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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Mammals --> S.Class Theria --> Eutheria --> Boreoeutheria --> Superord. Laurasiatheria --> Zooamata --> Ord. Carnivora --> Caniformia --> Arctoidea --> Musteloidea --> Fam. Weasel -->


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Gen. Arctomeles (Add)
Arctomeles dimolodontus (Add)
Gen. Arctonyx (Add)
Arctonyx collaris (Add)
Gen. Eira (Add)
Tayra, Eira barbara

Gen. Galictis (Add)
Galictis cuja (Add)
Galictis vittata (Add)
Gen. Gulo (Add)
Wolverine, Gulo gulo

Gen. Ictonyx (Add)
Ictonyx libyca (Add)
Striped Polecat, Ictonyx striatus (Add)
Gen. Lyncodon (Add)
Lyncodon patagonicus (Add)
Gen. Marten, Martes (Add)
Martes americana (Add)
Yellow-throated Marten, Martes flavigula
Beech Marten, Martes foina

Martes gwatkinsii (Add)
Martes gwatkinski (Add)
European Pine Marten, Martes martes

Martes melampus (Add)
Fisher, Martes pennanti
Martes zibellina (Add)
Gen. Meles (Add)
Meles anakuma (Add)
Meles iberica (Add)
Meles leucurus (Add)
European Badger, Meles meles

Gen. Mellivora (Add)
Honey badger, Mellivora capensis (Add)
Gen. Ferret-badger, Melogale (Add)
Melogale everetti (Add)
Melogale moschata (Add)
Melogale orientalis (Add)
Melogale personata (Add)
Gen. Weasel, Mustela (Add)
Mustela africana (Add)
Mustela altaica (Add)
Stoat, Mustela erminea

Steppe polecat, Mustela eversmannii (Add)
Mustela felipei (Add)
Mustela frenata (Add)
Mustela itatsi (Add)
Mustela kathiah (Add)
European Mink, Mustela lutreola

Mustela lutreolina (Add)
Mustela nigripes (Add)
Least weasel, Mustela nivalis

Mustela nudipes (Add)
European polecat, Mustela putorius

Mustela sibirica (Add)
Mustela strigidorsa (Add)
Mustela subpalmata (Add)
Gen. Neovison (Add)
Neovison macrodon (Add)
American mink, Neovison vison

Gen. Poecilogale (Add)
Poecilogale albinucha (Add)
Gen. American badger, Taxidea (Add)
American badger, Taxidea taxus (Add)
Gen. Vormela (Add)
Marbled polecat, Vormela peregusna (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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