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Fam. King crab

Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Eumalacostraca --> Superord. Eucarida --> Ord. Decapoda --> Pleocyemata --> Anomura --> Lithodoidea -->


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Gen. Cryptolithodes (Add)
Gen. Glyptholithodes (Add)
Gen. Lithodes (Add)
Lithodes aequispina (Add)
Lithodes aotearoa (Add)
Lithodes australiensis (Add)
Lithodes ceramensis (Add)
Lithodes chaddertoni (Add)
Lithodes confundens (Add)
Lithodes couesi (Add)
Lithodes ferox (Add)
Lithodes formosae (Add)
Lithodes galapagensis (Add)
Lithodes jessica (Add)
Lithodes longispina (Add)
Lithodes macquariae (Add)
Lithodes maja (Add)
Lithodes mamillifer (Add)
Lithodes manningi (Add)
Lithodes megacantha (Add)
Lithodes murrayi (Add)
Lithodes nintokuae (Add)
Lithodes panamensis (Add)
Lithodes paulayi (Add)
Lithodes rachelae (Add)
Lithodes richeri (Add)
Lithodes robertsoni (Add)
Lithodes santolla (Add)
Lithodes turkayi (Add)
Lithodes turritus (Add)
Lithodes unicornis (Add)
Lithodes wiracocha (Add)
Gen. Lopholithodoes (Add)
Gen. Neolithodes (Add)
Neolithodes agassizi (Add)
Neolithodes asperrimus (Add)
Neolithodes brodiei (Add)
Neolithodes bronwynae (Add)
Neolithodes capensis (Add)
Neolithodes diomedeae (Add)
Neolithodes duhameli (Add)
Neolithodes flindersi (Add)
Neolithodes grimaldii (Add)
Neolithodes nipponensis (Add)
Neolithodes vinogradovi (Add)
Neolithodes yaldwyni (Add)
Gen. Paralithodes (Add)
Paralithodes camtschaticus

Paralithodes platypus (Add)
Gen. Paralomis (Add)
Paralomis aculeata (Add)
Paralomis africana (Add)
Paralomis alcockiana (Add)
Paralomis anamerae (Add)
Paralomis arae (Add)
Paralomis arethusa (Add)
Paralomis aspera (Add)
Paralomis birsteini (Add)
Paralomis bouvieri (Add)
Paralomis ceres (Add)
Paralomis chilensis (Add)
Paralomis cristata (Add)
Paralomis cristulata (Add)
Paralomis cubensis (Add)
Paralomis danida (Add)
Paralomis dawsoni (Add)
Paralomis debodeorum (Add)
Paralomis diomedeae (Add)
Paralomis dofleini (Add)
Paralomis echidna (Add)
Paralomis elongata (Add)
Paralomis erinacea (Add)
Paralomis formosa (Add)
Paralomis gowlettholmes (Add)
Paralomis granulosa (Add)
Paralomis grossmani (Add)
Paralomis haigae (Add)
Paralomis hirtella (Add)
Paralomis histrix (Add)
Paralomis hystrixoides (Add)
Paralomis inca (Add)
Paralomis indica (Add)
Paralomis investigatoris (Add)
Paralomis jamsteci (Add)
Paralomis japonica (Add)
Paralomis kyushupalauensis (Add)
Paralomis longidactylus (Add)
Paralomis longipes (Add)
Paralomis makarovi (Add)
Paralomis manningi (Add)
Paralomis medipacifica (Add)
Paralomis mendagnai (Add)
Paralomis microps (Add)
Paralomis multispina (Add)
Paralomis nivosa (Add)
Paralomis ochthodes (Add)
Paralomis odawarai (Add)
Paralomis otsuae (Add)
Paralomis pacifica (Add)
Paralomis papillata (Add)
Paralomis pectinata (Add)
Paralomis phrixa (Add)
Paralomis poorei (Add)
Paralomis roeleveldae (Add)
Paralomis seagranti (Add)
Paralomis serrata (Add)
Paralomis sonne (Add)
Paralomis spectabilis (Add)
Paralomis spinossima (Add)
Paralomis staplesi (Add)
Paralomis stella (Add)
Paralomis stevensi (Add)
Paralomis taylorae (Add)
Paralomis truncatispinosa (Add)
Paralomis tuberipes (Add)
Paralomis verrilli (Add)
Paralomis webberi (Add)
Paralomis zealandica (Add)
Gen. Phyllolithodes (Add)
Gen. Rhinolithodes (Add)
Gen. Sculptolithodes (Add)

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