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Phylum Annelida --> Class Hirudinea --> -->


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Glossiphoniinae (Add)
Gen. Desserobdella (Add)
Gen. Glossiphonia (Add)
Gen. Hemiclepsis (Add)
Gen. Placobdella (Add)
Gen. Torix (Add)
Torix novaezealandiae (Add)
Haementeriinae (Add)
Gen. Actinobdella (Add)
Gen. Alboglossiphonia (Add)
Alboglossiphonia levis (Add)
Alboglossiphonia masonae (Add)
Alboglossiphonia multistriata (Add)
Alboglossiphonia tasmaniensis (Add)
Gen. Gloiobdella (Add)
Gen. Haementeria (Add)
Gen. Helobdella (Add)
Helobdella atli (Add)
Helobdella europaea (Add)
Helobdella melananus (Add)
Helobdella nahuelhuapensis (Add)
Helobdella nilae (Add)
Helobdella nununununojensis (Add)
Helobdella octatestisaca (Add)
Helobdella ringueleti (Add)
Helobdella sorojchi (Add)
Gen. Marvinmeyeria (Add)
Gen. Oligobdella (Add)
Gen. Placobdelloides (Add)
Placobdelloides bancrofti (Add)
Placobdelloides bdellae (Add)
Placobdelloides emydae (Add)
Placobdelloides fimbriata (Add)
Placobdelloides fulva (Add)
Placobdelloides horai (Add)
Placobdelloides indica (Add)
Placobdelloides jaegerskioeldi (Add)
Placobdelloides maorica (Add)
Placobdelloides multistriata (Add)
Placobdelloides octostriata (Add)
Placobdelloides okadai (Add)
Placobdelloides okai (Add)
Placobdelloides siamensis (Add)
Placobdelloides stellapapillosa (Add)
Placobdelloides undulata (Add)
Theromyzinae (Add)
Gen. Theromyzon (Add)
Unassigned Glossiphoniidae (Add)
Gen. Batracobdella (Add)
Gen. Boreobdella (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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