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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Superord. Dictyoptera --> Ord. Cockroach -->


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Anaplectinae (Add)
Gen. Anaplecta (Add)
Anaplecta australiensis (Add)
Anaplecta brachyptera (Add)
Anaplecta calosoma (Add)
Gen. Anaplectella (Add)
Gen. Anaplectoidea (Add)
Gen. Malaccina (Add)
Gen. Maraca (Add)
Maraca cabocla (Add)
Maraca horrida (Add)
Blattellinae (Add)
Gen. Blattella (Add)
Blattella asahinai (Add)
Blattella beybienkoi (Add)
Blattella bisignata (Add)
Blattella confusa (Add)
Blattella formosana (Add)
German cockroach, Blattella germanica

Blattella karnyi (Add)
Blattella lengleti (Add)
Blattella lituricollis (Add)
Blattella nipponica (Add)
Blattella sauteri (Add)
Blattella singularis (Add)
Blattella vaga (Add)
Gen. Franwalkeria (Add)
Gen. Gislenia (Add)
Gen. Neotemnopteryx (Add)
Gen. Ornatiblatta (Add)
Gen. Paratemnopteryx (Add)
Parcoblattini (Add)
Gen. Keyella (Add)
Gen. Neotemnopteryx (Add)
Neotemnopteryx fulva (Add)
Neotemnopteryx wynnei (Add)
Gen. Paratemnopteryx (Add)
Paratemnopteryx couloniana (Add)
Paratemnopteryx kookabinnensis (Add)
Paratemnopteryx rosensis (Add)
Paratemnopteryx weinsteini (Add)
Gen. Trogloblattella (Add)
Gen. Parellipsidion (Add)
Gen. Robshelfordia (Add)
Gen. Saltoblattella (Add)
Leaproach, Jumping Cockroach, Saltoblattella montistabularis

Gen. Scalida (Add)
Gen. Shawella (Add)
Gen. Xestoblatta (Add)
Ectobiinae (Add)
Gen. Africablatta (Add)
Gen. Aristiger (Add)
Gen. Burchellia (Add)
Gen. Choristima (Add)
Gen. Ectobius (Add)
Ectobius brunneri (Add)
Ectobius eckerleini (Add)
Ectobius lapponicus

Ectobius lucidus (Add)
Ectobius pallidus (Add)
Ectobius panzeri (Add)
Ectobius pyrenaicus (Add)
Ectobius sylvestris (Add)
Gen. Eutheganopteryx (Add)
Gen. Miothyrsocera (Add)
Gen. Phyllodromica (Add)
Phyllodromica montenegrina (Add)
Gen. Piroblatta (Add)
Gen. Theganopteryx (Add)
Nyctiborinae (Add)
Gen. Eunyctibora (Add)
Gen. Eushelfordia (Add)
Gen. Eushelfordiella (Add)
Gen. Megaloblatta (Add)
Gen. Muzoa (Add)
Gen. Nyctibora (Add)
Nyctibora acaciana (Add)
Nyctibora albuquerquei (Add)
Nyctibora azteca (Add)
Nyctibora bicolor (Add)
Nyctibora bohlsi (Add)
Nyctibora borellii (Add)
Nyctibora brunnea (Add)
Nyctibora confusa (Add)
Nyctibora dichropoda (Add)
Nyctibora fictor (Add)
Nyctibora glabra (Add)
Nyctibora gurneyi (Add)
Nyctibora humeralis (Add)
Nyctibora inedita (Add)
Nyctibora intermedia (Add)
Nyctibora laevigata (Add)
Nyctibora latipennis (Add)
Nyctibora lutzi (Add)
Nyctibora mexicana (Add)
Nyctibora minuta (Add)
Nyctibora neoglabra (Add)
Nyctibora noctivaga (Add)
Nyctibora obscura (Add)
Nyctibora princisi (Add)
Nyctibora sericea (Add)
Nyctibora sinop (Add)
Nyctibora stygia (Add)
Nyctibora tenebrosa (Add)
Nyctibora tetrasticta (Add)
Nyctibora truncata (Add)
Nyctibora tupi (Add)
Gen. Paramuzoa (Add)
Gen. Paratropes (Add)
Paratropes aequatorialis (Add)
Paratropes bilunata (Add)
Paratropes biolleyi (Add)
Paratropes elegans (Add)
Paratropes heydeniana (Add)
Paratropes lateralis (Add)
Paratropes lycoides (Add)
Paratropes metae (Add)
Paratropes mexicana (Add)
Paratropes otunensis (Add)
Paratropes pensa (Add)
Paratropes phalerata (Add)
Paratropes seabrai (Add)
Gen. Pseudischnoptera (Add)
Pseudophyllodromiinae (Add)
Gen. Afrobalta (Add)
Gen. Afroneura (Add)
Gen. Allacta (Add)
Gen. Amazonina (Add)
Amazonina roppai (Add)
Gen. Anareolaria (Add)
Gen. Apteroblatta (Add)
Gen. Arawakina (Add)
Gen. Areolaria (Add)
Gen. Asemoblattana (Add)
Gen. Balta (Add)
Balta barbellata (Add)
Balta bicolor (Add)
Balta curvirostris (Add)
Balta dissecta (Add)
Balta jinlinorum (Add)
Balta spinea (Add)
Balta spinescens (Add)
Gen. Cariblatta (Add)
Gen. Cariblattella (Add)
Cariblattella petrazulana (Add)
Gen. Cariblattoides (Add)
Gen. Celeriblattina (Add)
Celeriblattina major (Add)
Celeriblattina minor (Add)
Gen. Chorisoblatta (Add)
Gen. Chorisomaculata (Add)
Gen. Chorisoneura (Add)
Chorisoneura rochaesilvae (Add)
Gen. Chorisoneurodes (Add)
Gen. Chorisoserrata (Add)
Gen. Choristimodes (Add)
Gen. Delosia (Add)
Gen. Doradoblatta (Add)
Gen. Duryodana (Add)
Gen. Ectoneura (Add)
Gen. Ellipsidion (Add)
Gen. Euphyllodromia (Add)
Gen. Euthlastoblatta (Add)
Gen. Hemipterota (Add)
Gen. Imblattella (Add)
Gen. Latiblattella (Add)
Gen. Leuropeltis (Add)
Leuropeltis urubuzense (Add)
Gen. Liosilpha (Add)
Gen. Liosilphoidea (Add)
Gen. Lophoblatta (Add)
Gen. Lupparia (Add)
Gen. Margattea (Add)
Gen. Margatteoidea (Add)
Gen. Margattina (Add)
Gen. Matabelina (Add)
Gen. Mediastinia (Add)
Gen. Megamareta (Add)
Gen. Melyroidea (Add)
Gen. Nahublattella (Add)
Gen. Neoblattella (Add)
Gen. Nisibis (Add)
Gen. Oulopteryx (Add)
Gen. Pachnepteryx (Add)
Gen. Phidon (Add)
Gen. Plectoptera (Add)
Gen. Prosoplecta (Add)
Gen. Pseudobalta (Add)
Gen. Pseudophyllodromia (Add)
Gen. Riatia (Add)
Gen. Shelfordina (Add)
Shelfordina orchidae (Add)
Shelfordina volubilis (Add)
Gen. Sorineuchora (Add)
Gen. Stenectoneura (Add)
Gen. Sundablatta (Add)
Gen. Supella (Add)
Brown-banded cockroach, Supella longipalpa (Add)
Gen. Sutteriana (Add)
Gen. Tomeisneria (Add)
Gen. Trioblattella (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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