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Fam. Cavy Family, Caviidae

Thea Hauge Merkesdal ©.

Fam. Chinchillidae

"Chinchilla" by Just chaos via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Fam. New World porcupines, Erethizontidae

"Prehensile-tailed Porcupine (Coendou prehensilis)" by Cliff1066™ via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Fam. Myocastoridae

"IMG_5358" by Aigledayres via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Fam. Octodontidae

Ruben Undheim ©.

Fam. Blesmol, Bathyergidae

Rubund Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Fam. Old World porcupine, Hystricidae

"Porcupine @ Africa Alive, Suffolk" by Timparkinson via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.


Fam. Chinchilla rat, Abrocomidae (Add)
Fam. Hutia, Capromyidae (Add)
Fam. Cavy Family, Caviidae

Caviinae (Add)
Gen. Cavia (Add)
Brazilian guinea pig, Cavia aperea (Add)
Cavia fulgida (Add)
Cavia intermedia (Add)
Cavia magna (Add)
Cavia patzelti (Add)
Guinea pig, Cavia porcellus

Montane Guinea Pig, Cavia tschudii (Add)
Gen. Galea (Add)
Galea flavidens (Add)
Muenster yellow-toothed cavy, Galea monasteriensis (Add)
Common yellow-toothed cavy, Galea musteloides (Add)
Galea spixii (Add)
Gen. Microcavia (Add)
Southern mountain cavy, Microcavia australis (Add)
Microcavia niata (Add)
Microcavia shiptoni (Add)
Dolichotinae (Add)
Gen. Dolichotis (Add)
Patagonian Mara, Dolichotis patagonum

Chacoan Mara, Dolichotis salinicola (Add)
Hydrochoerinae (Add)
Gen. Hydrochoerus (Add)
Capybara, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Hydrochoerus isthmius (Add)
Gen. Kerodon (Add)
Kerodon acrobata (Add)
Rock cavy, Kerodon rupestris (Add)
Fam. Chinchillidae

Chinchillinae (Add)
Gen. Chinchilla (Add)
Chinchilla brevicauda (Add)
Long-tailed chinchilla, Chinchilla lanigera

Gen. Lagidium (Add)
Lagidium ahuacaense (Add)
Lagidium peruanum (Add)
Lagidium viscacia (Add)
Lagidium wolffsohni (Add)
Lagostominae (Add)
Gen. Lagostomus (Add)
Lagostomus crassus (Add)
Lagostomus maximus (Add)
Fam. Tuco-tuco, Ctenomyidae (Add)
Fam. Paca, Cuniculidae (Add)
Fam. Dasyproctidae (Add)
Fam. Dinomyidae (Add)
Fam. Spiny rat, Echimyidae
Dactylomyinae (Add)
Gen. Dactylomys (Add)
Dactylomys boliviensis (Add)
Dactylomys dactylinus (Add)
Dactylomys peruanus (Add)
Gen. Kannabateomys (Add)
Kannabateomys amblyonyx (Add)
Gen. Olallamys (Add)
Olallamys albicauda (Add)
Olallamys edax (Add)
Echimyinae (Add)
Gen. Callistomys (Add)
Callistomys pictus (Add)
Gen. Diplomys (Add)
Diplomys caniceps (Add)
Diplomys labilis (Add)
Diplomys rufodorsalis (Add)
Gen. Echimys (Add)
Echimys blainvillei (Add)
Echimys braziliensis (Add)
Echimys chrysurus (Add)
Echimys dasythrix (Add)
Echimys grandis (Add)
Echimys lamarum (Add)
Echimys macrurus (Add)
Echimys nigrispinus (Add)
Echimys pictus (Add)
Echimys rhipidurus (Add)
Echimys saturnus (Add)
Echimys semivillosus (Add)
Echimys thomasi (Add)
Echimys unicolor (Add)
Gen. Isothrix (Add)
Isothrix barbarabrownae (Add)
Isothrix bistriata (Add)
Isothrix negrensis (Add)
Isothrix pagurus (Add)
Isothrix sinnamariensis (Add)
Gen. Makalata (Add)
Makalata armata (Add)
Gen. Pattonomys (Add)
Gen. Phyllomys (Add)
Phyllomys brasiliensis (Add)
Phyllomys thomasi (Add)
Phyllomys unicolor (Add)
Gen. Santamartamys (Add)
Eumysopinae (Add)
Gen. Carterodon (Add)
Carterodon sulcidens (Add)
Gen. Clyomys (Add)
Clyomys bishopi (Add)
Clyomys laticeps (Add)
Gen. Euryzygomatomys (Add)
Euryzygomatomys spinosus (Add)
Gen. Hoplomys (Add)
Hoplomys gymnurus (Add)
Gen. Lonchothrix (Add)
Lonchothrix emiliae (Add)
Gen. Mesomys (Add)
Mesomys didelphoides (Add)
Mesomys hispidus (Add)
Mesomys leniceps (Add)
Mesomys obscurus (Add)
Mesomys stimulax (Add)
Gen. Proechimys (Add)
Proechimys albispinus (Add)
Proechimys amphichoricus (Add)
Proechimys bolivianus (Add)
Proechimys brevicauda (Add)
Proechimys canicollis (Add)
Proechimys cayennensis (Add)
Proechimys chrysaeolus (Add)
Proechimys cuvieri (Add)
Proechimys decumanus (Add)
Proechimys dimidiatus (Add)
Proechimys goeldii (Add)
Proechimys gorgonae (Add)
Proechimys guairae (Add)
Proechimys gularis (Add)
Proechimys hendeei (Add)
Proechimys hoplomyoides (Add)
Proechimys iheringi (Add)
Proechimys longicaudatus (Add)
Proechimys magdalenae (Add)
Proechimys mincae (Add)
Proechimys myosuros (Add)
Proechimys oconnelli (Add)
Proechimys oris (Add)
Proechimys poliopus (Add)
Proechimys quadruplicatus (Add)
Proechimys semispinosus (Add)
Proechimys setosus (Add)
Proechimys simonsi (Add)
Proechimys steerei (Add)
Proechimys trinitatis (Add)
Proechimys urichi (Add)
Proechimys warreni (Add)
Gen. Thrichomys (Add)
Thrichomys apereoides (Add)
Thrichomys inermis (Add)
Thrichomys laurentius (Add)
Thrichomys pachyurus (Add)
Heteropsomyinae (Add)
Gen. Boromys (Add)
Boromys offella (Add)
Boromys torrei (Add)
Gen. Brotomys (Add)
Brotomys contractus (Add)
Brotomys voratus (Add)
Gen. Heteropsomys (Add)
Heteropsomys antillensis (Add)
Heteropsomys insulans (Add)
Gen. Puertoricomys (Add)
Puertoricomys corozalus (Add)
Fam. New World porcupines, Erethizontidae

Chaetomyinae (Add)
Gen. Chaetomys (Add)
Chaetomys subspinosus (Add)
Erethizontinae (Add)
Gen. Coendou (Add)
Coendou bicolor (Add)
Coendou nycthemera (Add)
Brazilian Porcupine, Coendou prehensilis

Coendou rothschildi (Add)
Gen. Echinoprocta (Add)
Echinoprocta rufescens (Add)
Gen. Erethizon (Add)
Erethizon dorsatum (Add)
Gen. Sphiggurus (Add)
Sphiggurus ichillus (Add)
Sphiggurus insidiosus (Add)
Sphiggurus melanurus (Add)
Sphiggurus mexicanus (Add)
Sphiggurus pallidus (Add)
Sphiggurus quichua (Add)
Sphiggurus roosmalenorum (Add)
Sphiggurus spinosus (Add)
Sphiggurus vestitus (Add)
Sphiggurus villosus (Add)
Fam. Giant hutia, Heptaxodontidae (Add)
Fam. Myocastoridae

Gen. Myocastor (Add)
Coypu, Myocastor coypus

Fam. Octodontidae

Gen. Aconaemys (Add)
Aconaemys fuscus (Add)
Aconaemys sagei (Add)
Gen. Octodon (Add)
Bridges' degu, Octodon bridgesi (Add)
Degu, Octodon degus

Moon-toothed Degu, Octodon lunatus (Add)
Pacific Degu, Octodon pacificus (Add)
Gen. Mountain Degu, Octodontomys (Add)
Mountain Degu, Octodontomys gliroides (Add)
Gen. Octomys (Add)
Viscacha rat, Octomys mimax (Add)
Gen. Pipanacoctomys (Add)
Golden Vizcacha Rat, Pipanacoctomys aureus (Add)
Gen. Salinoctomys (Add)
Chalchalero vizcacha rat, Salinoctomys loschalchalerosorum (Add)
Gen. Spalacopus (Add)
Coruro, Spalacopus cyanus (Add)
Gen. Tympanoctomys (Add)
Plains Viscacha Rat, Tympanoctomys barrerae (Add)
Tympanoctomys cordubensis (Add)
Ctenodactylomorphi (Add)
Fam. Gundis, Ctenodactylidae (Add)
Fam. Diatomyidae
Gen. Diatomys (Add)
Gen. Fallomus (Add)
Fallomus ginsburgi (Add)
Fallomus quraishyi (Add)
Fallomus razae (Add)
Gen. Laonastes (Add)
Laonastes aenigmamus (Add)
Gen. Marymus (Add)
Gen. Pierremus (Add)
Pierremus explorator (Add)
Pierremus ladakhensis (Add)
Gen. Willmus (Add)
Phiomorpha (Add)
Fam. Blesmol, Bathyergidae

Gen. Bathyergus (Add)
Bathyergus janetta (Add)
Bathyergus suillus (Add)
Gen. Cryptomys (Add)
Cryptomys anomalus (Add)
Cryptomys holosericeus (Add)
Cryptomys hottentotus (Add)
Cryptomys natalensis (Add)
Cryptomys nimrodi (Add)
Gen. Fukomys (Add)
Fukomys amatus (Add)
Fukomys anselli

Fukomys bocagei (Add)
Fukomys damarensis

Fukomys darlingi (Add)
Fukomys foxi (Add)
Fukomys ilariae (Add)
Fukomys kafuensis (Add)
Fukomys mechowi (Add)
Fukomys micklemi (Add)
Fukomys occlusus (Add)
Fukomys ochraceocinereus (Add)
Fukomys whytei (Add)
Fukomys zechi (Add)
Gen. Georychus (Add)
Cape Mole Rat, Georychus capensis (Add)
Gen. Heliophobius (Add)
Silvery mole rat, Heliophobius argenteocinereus (Add)
Gen. Naked mole rat, Heterocephalus (Add)
Naked mole rat, Heterocephalus glaber (Add)
Fam. Old World porcupine, Hystricidae

Gen. Atherurus (Add)
Atherurus africanus (Add)
Atherurus macrourus (Add)
Gen. Hystrix (Add)
Hystrix africaeaustralis (Add)
Hystrix brachyura (Add)
Hystrix crassispinis (Add)
Crested porcupine, Hystrix cristata

Hystrix hodgsoni (Add)
Hystrix indica (Add)
Hystrix javanica (Add)
Hystrix pumila (Add)
Hystrix sumatrae (Add)
Gen. Trichys (Add)
Trichys fasciculata (Add)
Fam. Petromuridae (Add)
Fam. Cane rat, Thryonomyidae
Gen. Thryonomys (Add)
Lesser Cane Rat, Thryonomys gregorianus (Add)
Greater Cane Rat, Thryonomys swinderianus (Add)

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