciatus (Add)
Ctenus crulsi (Add)
Ctenus curvipes (Add)
Ctenus dangsus (Add)
Ctenus darlingtoni (Add)
Ctenus datus (Add)
Ctenus decemnotatus (Add)
Ctenus decorus (Add)
Ctenus denticulatus (Add)
Ctenus dilucidus (Add)
Ctenus doloensis (Add)
Ctenus drassoides (Add)
Ctenus dreyeri (Add)
Ctenus dubius (Add)
Ctenus efferatus (Add)
Ctenus elgonensis (Add)
Ctenus ellacomei (Add)
Ctenus embolus (Add)
Ctenus eminens (Add)
Ctenus ensiger (Add)
Ctenus erythrochelis (Add)
Ctenus esculentus (Add)
Ctenus excavatus (Add)
Ctenus exlineae

Ctenus facetus (Add)
Ctenus falcatus (Add)
Ctenus falciformis (Add)
Ctenus falconensis (Add)
Ctenus fallax (Add)
Ctenus fasciatus (Add)
Ctenus feai (Add)
Ctenus fernandae (Add)
Ctenus feshius (Add)
Ctenus flavidus (Add)
Ctenus floweri (Add)
Ctenus fulvipes (Add)
Ctenus fungifer (Add)
Ctenus goaensis (Add)
Ctenus griseus (Add)
Ctenus guadalupei (Add)
Ctenus guantanamo (Add)
Ctenus gulosus (Add)
Ctenus haina (Add)
Ctenus haitiensis (Add)
Ctenus hibernalis (Add)
Ctenus hiemalis (Add)
Ctenus himalayensis (Add)
Ctenus holmi (Add)
Ctenus hosei (Add)
Ctenus humilis (Add)
Ctenus hygrophilus (Add)
Ctenus idjwiensis (Add)
Ctenus inaja (Add)
Ctenus inazensis (Add)
Ctenus incolans (Add)
Ctenus indicus (Add)
Ctenus insulanus (Add)
Ctenus isolatus (Add)
Ctenus itatiayaeformis (Add)
Ctenus jaminauensis (Add)
Ctenus jaragua (Add)
Ctenus javanus (Add)
Ctenus jucundus (Add)
Ctenus kapuri (Add)
Ctenus karschi (Add)
Ctenus kenyamontanus (Add)
Ctenus kingsleyi (Add)
Ctenus kipatimus (Add)
Ctenus kochi (Add)
Ctenus lacertus (Add)
Ctenus latitabundus (Add)
Ctenus lejeunei (Add)
Ctenus leonardi (Add)
Ctenus levipes (Add)
Ctenus longicalcar (Add)
Ctenus longipes (Add)
Ctenus lubwensis (Add)
Ctenus macellarius (Add)
Ctenus maculatus (Add)
Ctenus maculisternis (Add)
Ctenus magnificus (Add)
Ctenus malvernensis (Add)
Ctenus manauara (Add)
Ctenus manni (Add)
Ctenus marginatus (Add)
Ctenus medius (Add)
Ctenus meghalayaensis (Add)
Ctenus mentor (Add)
Ctenus minimus (Add)
Ctenus minor (Add)
Ctenus mirificus (Add)
Ctenus miserabilis (Add)
Ctenus mitchelli (Add)
Ctenus modestus (Add)
Ctenus monticola (Add)
Ctenus musosanus (Add)
Ctenus naranjo (Add)
Ctenus narashinhai (Add)
Ctenus nigritarsis (Add)
Ctenus nigritus (Add)
Ctenus nigrolineatus (Add)
Ctenus nigromaculatus (Add)
Ctenus noctuabundus (Add)
Ctenus obscurus (Add)
Ctenus occidentalis (Add)
Ctenus oligochronius (Add)
Ctenus ornatus (Add)
Ctenus ottleyi (Add)
Ctenus palembangensis (Add)
Ctenus paranus (Add)
Ctenus parvoculatus (Add)
Ctenus parvus (Add)
Ctenus paubrasil (Add)
Ctenus pauloterrai (Add)
Ctenus peregrinus (Add)
Ctenus pergulanus (Add)
Ctenus periculosus (Add)
Ctenus philippinensis (Add)
Ctenus pilosus (Add)
Ctenus pogonias (Add)
Ctenus polli (Add)
Ctenus potteri (Add)
Ctenus pulchriventris (Add)
Ctenus pulvinatus (Add)
Ctenus quinquevittatus (Add)
Ctenus racenisi (Add)
Ctenus ramosi (Add)
Ctenus ramosus (Add)
Ctenus ravidus (Add)
Ctenus rectipes (Add)
Ctenus renivulvatus (Add)
Ctenus rivulatus (Add)
Ctenus robustus (Add)
Ctenus rubripes (Add)
Ctenus rufisternis (Add)
Ctenus rwandanus (Add)
Ctenus sagittatus (Add)
Ctenus saltensis (Add)
Ctenus sarawakensis (Add)
Ctenus satanas (Add)
Ctenus scenicus (Add)
Ctenus schneideri (Add)
Ctenus serratipes (Add)
Ctenus serrichelis (Add)
Ctenus sexmaculatus (Add)
Ctenus siankaan (Add)
Ctenus sigma (Add)
Ctenus sikkimensis (Add)
Ctenus silvaticus (Add)
Ctenus similis (Add)
Ctenus simplex (Add)
Ctenus sinuatipes (Add)
Ctenus smythiesi (Add)
Ctenus somaliensis (Add)
Ctenus spectabilis (Add)
Ctenus spiculus (Add)
Ctenus spiralis (Add)
Ctenus supinus (Add)
Ctenus tamerlani (Add)
Ctenus tarsalis (Add)
Ctenus tenuipes (Add)
Ctenus thorelli (Add)
Ctenus transvaalensis (Add)
Ctenus trinidensis (Add)
Ctenus tumidulus (Add)
Ctenus tuniensis (Add)
Ctenus uluguruensis (Add)
Ctenus undulatus (Add)
Ctenus unilineatus (Add)
Ctenus vagus (Add)
Ctenus validus (Add)
Ctenus valverdiensis (Add)
Ctenus valvularis (Add)
Ctenus vatovae (Add)
Ctenus vehemens (Add)
Ctenus velox (Add)
Ctenus vernalis (Add)
Ctenus vespertilio (Add)
Ctenus villasboasi (Add)
Ctenus vividus (Add)
Ctenus w-notatus (Add)
Ctenus walckenaeri (Add)
Ctenus yaeyamensis (Add)
Gen. Cupiennius (Add)
Cupiennius bimaculatus (Add)
Cupiennius chiapanensis (Add)
Cupiennius coccineus (Add)
Cupiennius cubae (Add)
Cupiennius foliatus (Add)
Cupiennius getazi (Add)
Cupiennius granadensis (Add)
Cupiennius remedius (Add)
Cupiennius salei (Add)
Cupiennius valentinei (Add)
Cupiennius vodou (Add)
Gen. Isoctenus (Add)
Isoctenus areia (Add)
Isoctenus charada (Add)
Isoctenus corymbus (Add)
Isoctenus coxalis (Add)
Isoctenus eupalaestrus (Add)
Isoctenus foliifer (Add)
Isoctenus griseolus (Add)
Isoctenus herteli (Add)
Isoctenus janeirus (Add)
Isoctenus malabaris (Add)
Isoctenus minusculus (Add)
Isoctenus ordinario (Add)
Isoctenus segredo (Add)
Isoctenus strandi (Add)
Isoctenus taperae (Add)
Gen. Leptoctenus (Add)
Gen. Ohvida (Add)
Ohvida andros (Add)
Ohvida bimini (Add)
Ohvida brevitarsus (Add)
Ohvida coxanus (Add)
Ohvida fulvorufa (Add)
Ohvida isolata (Add)
Ohvida turquino (Add)
Ohvida vernalis (Add)
Gen. Oligoctenus (Add)
Gen. Parabatinga (Add)
Parabatinga brevipes (Add)
Gen. Brazilian wandering spider, Phoneutria
Phoneutria bahiensis (Add)
Phoneutria boliviensis (Add)
Phoneutria eickstedtae (Add)
Phoneutria fera (Add)
Phoneutria keyserlingi (Add)
Phoneutria nigriventer (Add)
Phoneutria pertyi (Add)
Phoneutria reidyi (Add)
Gen. Thoriosa (Add)
Incertae sedis (Ctenidae) (Add)
Viridasiinae (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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