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Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Eumalacostraca --> Superord. Eucarida --> Ord. Decapoda --> Pleocyemata -->


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Axioidea (Add)
Fam. Axiidae (Add)
Gen. Acanthaxius (Add)
Acanthaxius garawa (Add)
Acanthaxius gathaagudu (Add)
Acanthaxius ningaloo (Add)
Gen. Allaxius (Add)
Gen. Ambiaxius (Add)
Ambiaxius franklinae (Add)
Ambiaxius propinquus (Add)
Gen. Anophthalmaxius (Add)
Gen. Australocaris (Add)
Australocaris pinjarup (Add)
Gen. Axiopsis (Add)
Gen. Axiorygma (Add)
Gen. Axius (Add)
Gen. Bouvieraxius (Add)
Gen. Calaxius (Add)
Gen. Calocaris (Add)
Gen. Coralaxius (Add)
Gen. Dorphinaxius (Add)
Gen. Eiconaxius (Add)
Eiconaxius kensleyi (Add)
Eiconaxius mallacoota (Add)
Eiconaxius rubrirostris (Add)
Gen. Eutrichocheles (Add)
Gen. Formosaxius (Add)
Formosaxius dorsum (Add)
Gen. Litoraxius (Add)
Gen. Marianaxius (Add)
Gen. Michelaxiopsis (Add)
Michelaxiopsis australiensis (Add)
Michelaxiopsis nauo (Add)
Gen. Neaxiopsis (Add)
Gen. Neaxius (Add)
Gen. Oxiopsis (Add)
Gen. Oxyrhynchaxius (Add)
Gen. Paracalocaris (Add)
Gen. Parascytoleptus (Add)
Gen. Paraxiopsis (Add)
Gen. Paraxius (Add)
Gen. Pilbaraxius (Add)
Pilbaraxius kariyarra (Add)
Gen. Platyaxius (Add)
Platyaxius bardi (Add)
Gen. Scytoleptus (Add)
Gen. Spongiaxius (Add)
Fam. Calocarididae (Add)
Gen. Calastacus (Add)
Calastacus colpos (Add)
Calastacus crosnieri (Add)
Calastacus formosus (Add)
Calastacus inflatus (Add)
Calastacus laevis (Add)
Calastacus mexicanus (Add)
Calastacus myalup (Add)
Calastacus stilirostris (Add)
Gen. Calaxiopsis (Add)
Gen. Callistocaris (Add)
Gen. Callocaris (Add)
Gen. Calocarides (Add)
Gen. Lophaxius (Add)
Fam. Micheleidae (Add)
Gen. Michelea (Add)
Gen. Tethisea (Add)
Fam. Strahlaxiidae (Add)
Gen. Strahlaxius (Add)
Callianassoidea (Add)
Fam. Callianassidae (Add)
Gen. Bathycallliax (Add)
Gen. Biffarius (Add)
Gen. Callianassa (Add)
Callianassa acanthura (Add)
Callianassa articulata (Add)
Callianassa candida (Add)
Callianassa celebica (Add)
Callianassa garthi (Add)
Callianassa gruneri (Add)
Callianassa maldivensis (Add)
Callianassa moinensis (Add)
Callianassa natalensis (Add)
Callianassa ngochoae (Add)
Callianassa parva (Add)
Callianassa placida (Add)
Callianassa rectangularis (Add)
Callianassa subterranea (Add)
Callianassa truncata (Add)
Callianassa tyrrhena (Add)
Callianassa whitei (Add)
Gen. Calliapagurops (Add)
Gen. Calliax (Add)
Gen. Callichirus (Add)
Gen. Eucalliax (Add)
Gen. Glypturus (Add)
Glypturus acanthochirus (Add)
Glypturus toulai (Add)
Gen. Gourretia (Add)
Gen. Grynaminna (Add)
Gen. Lepidophthalmus (Add)
Gen. Michaelcallianassa (Add)
Michaelcallianassa indica (Add)
Michaelcallianassa sinica (Add)
Gen. Neocallichirus (Add)
Neocallichirus horneri (Add)
Neocallichirus scotti (Add)
Gen. Neotrypea (Add)
Gen. Nihonotrypaea (Add)
Nihonotrypaea thermophila (Add)
Gen. Notiax (Add)
Gen. Paraglypturus (Add)
Gen. Podocallichirus (Add)
Gen. Poti (Add)
Gen. Pseudobiffarius (Add)
Gen. Sergio (Add)
Gen. Trypaea (Add)
Gen. Vulcanocalliax (Add)
Vulcanocalliax arutyunovi (Add)
Fam. Callianideidae (Add)
Gen. Callianidea (Add)
Gen. Marcusiaxius (Add)
Gen. Meticonaxius (Add)
Gen. Paracallianidea (Add)
Gen. Paracalliax (Add)
Fam. Ctenochelidae (Add)
Gen. Callianopsis (Add)
Gen. Ctenocheles (Add)
Gen. Ctenocheloides (Add)
Ctenocheloides attenboroughi (Add)
Gen. Dawsonius (Add)
Fam. Laomediidae (Add)
Gen. Axianassa (Add)
Axianassa ngochoae (Add)
Gen. Espeleonaushonia (Add)
Espeleonaushonia palauensis (Add)
Gen. Jaxea (Add)
Gen. Laomedia (Add)
Gen. Naushonia (Add)
Naushonia latimana (Add)
Naushonia serratipalma (Add)
Fam. Thomassinidae (Add)
Gen. Crosniera (Add)
Gen. Mictaxius (Add)
Gen. Thomassinia (Add)
Fam. Upogebiidae (Add)
Gen. Acutigebia (Add)
Gen. Austinogenia (Add)
Gen. Gebiacantha (Add)
Gen. Gebicula (Add)
Gebicula irawadyensis (Add)
Gen. Mantisgebia (Add)
Mantisgebia tuerkayi (Add)
Gen. Neogebicula (Add)
Neogebicula alaini (Add)
Gen. Paragebicula (Add)
Paragebicula orlik (Add)
Paragebicula vietnamensis (Add)
Gen. Pomatogebia (Add)
Gen. Psilonichnus (Add)
Gen. Upogebia (Add)
Upogebia acanthura (Add)
Upogebia brasiliensis (Add)
Upogebia bruscai (Add)
Upogebia careospina (Add)
Upogebia contigua (Add)
Upogebia deltaura (Add)
Upogebia edentata (Add)
Upogebia edulis (Add)
Upogebia fallax (Add)
Upogebia gracilis (Add)
Upogebia kowai (Add)
Upogebia marina (Add)
Upogebia mediterranea (Add)
Upogebia noronhensis (Add)
Upogebia omissa (Add)
Upogebia omissago (Add)
Upogebia paraffinis (Add)
Upogebia pusilla (Add)
Upogebia stellata (Add)
Upogebia tipica (Add)
Upogebia toralae (Add)
Upogebia variana (Add)
Gen. Wolffogebia (Add)
Thalassinoidea (Add)
Fam. Thalassinidae (Add)
Gen. Thalassina (Add)
Thalassina anomala (Add)
Thalassina emerii (Add)
Thalassina gracilis (Add)
Thalassina kelanang (Add)
Thalassina krempfi (Add)
Thalassina spinirostris (Add)
Thalassina spinosa (Add)
Thalassina squamifera (Add)
Unassigned Thalassinoids (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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