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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Reptiles --> Ord. Squamata --> Lizards --> Diploglossa --> Fam. Anguidae -->


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Gen. Abronia (Add)
Abronia anzuetoi (Add)
Abronia aurita (Add)
Abronia bogerti (Add)
Abronia campbelli (Add)
Abronia chiszari (Add)
Abronia deppii (Add)
Abronia fimbriata (Add)
Abronia frosti (Add)
Abronia fuscolabialis (Add)
Abronia gaiophantasma (Add)
Abronia graminea (Add)
Abronia leurolepis (Add)
Abronia lythrochila (Add)
Abronia martindelcampoi (Add)
Abronia matudai (Add)
Abronia meledona (Add)
Abronia mitchelli (Add)
Abronia mixteca (Add)
Abronia montecristoi (Add)
Abronia oaxacae (Add)
Abronia ochoterenai (Add)
Abronia ornelasi (Add)
Abronia ramirezi (Add)
Abronia reidi (Add)
Abronia salvadorensis (Add)
Abronia smithi (Add)
Abronia taeniata
Gen. Barisia (Add)
Barisia herrerae (Add)
Barisia imbricata
Barisia levicollis (Add)
Barisia rudicollis (Add)
Gen. Coloptychon (Add)
Coloptychon rhombifer (Add)
Gen. Elgaria (Add)
Northern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria coerulea
Elgaria kingii
Southern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria multicarinata
Elgaria panamintina (Add)
Elgaria paucicarinata (Add)
Elgaria velazquezi (Add)
Gen. Gerrhonotus (Add)
Gerrhonotus infernalis (Add)
Gerrhonotus liocephalus
Gerrhonotus lugoi (Add)
Gerrhonotus parvus (Add)
Gen. Mesaspis (Add)
Mesaspis antauges (Add)
Mesaspis gadovii (Add)
Mesaspis juarezi (Add)
Mesaspis monticola (Add)
Mesaspis moreletii
Mesaspis viridiflava (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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