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Fam. Soldier beetle

Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Polyphaga --> Elateroidea -->


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Cantharis rustica

"Cantharis rustica" by Jacilluch via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Chauliognathus imperialis

"Soldier beetle" by John Tann via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Chauliognathus pensylvanicus

"Goldenrod Soldier Beetle" by Benimoto via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Cantharinae (Add)
Gen. Ancistronycha (Add)
Gen. Armidia (Add)
Gen. Atalantycha (Add)
Gen. Athemus (Add)
Gen. Boveycantharis (Add)
Gen. Cantharis (Add)
Cantharis (Cantharis) (Add)
Cantharis allosensis (Add)
Cantharis annularis (Add)
Cantharis antennalis (Add)
Cantharis ariasi (Add)
Cantharis assimilis (Add)
Cantharis atrata (Add)
Cantharis basithorax (Add)
Cantharis beckeri (Add)
Cantharis brevicornis (Add)
Cantharis brullei (Add)
Cantharis cedricola (Add)
Cantharis cornix (Add)
Cantharis coronata (Add)
Cantharis corvina (Add)
Cantharis cretica (Add)
Cantharis cryptica (Add)
Cantharis cypria (Add)
Cantharis darwiniana (Add)
Cantharis decipiens (Add)
Cantharis decolorans (Add)
Cantharis delagrangei (Add)
Cantharis dissipata (Add)
Cantharis edentula (Add)
Cantharis ephippigera (Add)
Cantharis europea (Add)
Cantharis falzonii (Add)
Cantharis figurata (Add)
Cantharis flavilabris (Add)
Cantharis franciana (Add)
Cantharis fusca (Add)
Cantharis fuscipennis (Add)
Cantharis hellenica (Add)
Cantharis ictaria (Add)
Cantharis inculta (Add)
Cantharis instabilis (Add)
Cantharis italica (Add)
Cantharis kervillei (Add)
Cantharis liburnica (Add)
Cantharis livida (Add)
Cantharis merula (Add)
Cantharis monacha (Add)
Cantharis montana (Add)
Cantharis morio (Add)
Cantharis nevadensis (Add)
Cantharis nigra (Add)
Cantharis nigricans (Add)
Cantharis nigricornis (Add)
Cantharis obscura (Add)
Cantharis ochreata (Add)
Cantharis paganettii (Add)
Cantharis palliata (Add)
Cantharis pallida (Add)
Cantharis paludosa (Add)
Cantharis paradoxa (Add)
Cantharis paulinoi (Add)
Cantharis pellucida (Add)
Cantharis peninsularis (Add)
Cantharis praecox (Add)
Cantharis prusiensis (Add)
Cantharis pulicaria (Add)
Cantharis pyrenaea (Add)
Cantharis quadripunctata (Add)
Cantharis reichei (Add)
Cantharis rufa (Add)
Cantharis rustica

Cantharis schrammi (Add)
Cantharis seidlitzi (Add)
Cantharis sicula (Add)
Cantharis smyrnensis (Add)
Cantharis terminata (Add)
Cantharis torretasoi (Add)
Cantharis tristis (Add)
Cantharis versicolor (Add)
Cantharis xanthoporpa (Add)
Cantharis (Cyrtomoptila) (Add)
Cantharis gemina (Add)
Cantharis lateralis (Add)
Cantharis pagana (Add)
Gen. Cantharomorphus (Add)
Gen. Cordicantharis (Add)
Gen. Cratosilis (Add)
Gen. Cultellunguis (Add)
Gen. Cyrtomoptera (Add)
Gen. Hoffeinsensia (Add)
Gen. Metacantharis (Add)
Gen. Occathemus (Add)
Gen. Pakabsidia (Add)
Gen. Podistra (Add)
Gen. Prothemus (Add)
Gen. Rhagonycha (Add)
Gen. Rhaxonycha (Add)
Gen. Sinometa (Add)
Gen. Sucinocantharis (Add)
Gen. Taocantharis (Add)
Gen. Themus (Add)
Chauliognathinae (Add)
Chauliognathini (Add)
Gen. Belotus (Add)
Gen. Chauliognathus (Add)
Chauliognathus imperialis

Chauliognathus lugubris (Add)
Chauliognathus pensylvanicus

Ichtyurini (Add)
Gen. Ichtyurus (Add)
Gen. Trypherus (Add)
Dysmorphocerinae (Add)
Gen. Afronycha (Add)
Gen. Asilis (Add)
Gen. Compsonycha (Add)
Gen. Dysmorphocerus (Add)
Gen. Flabelloontelus (Add)
Gen. Geygiella (Add)
Gen. Hansasilis (Add)
Gen. Heteromastix (Add)
Gen. Hyponotum (Add)
Gen. Micronotum (Add)
Gen. Neoontelus (Add)
Gen. Oontelus (Add)
Gen. Plectocephalon (Add)
Gen. Plectonotum (Add)
Malthininae (Add)
Malchinini (Add)
Gen. Macrocerus (Add)
Gen. Malchinus (Add)
Malthinini (Add)
Gen. Coccodes (Add)
Gen. Malthinus (Add)
Malthodini (Add)
Gen. Frostia (Add)
Gen. Malthodes (Add)
Silinae (Add)
Silini (Add)
Gen. Discodon (Add)
Gen. Ditemnus (Add)
Gen. Podosilis (Add)
Gen. Polemius (Add)
Gen. Silis (Add)
Tytthonyxini (Add)
Gen. Tytthonyx (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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