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Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Eumalacostraca --> Superord. Eucarida --> Ord. Decapoda --> Pleocyemata --> Anomura --> Paguroidea -->


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Gen. Allodardanus (Add)
Gen. Aniculus (Add)
Gen. Areopaguristes (Add)
Gen. Bathynarius (Add)
Gen. Calcinus (Add)
Calcinus albengai (Add)
Calcinus anani (Add)
Calcinus elegans (Add)
Calcinus gouti (Add)
Calcinus haigae (Add)
Calcinus laevimanus (Add)
Calcinus latens (Add)
Calcinus spicatus (Add)
Calcinus vachoni (Add)
Gen. Cancellus (Add)
Gen. Ciliopagurus (Add)
Gen. Clibanarius (Add)
Clibanarius erythropus (Add)
Clibanarius tricolor (Add)
Gen. Dardanus (Add)
Dardanus arrosor (Add)
Dardanus aspersus (Add)
Dardanus australis (Add)
Dardanus brachyops (Add)
Dardanus calidus (Add)
Dardanus callichela (Add)
Dardanus corrugatus (Add)
Dardanus crassimanus (Add)
Dardanus dearmatus (Add)
Dardanus deformis (Add)
Dardanus fucosus (Add)
Dardanus gemmatus (Add)
Dardanus guttatus (Add)
Dardanus hessii (Add)
Dardanus imbricatus (Add)
Dardanus imperator (Add)
Dardanus impressus (Add)
Dardanus insignis (Add)
Dardanus jacquesi (Add)
Dardanus janethaigae (Add)
Dardanus jordani (Add)
Dardanus lagopodes (Add)
Dardanus longior (Add)
Dardanus magdalenensis (Add)
Dardanus megistos (Add)
Dardanus nudus (Add)
Dardanus pectinatus (Add)
Dardanus pedunculatus (Add)
Dardanus pilosus (Add)
Dardanus robustus (Add)
Dardanus rufus (Add)
Dardanus sanguinocarpus (Add)
Dardanus scutellatus (Add)
Dardanus setifer (Add)
Dardanus sinistripes (Add)
Dardanus squarrosus (Add)
Dardanus stimpsoni (Add)
Dardanus sulcatus (Add)
Dardanus tinctor (Add)
Dardanus umbella (Add)
Dardanus undulatus (Add)
Dardanus venosus (Add)
Gen. Diogenes (Add)
Gen. Isocheles (Add)
Gen. Loxocheles (Add)
Gen. Paguristes (Add)
Paguristes albimaculatus (Add)
Paguristes alcocki (Add)
Paguristes antennarius (Add)
Paguristes arostratus (Add)
Paguristes aulacis (Add)
Paguristes aztatlanensis (Add)
Paguristes bakeri (Add)
Paguristes brachyrostris (Add)
Paguristes cadenati (Add)
Paguristes calvus (Add)
Paguristes haigae (Add)
Paguristes holmesi (Add)
Paguristes lewinsohni (Add)
Paguristes macrops (Add)
Paguristes oculiviolaceous (Add)
Paguristes palythophilus (Add)
Paguristes puniceus (Add)
Paguristes runyanae (Add)
Paguristes tortugae (Add)
Paguristes versus (Add)
Gen. Paguropsis (Add)
Gen. Petrochirus (Add)
Gen. Pseudopaguristes (Add)
Pseudopaguristes asper (Add)
Pseudopaguristes hians (Add)
Pseudopaguristes janetkae (Add)
Pseudopaguristes laurentae (Add)
Pseudopaguristes mclaughlinae (Add)
Pseudopaguristes monoporus (Add)
Pseudopaguristes pachydactylus (Add)
Gen. Pseudopagurus (Add)
Gen. Striogpagurus (Add)
Gen. Tetralobistes (Add)
Tetralobistes bicentenarius (Add)
Gen. Tisea (Add)
Gen. Trizopagurus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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