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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Lizards --> Scincomorpha --> Fam. Lacertidae -->


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Gen. Acanthodactylus (Add)
Acanthodactylus ahmaddisii (Add)
Acanthodactylus arabicus (Add)
Acanthodactylus aureus (Add)
Acanthodactylus bedriagai (Add)
Acanthodactylus beershebensis (Add)
Acanthodactylus blanci (Add)
Acanthodactylus blanfordii (Add)
Acanthodactylus boskianus (Add)
Acanthodactylus boueti (Add)
Acanthodactylus busacki (Add)
Acanthodactylus cantoris (Add)
Acanthodactylus dumerilii (Add)
Red-tailed Spiny-footed Lizard, Acanthodactylus erythrurus (Add)
Acanthodactylus felicis (Add)
Acanthodactylus gongrorhynchatus (Add)
Acanthodactylus grandis (Add)
Acanthodactylus guineensis (Add)
Acanthodactylus haasi (Add)
Acanthodactylus lineomaculatus (Add)
Acanthodactylus longipes (Add)
Acanthodactylus maculatus (Add)
Acanthodactylus masirae (Add)
Acanthodactylus micropholis (Add)
Acanthodactylus nilsoni (Add)
Acanthodactylus opheodurus (Add)
Acanthodactylus orientalis (Add)
Acanthodactylus pardalis (Add)
Acanthodactylus robustus (Add)
Acanthodactylus savignyi (Add)
Acanthodactylus schmidti (Add)
Acanthodactylus schreiberi (Add)
Acanthodactylus scutellatus (Add)
Acanthodactylus senegalensis (Add)
Acanthodactylus spinicauda (Add)
Acanthodactylus taghitensis (Add)
Acanthodactylus tilburyi (Add)
Acanthodactylus tristrami (Add)
Acanthodactylus yemenicus (Add)
Gen. Adolfus (Add)
Adolfus africanus (Add)
Adolfus alleni (Add)
Adolfus jacksoni (Add)
Adolfus vauereselli (Add)
Gen. Algyroides (Add)
Algyroides fitzingeri (Add)
Algyroides marchi (Add)
Greek algyroides, Algyroides moreoticus (Add)
Algyroides nigropunctatus (Add)
Gen. Australolacerta (Add)
Australolacerta australis (Add)
Australolacerta rupicola (Add)
Gen. Darevskia (Add)
Darevskia alpina (Add)
Darevskia armeniaca (Add)
Darevskia bendimahiensis (Add)
Darevskia brauneri (Add)
Darevskia caucasica (Add)
Darevskia clarkorum (Add)
Darevskia daghestanica (Add)
Darevskia dahli (Add)
Darevskia derjugini (Add)
Darevskia lindholmi (Add)
Darevskia mixta (Add)
Darevskia parvula (Add)
Darevskia portschinskii (Add)
Darevskia praticola (Add)
Darevskia raddei (Add)
Darevskia rostombekovi (Add)
Darevskia rudis (Add)
Darevskia sapphirina (Add)
Darevskia saxicola (Add)
Darevskia unisexualis (Add)
Darevskia uzzelli (Add)
Darevskia valentini (Add)
Gen. Eremias (Add)
Eremias acutirostris (Add)
Eremias afghanistanica (Add)
Eremias andersoni (Add)
Eremias argus (Add)
Steppe racer, Eremias arguta (Add)
Eremias aria (Add)
Eremias brenchleyi (Add)
Eremias buechneri (Add)
Eremias fasciata (Add)
Eremias grammica (Add)
Eremias intermedia (Add)
Eremias lalezharica (Add)
Eremias lineolata (Add)
Eremias montanus (Add)
Eremias multiocellata (Add)
Eremias nigrocellata (Add)
Eremias nigrolateralis (Add)
Eremias nikolskii (Add)
Eremias persica (Add)
Eremias pleskei (Add)
Eremias przewalskii (Add)
Eremias quadrifrons (Add)
Eremias regeli (Add)
Eremias scripta (Add)
Eremias strauchi (Add)
Eremias suphani (Add)
Slender racer, Eremias velox (Add)
Eremias vermiculata (Add)
Gen. Gastropholis (Add)
Gastropholis echinata (Add)
Gastropholis prasina (Add)
Gastropholis tropidopholis (Add)
Gastropholis vittata (Add)
Gen. Heliobolus (Add)
Heliobolus lugubris (Add)
Heliobolus neumanni (Add)
Heliobolus nitida (Add)
Heliobolus spekii (Add)
Gen. Holaspis (Add)
Holaspis guentheri (Add)
Holaspis laevis (Add)
Gen. Iberolacerta (Add)
Iberolacerta aranica (Add)
Iberolacerta aurelioi (Add)
Iberolacerta bonnali (Add)
Iberolacerta cyreni (Add)
Iberolacerta galani (Add)
Iberolacerta horvathi (Add)
Iberolacerta martinezricai (Add)
Iberolacerta monticola (Add)
Gen. Ichnotropis (Add)
Ichnotropis bivittata (Add)
Ichnotropis capensis (Add)
Ichnotropis chapini (Add)
Ichnotropis grandiceps (Add)
Ichnotropis microlepidota (Add)
Ichnotropis squamulosa (Add)
Ichnotropis tanganicana (Add)
Gen. Lacerta (Add)
Sand Lizard, Lacerta agilis

Lacerta anatolica (Add)
Lacerta bedriagae (Add)
Lacerta bilineata (Add)
Lacerta brandtii (Add)
Lacerta cappadocica (Add)
Lacerta chlorogaster (Add)
Lacerta cyanisparsa (Add)
Lacerta danfordi (Add)
Lacerta defilippii (Add)
Lacerta dryada (Add)
Madeiran Wall Lizard, Lacerta dugesii (Add)
Lacerta goliath (Add)
Lacerta graeca (Add)
Lacerta kulzeri (Add)
Lacerta laevis (Add)
Ocellated Lizard, Lacerta lepida

Lacerta maxima (Add)
Lacerta media (Add)
Lacerta mosorensis (Add)
Lacerta mostoufii (Add)
Lacerta oertzeni (Add)
Sharp-snouted rock lizard, Lacerta oxycephala

Lacerta pamphylica (Add)
Lacerta parva (Add)
Lacerta schreiberi (Add)
Lacerta siculimelitensis (Add)
Lacerta steineri (Add)
Lacerta strigata (Add)
Lacerta trilineata (Add)
European green lizard, Lacerta viridis

Lacerta yassujica (Add)
Lacerta zagrosica (Add)
Gen. Latastia (Add)
Latastia boscai (Add)
Latastia carinata (Add)
Latastia cherchii (Add)
Latastia doriai (Add)
Latastia johnstonii (Add)
Latastia lanzai (Add)
Latastia longicaudata (Add)
Latastia ornata (Add)
Latastia siebenrocki (Add)
Latastia taylori (Add)
Gen. Meroles (Add)
Meroles anchietae (Add)
Meroles ctenodactylus (Add)
Meroles cuneirostris (Add)
Meroles knoxii (Add)
Meroles micropholidotus (Add)
Meroles reticulatus (Add)
Meroles suborbitalis (Add)
Gen. Mesalina (Add)
Mesalina adramitana (Add)
Mesalina ayunensis (Add)
Mesalina bahaeldini (Add)
Mesalina balfouri (Add)
Mesalina brevirostris (Add)
Mesalina ercolinii (Add)
Mesalina guttulata (Add)
Mesalina kuri (Add)
Mesalina martini (Add)
Mesalina olivieri (Add)
Mesalina pasteuri (Add)
Mesalina rubropunctata (Add)
Mesalina simoni (Add)
Mesalina watsonana (Add)
Gen. Nucras (Add)
Nucras boulengeri (Add)
Nucras caesicaudata (Add)
Nucras intertexta (Add)
Nucras lalandii (Add)
Nucras livida (Add)
Nucras scalaris (Add)
Nucras taeniolata (Add)
Nucras tessellata (Add)
Gen. Omanosaura (Add)
Omanosaura cyanura (Add)
Omanosaura jayakari (Add)
Gen. Ophisops (Add)
Ophisops beddomei (Add)
Ophisops elbaensis (Add)
Snake-eyed Lizard, Ophisops elegans (Add)
Ophisops jerdonii (Add)
Ophisops leschenaultii (Add)
Ophisops microlepis (Add)
Ophisops minor (Add)
Ophisops occidentalis (Add)
Gen. Parvilacerta (Add)
Parvilacerta fraasii (Add)
Parvilacerta parva (Add)
Gen. Pedioplanis (Add)
Pedioplanis benguelensis (Add)
Pedioplanis breviceps (Add)
Pedioplanis burchelli (Add)
Pedioplanis gaerdesi (Add)
Pedioplanis husabensis (Add)
Pedioplanis laticeps (Add)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata (Add)
Pedioplanis namaquensis (Add)
Pedioplanis rubens (Add)
Pedioplanis undata (Add)
Gen. Philochortus (Add)
Philochortus hardeggeri (Add)
Philochortus intermedius (Add)
Philochortus lhotei (Add)
Philochortus neumanni (Add)
Philochortus phillipsi (Add)
Philochortus spinalis (Add)
Philochortus zolii (Add)
Gen. Podarcis (Add)
Podarcis bocagei (Add)
Podarcis carbonelli (Add)
Podarcis erhardii (Add)
Podarcis filfolensis (Add)
Podarcis gaigeae (Add)
Podarcis hispanica (Add)
Lilford's Wall Lizard, Podarcis lilfordi (Add)
Podarcis melisellensis (Add)
Podarcis milensis (Add)
Wall lizard, Podarcis muralis

Podarcis peloponnesiacus (Add)
Podarcis pityusensis (Add)
Podarcis raffonei (Add)
Italian wall lizard, Podarcis sicula (Add)
Podarcis tauricus (Add)
Podarcis tiliguertus (Add)
Podarcis vaucheri (Add)
Podarcis waglerianus (Add)
Gen. Poromera (Add)
Poromera fordii (Add)
Gen. Pseuderemias (Add)
Pseuderemias brenneri (Add)
Pseuderemias erythrosticta (Add)
Pseuderemias mucronata (Add)
Pseuderemias savagei (Add)
Pseuderemias septemstriata (Add)
Pseuderemias smithii (Add)
Pseuderemias striatus (Add)
Gen. Takydromus (Add)
Takydromus amurensis (Add)
Takydromus dorsalis (Add)
Takydromus formosanus (Add)
Takydromus hani (Add)
Takydromus haughtonianus (Add)
Takydromus hsuehshanensis (Add)
Takydromus intermedius (Add)
Takydromus khasiensis (Add)
Takydromus kuehnei (Add)
Takydromus sauteri (Add)
Takydromus septentrionalis (Add)
Takydromus sexlineatus (Add)
Takydromus smaragdinus (Add)
Takydromus stejnegeri (Add)
Takydromus sylvaticus (Add)
Takydromus tachydromoides (Add)
Takydromus toyamai (Add)
Takydromus wolteri (Add)
Gen. Teira (Add)
Teira andreanskyi (Add)
Madeiran wall lizard, Teira dugesii

Teira perspicillata (Add)
Gen. Timon (Add)
Ocellated Lizard, Timon lepidus (Add)
Timon pater (Add)
Timon princeps (Add)
Gen. Tropidosaura (Add)
Tropidosaura cottrelli (Add)
Tropidosaura essexi (Add)
Tropidosaura gularis (Add)
Tropidosaura montana (Add)
Gen. Viviparous lizard, Zootoca (Add)
Viviparous lizard, Zootoca vivipara

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