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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Orthoptera --> Caelifera --> Acrididea --> Acridoidea -->


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Cyrtacanthacridinae (Add)
Cyrtacanthacridini (Add)
Gen. Anacridium (Add)
Anacridium aegyptium (Add)
Anacridium burri (Add)
Anacridium deschauenseei (Add)
Anacridium eximium (Add)
Anacridium flavescens (Add)
Anacridium illustrissimum (Add)
Anacridium incisum (Add)
Anacridium javanicum (Add)
Anacridium melanorhodon (Add)
Anacridium moestum (Add)
Anacridium rehni (Add)
Anacridium rubrispinum (Add)
Anacridium wernerellum (Add)
Gen. Cyrtacanthacris (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris aeruginosa (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris celebensis (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris consanguinea (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris consobrina (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris neocaledonica (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris sulphurea (Add)
Cyrtacanthacris tatarica (Add)
Gen. Nomadacris (Add)
Nomadacris apicerca (Add)
Nomadacris avis (Add)
Nomadacris humilis (Add)
Nomadacris japonica (Add)
Nomadacris luteicornis (Add)
Nomadacris septemfasciata (Add)
Nomadacris succincta (Add)
Gen. Orthacanthacris (Add)
Gen. Rhadinacris (Add)
Gen. Schistocerca (Add)
Schistocerca albolineata (Add)
Schistocerca alutacea (Add)
Schistocerca americana (Add)
Schistocerca andeana (Add)
Schistocerca beckeri (Add)
Schistocerca bivittata (Add)
Schistocerca braziliensis (Add)
Schistocerca brevis (Add)
Schistocerca camerata (Add)
Schistocerca cancellata (Add)
Schistocerca carneipes (Add)
Schistocerca centralis (Add)
Schistocerca ceratiola (Add)
Schistocerca damnifica (Add)
Schistocerca diversipes (Add)
Schistocerca flavofasciata (Add)
Schistocerca gorgona (Add)
Desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Add)
Schistocerca impleta (Add)
Schistocerca interrita (Add)
Schistocerca lineata (Add)
Schistocerca literosa (Add)
Schistocerca magnifica (Add)
Schistocerca matogrosso (Add)
Schistocerca melanocera (Add)
Schistocerca nitens (Add)
Schistocerca obscura (Add)
Schistocerca orinoco (Add)
Schistocerca pallens (Add)
Schistocerca piceifrons (Add)
Schistocerca quisqueya (Add)
Schistocerca rubiginosa (Add)
Schistocerca serialis (Add)
Schistocerca shoshone (Add)
Schistocerca subspurcata (Add)
Gen. Valanga (Add)
Gen. Willemsea (Add)
Unassigned Cyrtacanthacridinae (Add)
Gen. Acanthacris (Add)
Acanthacris aithioptera (Add)
Acanthacris deckeni (Add)
Acanthacris elgonensis (Add)
Acanthacris ruficornis (Add)
Gen. Acridoderes (Add)
Gen. Adramita (Add)
Gen. Armatacris (Add)
Gen. Austracris (Add)
Gen. Bryophyma (Add)
Gen. Caledonula (Add)
Gen. Callichloracris (Add)
Gen. Chondracris (Add)
Gen. Congoa (Add)
Gen. Cristacridium (Add)
Gen. Finotina (Add)
Gen. Gowdeya (Add)
Gen. Halmenus (Add)
Gen. Hebridea (Add)
Gen. Kinkalidia (Add)
Gen. Kraussaria (Add)
Kraussaria angulifera (Add)
Kraussaria corallinipes (Add)
Kraussaria dius (Add)
Kraussaria prasina (Add)
Gen. Mabacris (Add)
Gen. Nichelius (Add)
Gen. Ootua (Add)
Gen. Ordinacris (Add)
Gen. Ornithacris (Add)
Ornithacris cavroisi (Add)
Ornithacris cyanea (Add)
Ornithacris pictula (Add)
Ornithacris turbida (Add)
Gen. Pachynotacris (Add)
Gen. Parakinkalidia (Add)
Gen. Ritchiella (Add)
Gen. Taiacris (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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