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Fam. Stag beetle

Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Polyphaga --> Scarabaeoidea -->


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Lesser Stag Beetle, Dorcus parallelipipedus

"Lesser Stag Beetle (f) Dorcus parallelipipedus 1b" by Dluogs via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Stag Beetle, Lucanus cervus

"Lucanus cervus" by Anabis via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Aesalinae (Add)
Gen. Aesalus (Add)
Gen. Ceratognathus (Add)
Gen. Cretaesalus (Add)
Gen. Echinoaesalus (Add)
Gen. Hilophyllus (Add)
Gen. Holloceratognathus (Add)
Gen. Juraesalus (Add)
Gen. Lucanobium (Add)
Gen. Mitophyllus (Add)
Gen. Nicagus (Add)
Gen. Sinaesalus (Add)
Ceruchitinae (Add)
Gen. Ceruchites (Add)
Lampriminae (Add)
Gen. Dendroblax (Add)
Gen. Homolamprima (Add)
Gen. Lamprima (Add)
Gen. Phalacrognathus (Add)
Gen. Streptocerus (Add)
Lucaninae (Add)
Gen. Aegognathus (Add)
Gen. Aegus (Add)
Gen. Agnus (Add)
Gen. Allotopus (Add)
Gen. Altitatiayus (Add)
Gen. Amneidus (Add)
Gen. Andinolucanus (Add)
Gen. Aphanognathus (Add)
Gen. Apterocyclus (Add)
Gen. Apterodorcus (Add)
Gen. Arnaudius (Add)
Gen. Auxicerus (Add)
Gen. Bartolozziolucanus (Add)
Gen. Bomansius (Add)
Gen. Brasilucanus (Add)
Gen. Cacostomus (Add)
Gen. Caenolethrus (Add)
Gen. Calcodes (Add)
Gen. Cantharolethrus (Add)
Gen. Capreolucanus (Add)
Gen. Cardanus (Add)
Gen. Casignetus (Add)
Gen. Charagmophorus (Add)
Gen. Chewlucanus (Add)
Gen. Chiasognathus (Add)
Gen. Chileistomus (Add)
Gen. Cladophyllus (Add)
Gen. Colophon (Add)
Gen. Cretolucanus (Add)
Gen. Cyclommatus (Add)
Gen. Cyclorasis (Add)
Gen. Dendezia Basilewsky (Add)
Gen. Diasomoides (Add)
Gen. Dinonigidius (Add)
Gen. Dorculus (Add)
Gen. Dorcus (Add)
Dorcus affinis (Add)
Dorcus akahorii (Add)
Dorcus alexisi (Add)
Dorcus antaeus (Add)
Dorcus astridae (Add)
Dorcus bhaskarai (Add)
Dorcus binodulosus (Add)
Dorcus bolanus (Add)
Dorcus branaugi (Add)
Dorcus brevis (Add)
Dorcus carinulatus (Add)
Dorcus consentaneus (Add)
Dorcus cuongi (Add)
Dorcus curvidens (Add)
Dorcus cylindricus (Add)
Dorcus davidis (Add)
Dorcus emikoae (Add)
Dorcus formosanus (Add)
Dorcus fujiii (Add)
Dorcus furusui (Add)
Dorcus gracilicornis (Add)
Dorcus hamidi (Add)
Dorcus hansi (Add)
Dorcus hopei (Add)
Dorcus immundus (Add)
Dorcus japonicus (Add)
Dorcus kamijoi (Add)
Dorcus katctinensis (Add)
Dorcus katsurai (Add)
Dorcus kikunoae (Add)
Dorcus kirchneri (Add)
Dorcus kucerai (Add)
Dorcus kyawi (Add)
Dorcus meeki (Add)
Dorcus miwai (Add)
Dorcus musimon (Add)
Dorcus myinti (Add)
Dorcus nosei (Add)
Lesser Stag Beetle, Dorcus parallelipipedus

Dorcus parallelus (Add)
Dorcus parvulus (Add)
Dorcus peyronis (Add)
Dorcus prasobsuki (Add)
Dorcus primigenius (Add)
Dorcus prochazkai (Add)
Dorcus ratiocinativus (Add)
Dorcus rudis (Add)
Dorcus rugosus (Add)
Dorcus sawaii (Add)
Dorcus schenklingi (Add)
Dorcus septentrionalis (Add)
Dorcus sewertzowi (Add)
Dorcus suturalis (Add)
Dorcus taiwanicus (Add)
Dorcus tanakai (Add)
Dorcus tenuecostatus (Add)
Dorcus tenuihirsutus (Add)
Dorcus tsunodai (Add)
Dorcus ursulus (Add)
Dorcus vavrai (Add)
Dorcus velutinus (Add)
Dorcus vicinus (Add)
Dorcus yoshinarii (Add)
Gen. Dynodorcus (Add)
Gen. Epipedesthus (Add)
Gen. Erichius (Add)
Gen. Eulepidius (Add)
Gen. Figulus (Add)
Gen. Ganelius (Add)
Gen. Geodorcus (Add)
Gen. Gnaphaloryx (Add)
Gen. Hemisodorcus (Add)
Gen. Heterochthes (Add)
Gen. Hexarthrius (Add)
Gen. Homoderus (Add)
Gen. Hoplogonus (Add)
Gen. Incadorcus (Add)
Gen. Irianoaegus (Add)
Gen. Katsuraius (Add)
Gen. Leptinopterus (Add)
Gen. Lissapterus (Add)
Gen. Lissotes (Add)
Gen. Lucanus (Add)
Lucanus adelmae (Add)
Lucanus angusticornis (Add)
Lucanus atratus (Add)
Lucanus aungsani (Add)
Lucanus barbarossa (Add)
Lucanus brivioi (Add)
Lucanus bruanti (Add)
Lucanus busignyi (Add)
Lucanus cambodiensis (Add)
Lucanus cantori (Add)
Lucanus capreolus (Add)
Stag Beetle, Lucanus cervus

Lucanus cheni (Add)
Lucanus confusus (Add)
Lucanus convexus (Add)
Lucanus cyclommatoides (Add)
Lucanus datunensis (Add)
Lucanus davidis (Add)
Lucanus delavayi (Add)
Lucanus derani (Add)
Lucanus deuvei (Add)
Lucanus deuveianus (Add)
Lucanus didieri (Add)
Lucanus dirki (Add)
Lucanus dohertyi (Add)
Lucanus dongi (Add)
Lucanus elaphus (Add)
Lucanus fairmairei (Add)
Lucanus fanjingshanus (Add)
Lucanus feglini (Add)
Lucanus fonti (Add)
Lucanus formosanus (Add)
Lucanus formosus (Add)
Lucanus fortunei (Add)
Lucanus franciscae (Add)
Lucanus fryi (Add)
Lucanus fujianensis (Add)
Lucanus fujitai (Add)
Lucanus fukinukiae (Add)
Lucanus gamunus (Add)
Lucanus gennestieri (Add)
Lucanus gracilis (Add)
Lucanus groulti (Add)
Lucanus hayashii (Add)
Lucanus hermani (Add)
Lucanus hildegardae (Add)
Lucanus ibericus (Add)
Lucanus imitator (Add)
Lucanus jeanvoinei (Add)
Lucanus jietuii (Add)
Lucanus kanoi (Add)
Lucanus kazumiae (Add)
Lucanus kerleyi (Add)
Lucanus kirchneri (Add)
Lucanus klapperichi (Add)
Lucanus koyamai (Add)
Lucanus kraatzi (Add)
Lucanus kurosawai (Add)
Lucanus laetus (Add)
Lucanus laminifer (Add)
Lucanus langi (Add)
Lucanus lesnei (Add)
Lucanus lhasaensis (Add)
Lucanus liuyei (Add)
Lucanus luci (Add)
Lucanus ludivinae (Add)
Lucanus lunifer (Add)
Lucanus maculifemoratus (Add)
Lucanus maedai (Add)
Lucanus manai (Add)
Lucanus mazama (Add)
Lucanus mearesii (Add)
Lucanus mingyiae (Add)
Lucanus minimus (Add)
Lucanus miwai (Add)
Lucanus miyashitai (Add)
Lucanus nangsarae (Add)
Lucanus ngheanus (Add)
Lucanus nobilis (Add)
Lucanus nosei (Add)
Lucanus nyishwini (Add)
Lucanus oberthueri (Add)
Lucanus ogakii (Add)
Lucanus pani (Add)
Lucanus parryi (Add)
Lucanus pesarinii (Add)
Lucanus placidus (Add)
Lucanus planeti (Add)
Lucanus prometheus (Add)
Lucanus prossi (Add)
Lucanus pulchellus (Add)
Lucanus satoi (Add)
Lucanus schenki (Add)
Lucanus sericeus (Add)
Lucanus singularis (Add)
Lucanus smithii (Add)
Lucanus speciosus (Add)
Lucanus suzumurai (Add)
Lucanus swinhoei (Add)
Lucanus szetschuanicus (Add)
Lucanus takakuwai (Add)
Lucanus tetraodon (Add)
Lucanus tibetanus (Add)
Lucanus tsukamotoi (Add)
Lucanus victorius (Add)
Lucanus villosus (Add)
Lucanus wemckeni (Add)
Lucanus westermanni (Add)
Lucanus wittmeri (Add)
Lucanus xerxes (Add)
Lucanus ziliolii (Add)
Gen. Macrocrates (Add)
Gen. Macrodorcas (Add)
Gen. Mesotopus (Add)
Gen. Metadorcinus (Add)
Gen. Metadorcus (Add)
Gen. Metallactulus (Add)
Gen. Microlucanus (Add)
Gen. Miocenidorcus (Add)
Gen. Neolucanus (Add)
Gen. Nigidionus (Add)
Gen. Nigidius (Add)
Gen. Noseolucanus (Add)
Gen. Novonigidius (Add)
Gen. Odontolabis (Add)
Gen. Onorelucanus (Add)
Gen. Oonotus (Add)
Gen. Paralissotes (Add)
Gen. Penichrolucanus (Add)
Gen. Platyceroides (Add)
Gen. Platyceropsis (Add)
Gen. Platycerus (Add)
Platycerus acuticollis (Add)
Platycerus akitaorum (Add)
Platycerus albisomni (Add)
Platycerus bashanicus (Add)
Platycerus benesi (Add)
Platycerus businskyi (Add)
Platycerus canae (Add)
Platycerus caprea (Add)
Platycerus caraboides (Add)
Platycerus caucasicus (Add)
Platycerus consimilis (Add)
Platycerus cribripennis (Add)
Platycerus cupreimicans (Add)
Platycerus cyanidraconis (Add)
Platycerus delagrangei (Add)
Platycerus delicatulus (Add)
Platycerus depressus (Add)
Platycerus dundai (Add)
Platycerus feminatus (Add)
Platycerus hiurai (Add)
Platycerus hongwonpyoi (Add)
Platycerus kawadai (Add)
Platycerus kitawakii (Add)
Platycerus ladyae (Add)
Platycerus mandibularis (Add)
Platycerus marginalis (Add)
Platycerus masumotoi (Add)
Platycerus miyatakei (Add)
Platycerus nagahatai (Add)
Platycerus oregonensis (Add)
Platycerus perplexus (Add)
Platycerus piceus (Add)
Platycerus primigenius (Add)
Platycerus rugosus (Add)
Platycerus senguni (Add)
Platycerus sepultus (Add)
Platycerus spinifer (Add)
Platycerus sue (Add)
Platycerus sugitai (Add)
Platycerus tabanai (Add)
Platycerus takakuwai (Add)
Platycerus tangi (Add)
Platycerus tieguanzi (Add)
Platycerus turnai (Add)
Platycerus urushiyamai (Add)
Platycerus vicinus (Add)
Platycerus virescens (Add)
Platycerus viridicuprus (Add)
Platycerus xiongmao (Add)
Platycerus yangi (Add)
Platycerus yeren (Add)
Platycerus yingqii (Add)
Platycerus zherichini (Add)
Gen. Platyfigulus (Add)
Gen. Prismognathus (Add)
Gen. Prosopocoilus (Add)
Gen. Protognathinus (Add)
Gen. Pseudodorcus (Add)
Gen. Pseudorhaetus (Add)
Gen. Pseudoscortizus (Add)
Gen. Pycnosiphorus (Add)
Gen. Rhaetulus (Add)
Gen. Rhaetus (Add)
Gen. Ryssonotus (Add)
Gen. Sclerostomulus (Add)
Gen. Sclerostomus (Add)
Gen. Scortizus (Add)
Gen. Serrognathus (Add)
Gen. Sphaenognathus (Add)
Gen. Succiniplatycerus (Add)
Gen. Telodorcus (Add)
Gen. Tetrarthrius (Add)
Gen. Velutinodorcus (Add)
Gen. Vinsonella (Add)
Gen. Weinreichius (Add)
Gen. Xiphodontus (Add)
Gen. Yumikoi (Add)
Gen. Zikanius (Add)
Protolucaninae (Add)
Gen. Protolucanus (Add)
Syndesinae (Add)
Gen. Ceruchus (Add)
Gen. Sinodendron (Add)
Sinodendron americanum (Add)
Sinodendron cylindricum (Add)
Sinodendron persicum (Add)
Sinodendron rugosum (Add)
Sinodendron yunnanense (Add)
Gen. Syndesus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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