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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Mammals --> S.Class Theria --> Eutheria --> Boreoeutheria --> Superord. Euarchontoglires --> Glires --> Ord. Rodent --> Myomorpha --> Fam. Hamsters, Lemmings etc -->


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Gen. Altaiomys (Add)
Altaiomys ustkanicus (Add)
Gen. Alticola (Add)
Alticola albicaudus (Add)
Alticola argentatus (Add)
Alticola barakshin (Add)
Alticola lemminus (Add)
Alticola macrotis (Add)
Alticola montosa (Add)
Alticola olchonensis (Add)
Alticola roylei (Add)
Alticola semicanus (Add)
Alticola stoliczkanus (Add)
Alticola stracheyi (Add)
Alticola strelzowi (Add)
Alticola tuvinicus (Add)
Gen. Arborimus (Add)
Arborimus albipes (Add)
Arborimus longicaudus (Add)
Arborimus pomo (Add)
Gen. Arvicola (Add)
European water vole, Arvicola amphibius (terrestris)

Arvicola jacobaeus (Add)
Southwestern Water Vole, Arvicola sapidus (Add)
Arvicola scherman (Add)
Gen. Blanfordimys (Add)
Blanfordimys afghanus (Add)
Blanfordimys bucharensis (Add)
Gen. Caryomys (Add)
Caryomys eva (Add)
Caryomys inez (Add)
Gen. Chionomys (Add)
Chionomys gud (Add)
Chionomys nivalis (Add)
Chionomys roberti (Add)
Gen. Dicrostonyx (Add)
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus (Add)
Dicrostonyx hudsonius (Add)
Dicrostonyx nelsoni (Add)
Dicrostonyx nunatakensis (Add)
Dicrostonyx richardsoni (Add)
Arctic Lemming, Dicrostonyx torquatus (Add)
Dicrostonyx unalascensis (Add)
Dicrostonyx vinogradovi (Add)
Gen. Dinaromys (Add)
Balkan snow vole, Dinaromys bogdanovi (Add)
Gen. Ellobius (Add)
Ellobius alaicus (Add)
Ellobius fuscocapillus (Add)
Ellobius lutescens (Add)
Ellobius talpinus (Add)
Ellobius tancrei (Add)
Gen. Eolagurus (Add)
Eolagurus luteus (Add)
Eolagurus przewalskii (Add)
Gen. Eothenomys (Add)
Eothenomys cachinus (Add)
Eothenomys chinensis (Add)
Eothenomys custos (Add)
Eothenomys melanogaster (Add)
Eothenomys miletus (Add)
Eothenomys olitor (Add)
Eothenomys proditor (Add)
Eothenomys wardi (Add)
Gen. Hyperacrius (Add)
Hyperacrius fertilis (Add)
Hyperacrius wynnei (Add)
Gen. Lagurus (Add)
Steppe Lemming, Lagurus lagurus

Gen. Lasiopodomys (Add)
Lasiopodomys brandtii (Add)
Lasiopodomys fuscus (Add)
Lasiopodomys mandarinus (Add)
Gen. Lemmiscus (Add)
Lemmiscus curtatus (Add)
Gen. Lemmus (Add)
Lemmus amurensis (Add)
Norway lemming, Lemmus lemmus

Lemmus portenkoi (Add)
Lemmus sheri (Add)
Lemmus sibiricus (Add)
North American Brown Lemming, Lemmus trimucronatus (Add)
Gen. Microtus (Add)
Microtus abbreviatus (Add)
Field Vole, Microtus agrestis

Microtus anatolicus (Add)
Common Vole, Microtus arvalis (Add)
Microtus bavaricus (Add)
Microtus brachycercus (Add)
Microtus breweri (Add)
Microtus cabrerae (Add)
Microtus californicus (Add)
Microtus canicaudus (Add)
Microtus chrotorrhinus (Add)
Microtus clarkei (Add)
Microtus daghestanicus (Add)
Microtus dogramacii (Add)
Microtus duodecimcostatus (Add)
Sibling vole, Microtus epiroticus (Add)
Microtus evoronensis (Add)
Microtus felteni (Add)
Microtus fortis (Add)
Microtus gerbei (Add)
Microtus gregalis (Add)
Microtus guatemalensis (Add)
Gunther's vole, Microtus guentheri (Add)
Microtus hyperboreus (Add)
Microtus ilaeus (Add)
Microtus irani (Add)
Microtus irene (Add)
Microtus juldaschi (Add)
Microtus kermanensis (Add)
Microtus kikuchii (Add)
Microtus kirgisorum (Add)
Microtus leucurus (Add)
Southern Vole, Microtus levis (Add)
Microtus liechtensteini (Add)
Microtus limnophilus (Add)
Microtus longicaudus (Add)
Microtus lusitanicus (Add)
Microtus majori (Add)
Microtus maximowiczii (Add)
Microtus mexicanus (Add)
Microtus middendorffi (Add)
Microtus miurus (Add)
Microtus mogollonensis (Add)
Microtus mongolicus (Add)
Microtus montanus (Add)
Microtus montebelli (Add)
Microtus mujanensis (Add)
Microtus multiplex (Add)
Microtus nasarovi (Add)
European Snow Vole, Microtus nivalis (Add)
Microtus oaxacensis (Add)
Common Vole, Microtus obscurus (Add)
Microtus ochrogaster (Add)
Tundra Vole, Microtus oeconomus (Add)
Microtus oregoni (Add)
Microtus paradoxus (Add)
Microtus pennsylvanicus (Add)
Microtus pinetorum (Add)
Microtus qazvinensis (Add)
Microtus quasiater (Add)
Microtus richardsoni (Add)
Microtus sachalinensis (Add)
Microtus savii (Add)
Microtus schelkovnikovi (Add)
Microtus schidlovskii (Add)
Microtus sikimensis (Add)
Social Vole, Microtus socialis (Add)
Microtus subterraneus (Add)
Microtus tatricus (Add)
Microtus thomasi (Add)
Microtus townsendii (Add)
Microtus transcaspicus (Add)
Microtus umbrosus (Add)
Microtus xanthognathus (Add)
Gen. Myodes (Add)
Myodes andersoni (Add)
Myodes californicus (Add)
Myodes centralis (Add)
Myodes gapperi (Add)
Bank Vole, Myodes glareolus

Myodes imaizumii (Add)
Myodes regulus (Add)
Myodes rex (Add)
Grey Red-Backed Vole, Myodes rufocanus (Add)
Northern Red-backed Vole, Myodes rutilus (Add)
Myodes shanseius (Add)
Myodes smithii (Add)
Gen. Myopus (Add)
Wood Lemming, Myopus schisticolor
Gen. Neodon (Add)
Neodon forresti (Add)
Neodon irene (Add)
Neodon juldashi (Add)
Neodon sikimensis (Add)
Gen. Neofiber (Add)
Neofiber alleni (Add)
Gen. Ondatra (Add)
Muskrat, Ondatra zibethicus

Gen. Phaiomys (Add)
Phaiomys leucurus (Add)
Gen. Phenacomys (Add)
Phenacomys intermedius (Add)
Phenacomys ungava (Add)
Gen. Proedromys (Add)
Proedromys bedfordi (Add)
Proedromys liangshanensis (Add)
Gen. Prometheomys (Add)
Prometheomys schaposchnikowi (Add)
Gen. Synaptomys (Add)
Synaptomys borealis (Add)
Synaptomys cooperi (Add)
Gen. Volemys (Add)
Volemys millicens (Add)
Volemys musseri (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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