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Phylum Arthropoda --> Chelicerata --> Class Arachnids --> Ord. Spiders --> Opisthothelae --> Mygalomorphae -->


Distribution map

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Atracinae (Add)
Gen. Atrax (Add)
Sydney funnel-web spider, Atrax robustus

Atrax sutherlandi (Add)
Atrax yorkmainorum (Add)
Gen. Hadronyche (Add)
Hadronyche adelaidensis (Add)
Hadronyche alpina (Add)
Hadronyche annachristiae (Add)
Hadronyche anzses (Add)
Hadronyche cerberea (Add)
Hadronyche emmalizae (Add)
Hadronyche eyrei (Add)
Hadronyche flindersi (Add)
Hadronyche formidabilis (Add)
Hadronyche hirsuta (Add)
Hadronyche infensa (Add)
Hadronyche insularis (Add)
Hadronyche jensenae (Add)
Hadronyche kaputarensis (Add)
Hadronyche lamingtonensis (Add)
Hadronyche levittgreggae (Add)
Hadronyche lynabrae (Add)
Hadronyche macquariensis (Add)
Hadronyche marracoonda (Add)
Hadronyche mascordi (Add)
Hadronyche meridiana (Add)
Hadronyche modesta

Hadronyche monaro (Add)
Hadronyche monteithi (Add)
Hadronyche nimoola (Add)
Hadronyche orana (Add)
Hadronyche pulvinator (Add)
Hadronyche raveni (Add)
Hadronyche tambo (Add)
Hadronyche valida (Add)
Hadronyche venenata (Add)
Hadronyche versuta (Add)
Hadronyche walkeri (Add)
Gen. Illawarra (Add)
Illawarra wisharti (Add)
Hexathelinae (Add)
Gen. Bymainiella (Add)
Bymainiella lugubris (Add)
Bymainiella monteithi (Add)
Bymainiella polesoni (Add)
Bymainiella terraereginae (Add)
Gen. Hexathele (Add)
Hexathele cantuaria (Add)
Hexathele cavernicola (Add)
Hexathele exemplar (Add)
Hexathele hochstetteri (Add)
Hexathele huka (Add)
Hexathele huttoni (Add)
Hexathele kohua (Add)
Hexathele maitaia (Add)
Hexathele nigra (Add)
Hexathele otira (Add)
Hexathele para (Add)
Hexathele petriei (Add)
Hexathele pukea (Add)
Hexathele putuna (Add)
Hexathele ramsayi (Add)
Hexathele rupicola (Add)
Hexathele taumara (Add)
Hexathele waipa (Add)
Hexathele waita (Add)
Hexathele wiltoni (Add)
Gen. Mediothele (Add)
Mediothele australis (Add)
Gen. Paraembolides (Add)
Paraembolides boycei (Add)
Paraembolides boydi (Add)
Paraembolides brindabella (Add)
Paraembolides cannoni (Add)
Paraembolides grayi (Add)
Paraembolides montisbossi (Add)
Paraembolides tubrabucca (Add)
Paraembolides variabilis (Add)
Gen. Rosamygale (Add)
Rosamygale grauvogeli (Add)
Gen. Scotinoecus (Add)
Scotinoecus cinereopilosus (Add)
Scotinoecus fasciatus (Add)
Gen. Teranodes (Add)
Teranodes montanus (Add)
Teranodes otwayensis (Add)
Macrothelinae (Add)
Gen. Macrothele (Add)
Macrothele abrupta (Add)
Macrothele amamiensis (Add)
Macrothele bannaensis (Add)
Macrothele calpeiana (Add)
Macrothele camerunensis (Add)
Macrothele cretica (Add)
Macrothele decemnotata (Add)
Macrothele gigas

Macrothele guizhouensis (Add)
Macrothele holsti (Add)
Macrothele hunanica (Add)
Macrothele incisa (Add)
Macrothele maculata (Add)
Macrothele monocirculata (Add)
Macrothele palpator (Add)
Macrothele proserpina (Add)
Macrothele raveni (Add)
Macrothele segmentata (Add)
Macrothele simplicata (Add)
Macrothele taiwanensis (Add)
Macrothele triangularis (Add)
Macrothele variabiis (Add)
Macrothele vidua (Add)
Macrothele yaginumai

Macrothele yani (Add)
Macrothele yunnanica (Add)
Plesiothelinae (Add)
Gen. Plesiothele (Add)
Plesiothele fentoni (Add)
Gen. Porrhothele (Add)
Porrhothele antipodiana

Porrhothele blanda (Add)
Porrhothele moana (Add)
Porrhothele modesta (Add)
Porrhothele quadrigyna (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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