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Ord. Bat --> Microchiroptera --> Vespertilionoidea --> Fam. Vesper bat --> Vespertilioninae --> Pipistrellini -->


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Pipistrellus (Perimyotis) (Add)
Pipistrellus subflavus (Add)
Pipistrellus subflavus clarus (Add)
Pipistrellus subflavus floridanus (Add)
Pipistrellus subflavus subflavus (Add)
Pipistrellus subflavus veraecrucis (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) (Add)
Pipistrellus abramus (Add)
Pipistrellus adamsi (Add)
Pipistrellus aero (Add)
Pipistrellus angulatus (Add)
Pipistrellus angulatus angulatus (Add)
Pipistrellus angulatus ponceleti (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus borneanus (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus ceylonicus (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus indicus (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus raptor (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus shanorum (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus subcanus (Add)
Pipistrellus ceylonicus tongfangensis (Add)
Pipistrellus collinus (Add)
Pipistrellus coromandra (Add)
Pipistrellus deserti (Add)
Pipistrellus endoi (Add)
Pipistrellus hesperidus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) hesperidus subtilis (Add)
Pipistrellus hesperidus fuscatus (Add)
Pipistrellus hesperidus hesperidus (Add)
Pipistrellus hesperus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) hesperus hesperus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) hesperus maximus (Add)
Pipistrellus inexspectatus (Add)
Pipistrellus javanicus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) javanicus babu (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) javanicus camortae (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) javanicus javanicus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) javanicus meyeni (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) javanicus peguensis (Add)
Pipistrellus kuhlii (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) kuhlii ikhwanius (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) kuhlii kuhlii (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) kuhlii lepidus (Add)
Pipistrellus maderensis (Add)
Pipistrellus minahassae (Add)
Pipistrellus nanulus (Add)
Pipistrellus nathusii (Add)
Pipistrellus papuanus (Add)
Pipistrellus paterculus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) paterculus paterculus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) paterculus yunnanensis (Add)
Pipistrellus permixtus (Add)
Common Pipistrelle, Pipistrellus pipistrellus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) pipistrellus aladdin (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) pipistrellus pipistrellus (Add)
Soprano Pipistrelle, Pipistrellus pygmaeus (Add)
Pipistrellus rueppellii (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rueppellii coxi (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rueppellii fuscipes (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rueppellii pulcher (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rueppellii rueppellii (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rueppellii senegalensis (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rueppellii vernayi (Add)
Pipistrellus rusticus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rusticus marrensis (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) rusticus rusticus (Add)
Pipistrellus stenopterus (Add)
Pipistrellus sturdeei (Add)
Pipistrellus tenuis (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis mimus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis murrayi (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis nitidus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis ponceleti (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis portensis (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis sewelanus (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis subulidens (Add)
Pipistrellus (Pipistrellus) tenuis tenuis (Add)
Pipistrellus wattsi (Add)
Pipistrellus westralis (Add)

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