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Gen. Coral snake

Ord. Squamata --> Snakes --> Alethinophidia --> Caenophidia --> Fam. Elapidae --> Elapinae -->


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Micrurus albicinctus (Add)
Micrurus alleni (Add)
Micrurus altirostris (Add)
Micrurus ancoralis (Add)
Micrurus annellatus (Add)
Micrurus averyi (Add)
Micrurus bernadi (Add)
Micrurus bocourti (Add)
Micrurus bogerti (Add)
Micrurus browni (Add)
Micrurus camilae (Add)
Micrurus catamayensis (Add)
Micrurus circinalis (Add)
Micrurus clarki (Add)
Micrurus corallinus (Add)
Micrurus decoratus (Add)
Micrurus diana (Add)
Micrurus diastema (Add)
Micrurus dissoleucus (Add)
Micrurus distans (Add)
Micrurus dumerilii (Add)
Micrurus elegans (Add)
Micrurus ephippifer (Add)
Micrurus filiformis (Add)
Micrurus frontalis (Add)
Micrurus frontifasciatus (Add)
Eastern coral snake, Micrurus fulvius

Micrurus hemprichii (Add)
Micrurus hippocrepis (Add)
Micrurus ibiboboca (Add)
Micrurus isozonus (Add)
Micrurus langsdorffi (Add)
Micrurus laticollaris (Add)
Micrurus latifasciatus (Add)
Micrurus lemniscatus (Add)
Micrurus limbatus (Add)
Micrurus margaritiferus (Add)
Micrurus medemi (Add)
Micrurus meridensis (Add)
Micrurus mertensi (Add)
Micrurus mipartitus (Add)
Micrurus multifasciatus (Add)
Micrurus multiscutatus (Add)
Micrurus nebularis (Add)
Micrurus nigrocinctus (Add)
Micrurus oligoanellatus (Add)
Micrurus ornatissimus (Add)
Micrurus pacaraimae (Add)
Micrurus pachecogili (Add)
Micrurus paraensis (Add)
Micrurus peruvianus (Add)
Micrurus petersi (Add)
Micrurus proximans (Add)
Micrurus psyches (Add)
Micrurus putumayensis (Add)
Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Add)
Micrurus remotus (Add)
Micrurus ruatanus (Add)
Micrurus sangilensis (Add)
Micrurus serranus (Add)
Micrurus silviae (Add)
Micrurus spixii (Add)
Micrurus spurelli (Add)
Micrurus steindachneri (Add)
Micrurus stewarti (Add)
Micrurus stuarti (Add)
Micrurus surinamensis (Add)
Micrurus tamaulipensis (Add)
Micrurus tener (Add)
Micrurus tschudii (Add)

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