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Class Nuda (Add)
Ord. Beroida (Add)
Fam. Beroidae (Add)
Gen. Beroe (Add)
Beroe abyssicola (Add)
Beroe australis (Add)
Beroe baffini (Add)
Beroe basteri (Add)
Beroe campana (Add)
Beroe compacta (Add)
Beroe constricta (Add)
Beroe cucumis (Add)
Beroe culcullus (Add)
Beroe flemingii (Add)
Beroe forskalii (Add)
Beroe gilva (Add)
Beroe gracilis (Add)
Beroe hyalina (Add)
Beroe macrostoma (Add)
Beroe mitraeformis (Add)
Beroe mitrata (Add)
Beroe ovale (Add)
Beroe ovata (Add)
Beroe pandorina (Add)
Beroe penicillata (Add)
Beroe ramosa (Add)
Beroe roseus (Add)
Beroe rufescens (Add)
Gen. Neis (Add)
Neis cordigera (Add)
Class Tentaculata
S.Class Cyclocoela (Add)
Ord. Lobata (Add)
Fam. Bathocyroidae (Add)
Gen. Bathocyroe (Add)
Bathocyroe fosteri (Add)
Bathocyroe paragaster (Add)
Fam. Bolinopsidae
Gen. Bolinopsis (Add)
Bolinopsis chuni (Add)
Bolinopsis elegans (Add)
Bolinopsis indosinensis (Add)
Bolinopsis infundibulum (Add)
Bolinopsis microptera (Add)
Bolinopsis mikado (Add)
Bolinopsis ovalis (Add)
Bolinopsis rubripunctata (Add)
Bolinopsis vitrea (Add)
Gen. Lesueuria (Add)
Lesueuria hyboptera (Add)
Lesueuria pinnata (Add)
Lesueuria tiedemanni (Add)
Lesueuria vitrea (Add)
Gen. Mnemiopsis (Add)
Mnemiopsis gardeni (Add)
Mnemiopsis leidyi (Add)
Mnemiopsis mccradyi (Add)
Fam. Eurhamphaeidae (Add)
Gen. Deiopea (Add)
Deiopea kaloktenota (Add)
Gen. Eurhamphaea (Add)
Eurhamphaea chamissonis (Add)
Eurhamphaea heteroptera (Add)
Eurhamphaea kuhlii (Add)
Eurhamphaea schweiggeri (Add)
Eurhamphaea vexilligera (Add)
Fam. Kiyohimeidae (Add)
Gen. Kiyohimea (Add)
Kiyohimea aurita (Add)
Kiyohimea usangi (Add)
Fam. Lampoctenidae (Add)
Gen. Lampocteis (Add)
Lampocteis cruentiventer (Add)
Fam. Leucotheidae (Add)
Gen. Leucothea (Add)
Leucothea grandiformis (Add)
Leucothea harmata (Add)
Leucothea japonica (Add)
Leucothea multicornis (Add)
Leucothea ochracea (Add)
Leucothea pulchra (Add)
Fam. Lobata with uncertain affinity (Add)
Gen. Axiotima (Add)
Axiotima gaedii (Add)
Gen. Calymna (Add)
Calymna trevirani (Add)
Fam. Lobatolampeidae (Add)
Gen. Lobatolampea (Add)
Lobatolampea tetragona (Add)
Fam. Ocyropsidae (Add)
Gen. Alcinoe (Add)
Alcinoe rosea (Add)
Alcinoe vermicularis (Add)
Gen. Ocyropsis (Add)
Ocyropsis crystallina (Add)
Ocyropsis fusca (Add)
Ocyropsis maculata (Add)
Ocyropsis pteroessa (Add)
S.Class Typhlocoela (Add)
Ord. Cestida (Add)
Fam. Cestidae (Add)
Gen. Cestum (Add)
Cestum amphitrites (Add)
Cestum veneris (Add)
Gen. Velamen (Add)
Velamen parallelum (Add)
Ord. Cydippida (Add)
Fam. Aulacoctenidae (Add)
Gen. Aulacoctena (Add)
Aulacoctena acuminata (Add)
Fam. Bathyctenidae (Add)
Gen. Bathyctena (Add)
Bathyctena chuni (Add)
Fam. Cryptocodidae (Add)
Gen. Cryptocoda (Add)
Cryptocoda gerlachi (Add)
Fam. Ctenellidae (Add)
Gen. Ctenella (Add)
Ctenella aurantia (Add)
Fam. Cydippida Incertae sedis (Add)
Gen. Archeocydippida (Add)
Archeocydippida hunsrueckiana (Add)
Gen. Cydippe (Add)
Cydippe densa (Add)
Cydippe ovata (Add)
Cydippe quadricostata (Add)
Gen. Eschscholthia (Add)
Eschscholthia dimidiata (Add)
Gen. Eschscholtzia (Add)
Eschscholtzia borealis (Add)
Gen. Paleoctenophora (Add)
Paleoctenophora brasseli (Add)
Gen. Paracelsia (Add)
Paracelsia quadriloba (Add)
Gen. Podolites (Add)
Gen. Thoe (Add)
Thoe paradoxa (Add)
Gen. Tizardia (Add)
Tizardia phosphorea (Add)
Fam. Dryodoridae (Add)
Gen. Dryodora (Add)
Dryodora glandiformis (Add)
Fam. Euplokamidae (Add)
Gen. Euplokamis (Add)
Euplokamis crinita (Add)
Euplokamis dunlapae (Add)
Euplokamis helicoides (Add)
Euplokamis octoptera (Add)
Euplokamis stationis (Add)
Fam. Haeckeliidae (Add)
Gen. Haeckelia (Add)
Haeckelia beehleri (Add)
Haeckelia bimaculata (Add)
Haeckelia filigera (Add)
Haeckelia rubra (Add)
Fam. Lampeidae (Add)
Gen. Lampea (Add)
Lampea elongata (Add)
Lampea fusiformis (Add)
Lampea lactea (Add)
Lampea pancerina (Add)
Fam. Mertensiidae
Gen. Callianira (Add)
Callianira antarctica (Add)
Callianira bialata (Add)
Callianira compressa (Add)
Callianira cristata (Add)
Callianira diploptera (Add)
Callianira ficalbi (Add)
Callianira hexagona (Add)
Callianira triploptera (Add)
Gen. Charistephane (Add)
Charistephane fugiens (Add)
Gen. Mertensia (Add)
Mertensia ovum (Add)
Fam. Pleurobrachiidae
Gen. Ceroctena (Add)
Ceroctena bicornis (Add)
Gen. Hormiphora (Add)
Hormiphora californensis (Add)
Hormiphora cilensis (Add)
Hormiphora coeca (Add)
Hormiphora cucumis (Add)
Hormiphora elliptica (Add)
Hormiphora hormiphora (Add)
Hormiphora labialis (Add)
Hormiphora luminosa (Add)
Hormiphora ochracea (Add)
Hormiphora octoptera (Add)
Hormiphora palmata (Add)
Hormiphora piriformis (Add)
Hormiphora plumosa (Add)
Hormiphora polytrocha (Add)
Hormiphora punctata (Add)
Hormiphora sibogae (Add)
Hormiphora spatulata (Add)
Gen. Minictena (Add)
Minictena luteola (Add)
Gen. Moseria (Add)
Gen. Pleurobrachia (Add)
Pleurobrachia arctica (Add)
Pleurobrachia australis (Add)
Pleurobrachia bachei (Add)
Pleurobrachia brunnea (Add)
Pleurobrachia cyanea (Add)
Pleurobrachia globosa (Add)
Pleurobrachia latipharyngea (Add)
Pleurobrachia pigmentata (Add)
Pleurobrachia pileus (Add)
Pleurobrachia rhododactyla (Add)
Pleurobrachia rhodopsis (Add)
Pleurobrachia striata (Add)
Gen. Sabaudia (Add)
Sabaudia liguriae (Add)
Gen. Tinerfe (Add)
Tinerfe cyanea (Add)
Ord. Platyctenida (Add)
Fam. Coeloplanidae (Add)
Gen. Coeloplana (Add)
Coeloplana agniae (Add)
Coeloplana astericola (Add)
Coeloplana bannwarthii (Add)
Coeloplana bocki (Add)
Coeloplana duboscqui (Add)
Coeloplana echinicola (Add)
Coeloplana gonoctena (Add)
Coeloplana indica (Add)
Coeloplana komaii (Add)
Coeloplana krusadiensis (Add)
Coeloplana lineolata (Add)
Coeloplana mesnili (Add)
Coeloplana meteoris (Add)
Coeloplana metschnikowii (Add)
Coeloplana mitsukurii (Add)
Coeloplana perrieri (Add)
Coeloplana punctata (Add)
Coeloplana scaberiae (Add)
Coeloplana sophiae (Add)
Coeloplana tattersalli (Add)
Coeloplana thomsoni (Add)
Coeloplana weilli (Add)
Coeloplana willeyi (Add)
Coeloplana wuennenbergi (Add)
Gen. Vallicula (Add)
Vallicula multiformis (Add)
Fam. Ctenoplanidae (Add)
Gen. Ctenoplana (Add)
Diploctena (Add)
Planoctena (Add)
Fam. Lyroctenidae (Add)
Gen. Lyrocteis (Add)
Lyrocteis flavopallidus (Add)
Lyrocteis imperatoris (Add)
Fam. Savangiidae (Add)
Gen. Savangia (Add)
Savangia atentaculata (Add)
Fam. Tjalfiellidae (Add)
Gen. Tjalfiella (Add)
Tjalfiella tristoma (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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