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Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Eumalacostraca --> Superord. Eucarida --> Ord. Decapoda --> Pleocyemata --> Brachyura --> Ocypodoidea -->


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Heloeciinae (Add)
Gen. Heloecius (Add)
Macrophthalminae (Add)
Gen. Australoplax (Add)
Gen. Enigmaplax (Add)
Gen. Macrophthalmus (Add)
Macrophthalmus lisae (Add)
Macrophthalmus pentaodon (Add)
Ocypodinae (Add)
Gen. Ocypode (Add)
Ocypode africana (Add)
Ocypode brevicornis (Add)
Ocypode ceratophthalma (Add)
Ocypode cordimana (Add)
Ocypode quadrata

Gen. Fiddler crab, Uca

Uca acuta (Add)
Uca annulipes (Add)
Uca arcuata (Add)
Uca argillicola (Add)
Uca australiae (Add)
Uca batuenta (Add)
Uca beebei (Add)
Uca bellator (Add)
Uca bengali (Add)
Uca borealis (Add)
Uca brevifrons (Add)
Uca burgersi (Add)
Uca capricornis (Add)
Uca chlorophthalmus (Add)
Uca coarctata (Add)
Uca coloradensis (Add)
Uca crassipes (Add)
Uca crenulata (Add)
Uca cryptica (Add)
Uca cumulanta (Add)
Uca dampieri (Add)
Uca deichmanni (Add)
Uca demani (Add)
Uca dorotheae (Add)
Uca dussumieri (Add)
Uca ecuadoriensis (Add)
Uca elegans (Add)
Uca festae (Add)
Uca flammula (Add)
Uca forcipata (Add)
Uca formosensis (Add)
Uca galapagensis (Add)
Uca helleri (Add)
Uca herradurensis (Add)
Uca hesperiae (Add)
Uca heteropleura (Add)
Uca hirsutimanus (Add)
Uca inaequalis (Add)
Uca insignis (Add)
Uca intermedia (Add)
Uca inversa (Add)
Uca lactea (Add)
Uca latimanus (Add)
Uca leptochela (Add)
Uca leptodactyla (Add)
Uca limicola (Add)
Uca longidigitum (Add)
Uca longisignalis (Add)
Uca major (Add)
Uca maracoani (Add)
Uca marguerita (Add)
Uca minax (Add)
Uca mjoebergi (Add)
Uca monilifera (Add)
Uca mordax (Add)
Uca musica (Add)
Uca neocultrimana (Add)
Uca oerstedi (Add)
Uca ornata (Add)
Uca panacea (Add)
Uca panamensis (Add)
Uca paradussumieri (Add)
Uca perplexa (Add)
Uca polita (Add)
Uca princeps (Add)
Uca pugilator (Add)
Uca pugnax (Add)
Uca pygmaea (Add)
Uca rapax (Add)
Uca rhizophorae (Add)
Uca rosea (Add)
Uca saltitanta (Add)
Uca seismella (Add)
Uca signata (Add)
Uca sindensis (Add)
Uca speciosa (Add)
Uca spinicarpa (Add)
Uca stenodactylus (Add)
Uca stylifera (Add)
Uca subcylindrica (Add)
Uca tallanica (Add)
Uca tangeri (Add)
Uca tenuipedis (Add)
Uca terpsichores (Add)
Uca tetragonon (Add)
Uca thayeri (Add)
Uca tomentosa (Add)
Uca triangularis (Add)
Uca typhoni (Add)
Uca umbratila (Add)
Uca uruguayensis (Add)
Uca urvillei (Add)
Uca victoriana (Add)
Uca virens (Add)
Uca vocans (Add)
Uca vocator (Add)
Uca vomeris (Add)
Uca zacae (Add)
Gen. Ucides (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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