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Fam. Burying beetles

Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Polyphaga --> Staphylinoidea -->


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Gen. Nicrophorus

"Nicrophorus Fabricius, 1775" by Gnilenkov Aleksey via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Nicrophorinae (Add)
Gen. Eonecrophorus (Add)
Gen. Nicrophorus

Nicrophorus americanus (Add)
Nicrophorus antennatus (Add)
Nicrophorus apo (Add)
Nicrophorus argutor (Add)
Nicrophorus basalis (Add)
Nicrophorus carolinus (Add)
Nicrophorus chilensis (Add)
Nicrophorus concolor (Add)
Nicrophorus confusus (Add)
Nicrophorus dauricus (Add)
Nicrophorus defodiens (Add)
Nicrophorus didymus (Add)
Nicrophorus distinctus (Add)
Nicrophorus encaustus (Add)
Nicrophorus germanicus (Add)
Nicrophorus guttula (Add)
Nicrophorus heurni (Add)
Nicrophorus hispaniola (Add)
Nicrophorus humator (Add)
Nicrophorus hybridus (Add)
Nicrophorus insularis (Add)
Nicrophorus interruptus (Add)
Nicrophorus investigator (Add)
Nicrophorus japonicus (Add)
Nicrophorus kieticus (Add)
Nicrophorus lunatus (Add)
Nicrophorus maculifrons (Add)
Nicrophorus marginatus (Add)
Nicrophorus mexicanus (Add)
Nicrophorus mongolicus (Add)
Nicrophorus montivagus (Add)
Nicrophorus morio (Add)
Nicrophorus nepalensis (Add)
Nicrophorus nigricornis (Add)
Nicrophorus nigrita (Add)
Nicrophorus oberthuri (Add)
Nicrophorus obscurus (Add)
Nicrophorus olidus (Add)
Nicrophorus orbicollis (Add)
Nicrophorus pliozaenicus (Add)
Nicrophorus podagricus (Add)
Nicrophorus przewalskii (Add)
Nicrophorus pustulatus (Add)
Nicrophorus quadraticollis (Add)
Nicrophorus quadrimaculatus (Add)
Nicrophorus quadripunctatus (Add)
Nicrophorus reichardti (Add)
Nicrophorus satanas (Add)
Nicrophorus sausai (Add)
Nicrophorus sayi (Add)
Nicrophorus scrutator (Add)
Nicrophorus semenowi (Add)
Nicrophorus sepulchralis (Add)
Nicrophorus sepultor (Add)
Nicrophorus smefarka (Add)
Nicrophorus tenuipes (Add)
Nicrophorus tomentosus (Add)
Nicrophorus ussuriensis (Add)
Nicrophorus validus (Add)
Nicrophorus vespillo (Add)
Nicrophorus vespilloides (Add)
Nicrophorus vestigator (Add)
Gen. Palaeosilpha (Add)
Gen. Ptomascopus (Add)
Silphinae (Add)
Gen. Aclypea (Add)
Gen. Allopliosilpha (Add)
Gen. Dendroxena (Add)
Dendroxena quadrimaculata (Add)
Dendroxena sexcarinata (Add)
Gen. Diamesus (Add)
Gen. Heterosilpha (Add)
Gen. Necrodes (Add)
Necrodes littoralis (Add)
Necrodes nigricornis (Add)
Necrodes surinamensis (Add)
Gen. Necrophila (Add)
Gen. Oiceoptoma (Add)
Oiceoptoma hypocritum (Add)
Oiceoptoma inaequale (Add)
Oiceoptoma nakabayashii (Add)
Oiceoptoma nigropunctatum (Add)
Oiceoptoma noveboracense (Add)
Oiceoptoma picescens (Add)
Oiceoptoma rugulosum (Add)
Oiceoptoma subrufum (Add)
Oiceoptoma thoracicum (Add)
Gen. Oxelytrum (Add)
Gen. Phosphuga (Add)
Gen. Pliosilpha (Add)
Gen. Ptomaphila (Add)
Gen. Silpha (Add)
Silpha alpestris (Add)
Silpha atrata (Add)
Silpha businskyorum (Add)
Silpha carinata (Add)
Silpha imitator (Add)
Silpha khumbuensis (Add)
Silpha koreana (Add)
Silpha longicornis (Add)
Silpha martensi (Add)
Silpha melanura (Add)
Silpha nepalica (Add)
Silpha obscura (Add)
Silpha olivieri (Add)
Silpha orientalis (Add)
Silpha perforata (Add)
Silpha puncticollis (Add)
Silpha quinlinga (Add)
Silpha schawalleri (Add)
Silpha tristis (Add)
Silpha tyrolensis (Add)
Silpha validior (Add)
Silpha yamatona (Add)
Gen. Thanatophilus (Add)

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