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Phylum Arthropoda --> Crustacea --> Class Malacostraca --> S.Class Eumalacostraca --> Superord. Eucarida --> Ord. Decapoda --> Pleocyemata --> Brachyura --> Portunoidea -->


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Atoportuninae (Add)
Caphyrinae (Add)
Gen. Caphyra (Add)
Caphyra acheronae (Add)
Gen. Lissocarcinus (Add)
Lissocarcinus arkati (Add)
Lissocarcinus boholensis (Add)
Lissocarcinus echinodisci (Add)
Lissocarcinus elegans (Add)
Lissocarcinus holothuricola (Add)
Lissocarcinus laevis (Add)
Lissocarcinus orbicularis (Add)
Lissocarcinus ornatus (Add)
Lissocarcinus polybioides (Add)
Carcininae (Add)
Gen. Carcinus (Add)
Carcinus maenas

Carupinae (Add)
Gen. Pele (Add)
Pele ramseyi (Add)
Lupocyclinae (Add)
Necronectinae (Add)
Gen. Actea (Add)
Gen. Daohugounectes (Add)
Daohugounectes primitivus (Add)
Gen. Ditomoptera (Add)
Ditomoptera defossa (Add)
Ditomoptera dubia (Add)
Ditomoptera minor (Add)
Gen. Exedia (Add)
Exedia plana (Add)
Gen. Ovonectes (Add)
Ovonectes pilosum (Add)
Gen. Pseudohydrophilus (Add)
Pseudohydrophilus avitus (Add)
Gen. Stygeonectes (Add)
Stygeonectes jurassicus (Add)
Gen. Timarchopsis (Add)
Timarchopsis cyrenaicus (Add)
Timarchopsis czekanowskii (Add)
Timarchopsis gigas (Add)
Timarchopsis gobiensis (Add)
Timarchopsis latus (Add)
Timarchopsis mongolicus (Add)
Timarchopsis sainshandensis (Add)
Podophthalminae (Add)
Portuninae (Add)
Gen. Cavoportunus (Add)
Neptunus dubius (Add)
Thalamitinae (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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