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Phylum Chordata --> Vertebrata --> Gnathostomata --> Class Birds --> Superord. Neognathae --> Neoaves --> Ord. Owl --> Fam. True owl -->


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Tengmalm's Owl, Aegolius funereus

"Tengmalms Owl" by Alastair Rae via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Burrowing Owl, Athene cunicularia

"CORUJA-BURAQUEIRA ( Athene cunicularia )" by Dario Sanches via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Glaucidium passerinum

Morten Jørgen Didriksen Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Glaucidium perlatum

Geir Ommundsen ©.

Elf Owl, Micrathene whitneyi

"Elf Owl (Micrathene whitneyi)" by Dominic sherony via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Northern Hawk-Owl, Surnia ulula

Ole E Torsteinsen ©.


Gen. Aegolius (Add)
Northern Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius acadicus (Add)
Aegolius acadicus acadicus (Add)
Aegolius acadicus brodkorbi (Add)
Aegolius acadicus brooksi (Add)
Tengmalm's Owl, Aegolius funereus

Aegolius funereus beickianus (Add)
Aegolius funereus caucasicus (Add)
Aegolius funereus funereus (Add)
Aegolius funereus jakutorum (Add)
Aegolius funereus juniperi (Add)
Aegolius funereus magnus (Add)
Aegolius funereus pallens (Add)
Aegolius funereus richardsoni (Add)
Aegolius funereus sibiricus (Add)
Buff-fronted Owl, Aegolius harrisii (Add)
Aegolius harrisii dabbenei (Add)
Aegolius harrisii harrisii (Add)
Aegolius harrisii iheringi (Add)
Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius ridgwayi (Add)
Aegolius ridgwayi ridgwayi (Add)
Aegolius ridgwayi rostratus (Add)
Aegolius ridgwayi tacanensis (Add)
Gen. Athene (Add)
Spotted Owlet, Athene brama (Add)
Athene brama albida (Add)
Athene brama brama (Add)
Athene brama indica (Add)
Athene brama mayri (Add)
Athene brama pulchra (Add)
Athene brama ultra (Add)
Burrowing Owl, Athene cunicularia

Athene cunicularia amaura (Add)
Athene cunicularia apurensis (Add)
Athene cunicularia arubensis (Add)
Athene cunicularia boliviana (Add)
Athene cunicularia brachyptera (Add)
Athene cunicularia carrikeri (Add)
Athene cunicularia cunicularia (Add)
Athene cunicularia floridana (Add)
Athene cunicularia grallaria (Add)
Athene cunicularia guadeloupensis (Add)
Athene cunicularia guantanamensis (Add)
Athene cunicularia hypugaea (Add)
Athene cunicularia intermedia (Add)
Athene cunicularia juninensis (Add)
Athene cunicularia minor (Add)
Athene cunicularia nanodes (Add)
Athene cunicularia partridge (Add)
Athene cunicularia pichinchae (Add)
Athene cunicularia providentiae (Add)
Athene cunicularia punensis (Add)
Athene cunicularia rostrata (Add)
Athene cunicularia tolimae (Add)
Athene cunicularia troglodytes (Add)
Little Owl, Athene noctua (Add)
Athene noctua bactriana (Add)
Athene noctua cantabriensis (Add)
Athene noctua daciae (Add)
Athene noctua glaux (Add)
Athene noctua grueni (Add)
Athene noctua impasta (Add)
Athene noctua indigena (Add)
Athene noctua lilith (Add)
Athene noctua ludlowi (Add)
Athene noctua noctua (Add)
Athene noctua orientalis (Add)
Athene noctua plumipes (Add)
Athene noctua saharae (Add)
Athene noctua salentina (Add)
Athene noctua sarda (Add)
Athene noctua solitudinis (Add)
Athene noctua somaliensis (Add)
Athene noctua spilogastra (Add)
Athene noctua vidalii (Add)
Gen. Glaucidium (Add)
Glaucidium albertinum (Add)
Glaucidium bolivianum (Add)
Glaucidium brasilianum (Add)
Glaucidium brodiei (Add)
Glaucidium californicum (Add)
Glaucidium capense (Add)
Glaucidium castaneum (Add)
Glaucidium castanonotum (Add)
Glaucidium castanopterum (Add)
Glaucidium cobanense (Add)
Glaucidium costaricanum (Add)
Glaucidium cuculoides (Add)
Glaucidium gnoma (Add)
Glaucidium griseiceps (Add)
Glaucidium hardyi (Add)
Glaucidium hoskinsii (Add)
Glaucidium jardinii (Add)
Glaucidium minutissimum (Add)
Glaucidium mooreorum (Add)
Glaucidium nanum (Add)
Glaucidium nubicola (Add)
Glaucidium palmarum (Add)
Glaucidium parkeri (Add)
Glaucidium passerinum

Glaucidium perlatum

Glaucidium peruanum (Add)
Glaucidium radiatum (Add)
Glaucidium sanchezi (Add)
Glaucidium siju (Add)
Glaucidium sjostedti (Add)
Glaucidium tephronotum (Add)
Glaucidium tucumanum (Add)
Gen. Heteroglaux (Add)
Forest Owlet, Heteroglaux blewitti (Add)
Gen. Micrathene (Add)
Elf Owl, Micrathene whitneyi

Micrathene whitneyi graysoni (Add)
Micrathene whitneyi idonea (Add)
Micrathene whitneyi sanfordi (Add)
Micrathene whitneyi whitneyi (Add)
Gen. Ninox (Add)
Ninox affinis (Add)
Ninox affinis affinis (Add)
Ninox affinis isolata (Add)
Ninox affinis rexpimenti (Add)
Southern Boobook, Ninox boobook (Add)
Ninox boobook arida (Add)
Ninox boobook boobook (Add)
Ninox boobook cinnamomina (Add)
Ninox boobook fusca (Add)
Ninox boobook halmaturina (Add)
Ninox boobook lurida (Add)
Ninox boobook marmorata (Add)
Ninox boobook moae (Add)
Ninox boobook ocellata (Add)
Ninox boobook plesseni (Add)
Ninox boobook pusilla (Add)
Ninox boobook remigialis (Add)
Ninox boobook rotiensis (Add)
Ninox boobook rufigaster (Add)
Ninox burhani (Add)
Ninox connivens (Add)
Ninox connivens addenda (Add)
Ninox connivens assimilis (Add)
Ninox connivens connivens (Add)
Ninox connivens enigma (Add)
Ninox connivens peninsularis (Add)
Ninox connivens rufostrigata (Add)
Ninox ios (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti eichhorni (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti floridae (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti granti (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti jacquinoti (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti malaitae (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti mono (Add)
Ninox jacquinoti roseoaxillaris (Add)
Ninox japonica (Add)
Ninox japonica japonica (Add)
Ninox japonica totogo (Add)
Ninox japonica yamashinae (Add)
Ninox meeki (Add)
Christmas Boobook, Ninox natalis (Add)
Southern Boobook, Ninox novaeseelandiae (Add)
Ninox novaeseelandiae albaria (Add)
Ninox novaeseelandiae leucopsis (Add)
Ninox novaeseelandiae novaeseelandiae (Add)
Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata (Add)
Ninox ochracea (Add)
Ninox odiosa (Add)
Ninox philippensis (Add)
Ninox philippensis centralis (Add)
Ninox philippensis everetti (Add)
Ninox philippensis mindorensis (Add)
Ninox philippensis philippensis (Add)
Ninox philippensis proxima (Add)
Ninox philippensis reyi (Add)
Ninox philippensis spilocephala (Add)
Ninox philippensis spilonota (Add)
Ninox philippensis ticaoensis (Add)
Ninox punctulata (Add)
Ninox rudolfi (Add)
Ninox rufa (Add)
Ninox rufa aruensis (Add)
Ninox rufa humeralis (Add)
Ninox rufa marginata (Add)
Ninox rufa meesi (Add)
Ninox rufa queenslandica (Add)
Ninox rufa rufa (Add)
Ninox scutulata (Add)
Ninox scutulata borneensis (Add)
Ninox scutulata burmarnica (Add)
Ninox scutulata florensis (Add)
Ninox scutulata hirsuta (Add)
Ninox scutulata javanensis (Add)
Ninox scutulata lugubris (Add)
Ninox scutulata malaccensis (Add)
Ninox scutulata obscura (Add)
Ninox scutulata palawanensis (Add)
Ninox scutulata randi (Add)
Ninox scutulata scutulata (Add)
Ninox scutulata ussuriensis (Add)
Ninox squamipila (Add)
Ninox squamipila forbesi (Add)
Ninox squamipila hantu (Add)
Ninox squamipila hypogramma (Add)
Ninox squamipila squamipila (Add)
Ninox strenua (Add)
Ninox sumbaensis (Add)
Ninox superciliaris (Add)
Ninox theomacha (Add)
Ninox theomacha goldii (Add)
Ninox theomacha hoedtii (Add)
Ninox theomacha rosseliana (Add)
Ninox theomacha theomacha (Add)
New Ireland Boobook, Ninox variegata (Add)
Ninox variegata superior (Add)
Ninox variegata variegata (Add)
Gen. Sceloglaux (Add)
Laughing Owl, Sceloglaux albifacies (Add)
Sceloglaux albifacies albifacies (Add)
Sceloglaux albifacies rufifacies (Add)
Gen. Surnia (Add)
Northern Hawk-Owl, Surnia ulula

Surnia ulula caparoch (Add)
Surnia ulula tianschanica (Add)
Surnia ulula ulula (Add)
Gen. Uroglaux (Add)
Papuan Hawk Owl, Uroglaux dimorpha (Add)
Gen. Xenoglaux (Add)
Long-whiskered Owlet, Xenoglaux loweryi (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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