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Tawny Owl

Ord. Owl --> Fam. True owl --> Striginae --> Gen. Strix -->

Strix aluco

"Tawny Wood Owl 灰林鴞 - IMG_8849" by Wayne Cheng via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

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Strix aluco aluco (Add)
Strix aluco biddulphi (Add)
Strix aluco harmsi (Add)
Strix aluco ma (Add)
Strix aluco mauritanica (Add)
Strix aluco nivicola (Add)
Strix aluco obrieni (Add)
Strix aluco obscurata (Add)
Strix aluco sanctinicolai (Add)
Strix aluco siberiae (Add)
Strix aluco sylvatica (Add)
Strix aluco volhyniae (Add)
Strix aluco willkonskii (Add)
Strix aluco yamadae (Add)

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