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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Polyphaga --> Bostrichoidea -->


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Attageninae (Add)
Apphianini (Add)
Gen. Apphianus (Add)
Gen. Araphonotos (Add)
Gen. Araphonotos sabulorum (Add)
Attagenini (Add)
Gen. Attagenus (Add)
Attagenus (Aethriostoma) (Add)
Attagenus fairmairei (Add)
Attagenus irroratus (Add)
Attagenus madecassus (Add)
Attagenus sparsutus (Add)
Attagenus stachi (Add)
Attagenus undulatus (Add)
Attagenus (Attagenus) (Add)
Attagenus abbreviatus (Add)
Attagenus addendus (Add)
Attagenus afghanus (Add)
Attagenus antennatus (Add)
Attagenus anthrenoides (Add)
Attagenus apicalis (Add)
Attagenus aristidis (Add)
Attagenus assuanensis (Add)
Attagenus astacurus (Add)
Attagenus atripennis (Add)
Attagenus attenuatus (Add)
Attagenus augustatus (Add)
Attagenus aurantiacus (Add)
Attagenus barbieri (Add)
Attagenus bifasciatus (Add)
Attagenus birmanicus (Add)
Attagenus biskrensis (Add)
Attagenus brittoni (Add)
Attagenus brunneopunctatus (Add)
Attagenus brunnescens (Add)
Attagenus brunneus (Add)
Attagenus calabricus (Add)
Attagenus caracal (Add)
Attagenus civetta (Add)
Attagenus coquereli (Add)
Attagenus curvicornis (Add)
Attagenus cyphonoides (Add)
Attagenus decoloratus (Add)
Attagenus dichrous (Add)
Attagenus dispar (Add)
Attagenus duplex (Add)
Attagenus eremivagus (Add)
Attagenus erevanicus (Add)
Attagenus escalerai (Add)
Attagenus fallax (Add)
Attagenus fasciatus (Add)
Attagenus fasciolatus (Add)
Attagenus gobicola (Add)
Attagenus heydeni (Add)
Attagenus hirtulus (Add)
Attagenus hottentotus (Add)
Attagenus hyrcanus (Add)
Attagenus incertus (Add)
Attagenus incognitus (Add)
Attagenus indicus (Add)
Attagenus iserlei (Add)
Attagenus jacobsoni (Add)
Attagenus japonicus (Add)
Attagenus jelineki (Add)
Attagenus jendeki (Add)
Attagenus kaniai (Add)
Attagenus karnali (Add)
Attagenus katonai (Add)
Attagenus lepidus (Add)
Attagenus leprieuri (Add)
Attagenus lineatus (Add)
Attagenus lobatus (Add)
Attagenus longipennis (Add)
Attagenus lynx (Add)
Attagenus maltensis (Add)
Attagenus maritimus (Add)
Attagenus molitor (Add)
Attagenus mongolicus (Add)
Attagenus multifasciatus (Add)
Attagenus nepalensis (Add)
Attagenus obtusus (Add)
Attagenus orientalis (Add)
Attagenus pantherinus (Add)
Attagenus pellio (Add)
Attagenus persicus (Add)
Attagenus pictus (Add)
Attagenus placitus (Add)
Attagenus posticalis (Add)
Attagenus pseudomolitor (Add)
Attagenus pubescens (Add)
Attagenus punctatus (Add)
Attagenus quadricolor (Add)
Attagenus quadrimaculatus (Add)
Attagenus quadrinotatus (Add)
Attagenus quadritinctus (Add)
Attagenus reitteri (Add)
Attagenus robustus (Add)
Attagenus rossii (Add)
Attagenus ruficolor (Add)
Attagenus rufomaculatus (Add)
Attagenus scalaris (Add)
Attagenus schaefferi (Add)
Attagenus seminiger (Add)
Attagenus seniculus (Add)
Attagenus sericeus (Add)
Attagenus sieversi (Add)
Attagenus sikkimensis (Add)
Attagenus silvaticus (Add)
Attagenus similaris (Add)
Attagenus simonis (Add)
Attagenus simplex (Add)
Attagenus simulans (Add)
Attagenus sinensis (Add)
Attagenus smirnovi (Add)
Attagenus steinbergi (Add)
Attagenus suspiciosus (Add)
Attagenus tessellatus (Add)
Attagenus tigrinus (Add)
Attagenus trifasciatus (Add)
Attagenus turcomanus (Add)
Attagenus unicolor (Add)
Attagenus uniformis (Add)
Attagenus vagepictus (Add)
Attagenus wegeneri (Add)
Attagenus wollastoni (Add)
Attagenus woodroffei (Add)
Attagenus ziegleri (Add)
Gen. Katkaenus (Add)
Gen. Novelsis (Add)
Gen. Sefrania (Add)
Dermestinae (Add)
Dermestini (Add)
Gen. Derbyana (Add)
Gen. Dermestes (Add)
Dermestes asiaticus (Add)
Dermestes ater (Add)
Dermestes auriceps (Add)
Dermestes aurichalceus (Add)
Dermestes bicolor (Add)
Dermestes carnivorus (Add)
Dermestes coarctatus (Add)
Dermestes coronatus (Add)
Dermestes depressus (Add)
Dermestes dimidiatus (Add)
Dermestes elegans (Add)
Dermestes erichsoni (Add)
Dermestes fasciventris (Add)
Dermestes freudei (Add)
Dermestes frischii (Add)
Dermestes fuliginosus (Add)
Dermestes fulvicollis (Add)
Dermestes fulvofasciatus (Add)
Dermestes gyllenhalii (Add)
Dermestes haemorrhoidalis (Add)
Dermestes hankae (Add)
Dermestes helmi (Add)
Dermestes hirticollis (Add)
Dermestes hispanicus (Add)
Dermestes impressus (Add)
Dermestes intermedius (Add)
Dermestes iranicus (Add)
Dermestes kafkai (Add)
Dermestes kaszabi (Add)
Dermestes laniarius (Add)
Larder, Bacon Beetle, Dermestes lardarius

Dermestes latissimus (Add)
Dermestes leechi (Add)
Dermestes leopardinus (Add)
Dermestes loebli (Add)
Hide Beetle, Dermestes maculatus (Add)
Dermestes marocanus (Add)
Dermestes murinus (Add)
Dermestes mustelinus (Add)
Dermestes nidum (Add)
Dermestes normandi (Add)
Dermestes olivieri (Add)
Dermestes palmi (Add)
Dermestes pardalis (Add)
Dermestes peruvianus (Add)
Dermestes pici (Add)
Dermestes planus (Add)
Dermestes roubali (Add)
Dermestes sardous (Add)
Dermestes schneideri (Add)
Dermestes shaanxiensis (Add)
Dermestes sibiricus (Add)
Dermestes sichuanicus (Add)
Dermestes sinensis (Add)
Dermestes solskyi (Add)
Dermestes szekessyi (Add)
Dermestes tessellatocollis (Add)
Dermestes undulatus (Add)
Dermestes vorax (Add)
Marioutini (Add)
Gen. Mariouta (Add)
Gen. Rhopalosilpha (Add)
Megatominae (Add)
Anthrenini (Add)
Gen. Anthrenus (Add)
Anthrenus aegyptiacus (Add)
Anthrenus albonotatus (Add)
Anthrenus amoenulus (Add)
Anthrenus ardoi (Add)
Anthrenus buettikeri (Add)
Anthrenus ceylonicus (Add)
Anthrenus debilis (Add)
Anthrenus difficilis (Add)
Anthrenus distinctus (Add)
Anthrenus endroedyi (Add)
Anthrenus fernandezi (Add)
Anthrenus guineaensis (Add)
Anthrenus ineptus (Add)
Anthrenus israelicus (Add)
Anthrenus jelineki (Add)
Anthrenus jordanicus (Add)
Anthrenus kejvali (Add)
Anthrenus klapperichi (Add)
Anthrenus malkini (Add)
Anthrenus minor (Add)
Anthrenus occultus (Add)
Anthrenus omoi (Add)
Anthrenus poggii (Add)
Anthrenus pulchellus (Add)
Anthrenus sarnicus (Add)
Anthrenus semenovi (Add)
Anthrenus umbellatarum (Add)
Varied Carpet Beetle, Anthrenus verbasci (Add)
Anthrenus wittmeri (Add)
Gen. Dermeanthrenus (Add)
Gen. Neoanthrenus (Add)
Megatomini (Add)
Gen. Adelaidia (Add)
Gen. Amberoderma (Add)
Gen. Anthrenocerus (Add)
Gen. Caccoleptus (Add)
Gen. Claviella (Add)
Gen. Cryptorhopalum (Add)
Gen. Ctesias (Add)
Gen. Falsocryptorhopalum (Add)
Gen. Globicornis (Add)
Gen. Hemirhopalum (Add)
Gen. Hirtomegatoma (Add)
Gen. Labrocerus (Add)
Gen. Megatoma (Add)
Gen. Miocryptorhopalum (Add)
Gen. Myrmeanthrenus (Add)
Gen. Orphinus (Add)
Gen. Paratrogoderma (Add)
Gen. Phradonoma (Add)
Gen. Reesa (Add)
Gen. Thaumaglossa (Add)
Gen. Trogoderma (Add)
Trogoderma albonotatum (Add)
Trogoderma angustum (Add)
Trogoderma antennale (Add)
Trogoderma arcanum (Add)
Trogoderma bactrianum (Add)
Trogoderma denticornis (Add)
Trogoderma glabrum (Add)
Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium (Add)
Trogoderma granulatum (Add)
Trogoderma grassmani (Add)
Trogoderma inclusum (Add)
Trogoderma irroratum (Add)
Trogoderma koenigi (Add)
Trogoderma longisetosum (Add)
Trogoderma maestum (Add)
Trogoderma megatomoides (Add)
Trogoderma mongolicum (Add)
Trogoderma octaedron (Add)
Trogoderma ornatum (Add)
Trogoderma pictulum (Add)
Trogoderma punctatum (Add)
Trogoderma puncticolle (Add)
Trogoderma quadrifasciatum (Add)
Trogoderma quinquefasciatum (Add)
Trogoderma serrigerum (Add)
Trogoderma signatum (Add)
Trogoderma sinense (Add)
Trogoderma suffusum (Add)
Trogoderma teukton (Add)
Trogoderma variabile (Add)
Trogoderma varium (Add)
Trogoderma versicolor (Add)
Trogoderma yunnaneunsis (Add)
Gen. Trogoparvus (Add)
Gen. Turcicornis (Add)
Gen. Volvicornis (Add)
Gen. Xylolaidia (Add)
Gen. Zhantievus (Add)
Orphilinae (Add)
Gen. Orphilodes (Add)
Gen. Orphilus (Add)
Thorictinae (Add)
Gen. Afrothorictus (Add)
Gen. Macrothorictus (Add)
Gen. Thorictodes (Add)
Gen. Thorictus (Add)
Trinodinae (Add)
Gen. Apsectus (Add)
Gen. Cretonodes (Add)
Gen. Evorinea (Add)
Gen. Hexanodes (Add)
Gen. Oisenodes (Add)
Gen. Thylodrias (Add)
Gen. Trichelodes (Add)
Gen. Trichodryas (Add)
Gen. Trinodes (Add)
Gen. Trinoparvus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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