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Fam. Whirligig beetle

Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Adephaga -->


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Gyrininae (Add)
Enhydrini (Add)
Gen. Andogyrus (Add)
Gen. Dineutus (Add)
Gen. Enhydrus (Add)
Gen. Macrogyrus (Add)
Gen. Porrorhynchus (Add)
Gyrinini (Add)
Gen. Anagyrinus (Add)
Gen. Aulonogyrus (Add)
Gen. Gyrinus (Add)
Gyrinus aeneolus (Add)
Gyrinus aeratus (Add)
Gyrinus affinus (Add)
Gyrinus analis (Add)
Gyrinus aquiris (Add)
Gyrinus bifarius (Add)
Gyrinus borealis (Add)
Gyrinus caspius (Add)
Gyrinus confinis (Add)
Gyrinus consobrinus (Add)
Gyrinus convexiusculus (Add)
Gyrinus dichrous (Add)
Gyrinus distinctus (Add)
Gyrinus dubius (Add)
Gyrinus elevatus (Add)
Gyrinus floridanus (Add)
Gyrinus fraternus (Add)
Gyrinus frosti (Add)
Gyrinus gehringi (Add)
Gyrinus gibber (Add)
Gyrinus hatchi (Add)
Gyrinus hoppingi (Add)
Gyrinus impressicollis (Add)
Gyrinus instabilis (Add)
Gyrinus latilimbus (Add)
Gyrinus lecontei (Add)
Gyrinus limbatus (Add)
Gyrinus maculiventris (Add)
Gyrinus marginellus (Add)
Gyrinus marinus (Add)
Gyrinus microtuberculatus (Add)
Gyrinus minutus (Add)
Whirlgig Beetle, Gyrinus natator (Add)
Gyrinus opacus (Add)
Gyrinus pachysomus (Add)
Gyrinus parcus (Add)
Gyrinus paykulli (Add)
Gyrinus pectoralis (Add)
Gyrinus pernitidus (Add)
Gyrinus piceolus (Add)
Gyrinus picipes (Add)
Gyrinus pleuralis (Add)
Gyrinus plicifer (Add)
Gyrinus pugionis (Add)
Gyrinus punctellus (Add)
Gyrinus rockinghamensis (Add)
Gyrinus rugifer (Add)
Gyrinus sayi (Add)
Gyrinus substriatus (Add)
Gyrinus ventralis (Add)
Gyrinus wallisi (Add)
Gyrinus woodruffi (Add)
Gen. Heterogyrus (Add)
Gen. Metagyrinus (Add)
Orectochilini (Add)
Gen. Gyretes (Add)
Gen. Orectochilus (Add)
Orectochilus orbisonorum (Add)
Hairy Whirligig, Orectochilus villosus (Add)
Gen. Orectogyrus (Add)
Spanglerogyrinae (Add)
Gen. Spanglerogyrus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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