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Phylum Echinoderms --> Asterozoa --> Class Starfish --> Ord. Forcipulatida -->


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Gen. Ampheraster (Add)
Ampheraster atactus (Add)
Ampheraster chiroplus (Add)
Ampheraster marianus (Add)
Gen. Anteliaster (Add)
Anteliaster coscinactis (Add)
Anteliaster megatretus (Add)
Anteliaster microgenys (Add)
Gen. Aphanasterias (Add)
Aphanasterias pycnopodia (Add)
Gen. Asterias (Add)
Northern Pacific seastar, Asterias amurensis (Add)
Asterias forbesi (Add)
Asterias rathbuni (Add)
Common starfish, Asterias rubens (Add)
Asterias tanneri (Add)
Gen. Astrometis (Add)
Astrometis californica (Add)
Astrometis sertulifera (Add)
Gen. Coronaster (Add)
Coronaster briareus (Add)
Gen. Coscinasterias (Add)
Coscinasterias calamaria

Coscinasterias tenuispina

Gen. Evasterias (Add)
Evasterias echinosoma (Add)
Evasterias troschelii (Add)
Gen. Leptasterias (Add)
Leptasterias alaskensis (Add)
Leptasterias aleutica (Add)
Leptasterias arctica (Add)
Leptasterias asteira (Add)
Leptasterias camtschatica (Add)
Leptasterias coei (Add)
Leptasterias fisheri (Add)
Leptasterias groenlandica (Add)
Leptasterias hexactis (Add)
Leptasterias hylodes (Add)
Leptasterias hyperborea (Add)
Leptasterias leptalea (Add)
Leptasterias leptodoma (Add)
Leptasterias littoralis (Add)
Leptasterias muelleri (Add)
Leptasterias nanimemsis (Add)
Leptasterias polaris (Add)
Leptasterias pusilla (Add)
Leptasterias stolocantha (Add)
Leptasterias tenera (Add)
Gen. Lethasterias (Add)
Lethasterias nanimensis (Add)
Gen. Marthasterias (Add)
Marthasterias glacialis (Add)
Gen. Orthasterias (Add)
Orthasterias koehleri (Add)
Gen. Pedicellaster (Add)
Pedicellaster magister (Add)
Pedicellaster typicus (Add)
Gen. Pisaster (Add)
Pink Sea Star, Pisaster brevispinus

Pisaster giganteus (Add)
Ochre Sea Star, Pisaster ochraceus

Gen. Pycnopodia (Add)
Pycnopodia helianthoides (Add)
Gen. Rathburnaster (Add)
Rathburnaster californicus (Add)
Gen. Sclerasterias (Add)
Sclerasterias contorta (Add)
Sclerasterias heteropaes (Add)
Sclerasterias tanneri (Add)
Gen. Stenasterias (Add)
Stenasterias macropora (Add)
Gen. Stephanasterias (Add)
Stephanasterias albula (Add)
Gen. Stichastrella (Add)
Stichastrella rosea (Add)
Gen. Stylasterias (Add)
Stylasterias forreri (Add)
Gen. Tarsaster (Add)
Tarsaster alaskensis (Add)
Gen. Urasterias (Add)
Urasterias lincki (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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