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Fam. Trapdoor spider

Phylum Arthropoda --> Chelicerata --> Class Arachnids --> Ord. Spiders --> Opisthothelae --> Mygalomorphae -->


Distribution map

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Ctenizinae (Add)
Gen. Bothriocyrtum (Add)
Bothriocyrtum californicum (Add)
Bothriocyrtum fabrile (Add)
Bothriocyrtum tractabile (Add)
Gen. Cteniza (Add)
Cteniza brevidens (Add)
Cteniza ferghanensis (Add)
Cteniza moggridgei (Add)
Cteniza sauvagesi (Add)
Gen. Cyclocosmia (Add)
Cyclocosmia lannaensis (Add)
Cyclocosmia latusicosta (Add)
Cyclocosmia loricata (Add)
Cyclocosmia ricketti (Add)
Cyclocosmia siamensis (Add)
Cyclocosmia torreya (Add)
Cyclocosmia truncata (Add)
Gen. Cyrtocarenum (Add)
Cyrtocarenum cunicularium (Add)
Cyrtocarenum grajum (Add)
Gen. Latouchia (Add)
Latouchia batuensis (Add)
Latouchia cornuta (Add)
Latouchia cryptica (Add)
Latouchia cunicularia (Add)
Latouchia davidi (Add)
Latouchia fasciata (Add)
Latouchia formosensis (Add)
Latouchia fossoria (Add)
Latouchia hunanensis (Add)
Latouchia japonica (Add)
Latouchia kitabensis (Add)
Latouchia parameleomene

Latouchia pavlovi (Add)
Latouchia swinhoei

Latouchia typica (Add)
Latouchia vinhiensis (Add)
Gen. Stasimopus (Add)
Stasimopus artifex (Add)
Stasimopus astutus (Add)
Stasimopus bimaculatus (Add)
Stasimopus brevipalpis (Add)
Stasimopus caffrus (Add)
Stasimopus castaneus (Add)
Stasimopus coronatus (Add)
Stasimopus dreyeri (Add)
Stasimopus dubius (Add)
Stasimopus erythrognathus (Add)
Stasimopus fordi (Add)
Stasimopus gigas (Add)
Stasimopus gumbu (Add)
Stasimopus insculptus (Add)
Stasimopus kentanicus (Add)
Stasimopus kolbei (Add)
Stasimopus leipoldti (Add)
Stasimopus longipalpis (Add)
Stasimopus mandelai (Add)
Stasimopus maraisi (Add)
Stasimopus meyeri (Add)
Stasimopus minor (Add)
Stasimopus nanus (Add)
Stasimopus nigellus (Add)
Stasimopus obscurus (Add)
Stasimopus oculatus (Add)
Stasimopus palpiger (Add)
Stasimopus patersonae (Add)
Stasimopus poweri (Add)
Stasimopus purcelli (Add)
Stasimopus quadratimaculatus (Add)
Stasimopus robertsi (Add)
Stasimopus rufidens (Add)
Stasimopus schoenlandi (Add)
Stasimopus schreineri (Add)
Stasimopus schultzei (Add)
Stasimopus spinipes (Add)
Stasimopus spinosus (Add)
Stasimopus steynburgensis (Add)
Stasimopus suffuscus (Add)
Stasimopus tysoni (Add)
Stasimopus umtaticus (Add)
Stasimopus unispinosus (Add)
Pachylomerinae (Add)
Gen. Conothele (Add)
Conothele arboricola (Add)
Conothele birmanica (Add)
Conothele cambridgei (Add)
Conothele doleschalli (Add)
Conothele ferox (Add)
Conothele fragaria (Add)
Conothele gressitti (Add)
Conothele hebredisiana (Add)
Conothele lampra (Add)
Conothele limatior (Add)
Conothele malayana (Add)
Conothele nigriceps (Add)
Conothele spinosa (Add)
Conothele taiwanensis (Add)
Conothele trachypus (Add)
Conothele truncicola (Add)
Gen. Hebestatis (Add)
Hebestatis lanthanus (Add)
Hebestatis theveneti (Add)
Gen. Ummidia (Add)
Ummidia absoluta (Add)
Ummidia aedificatoria (Add)
Ummidia armata (Add)
Ummidia asperula (Add)
Ummidia audouini (Add)
Ummidia beatula (Add)
Ummidia carabivora (Add)
Ummidia celsa (Add)
Ummidia erema (Add)
Ummidia funerea (Add)
Ummidia gandjinoi (Add)
Ummidia glabra (Add)
Ummidia modesta (Add)
Ummidia nidulans (Add)
Ummidia oaxacana (Add)
Ummidia occidentalis (Add)
Ummidia pustulosa (Add)
Ummidia pygmaea (Add)
Ummidia rugosa (Add)
Ummidia salebrosa (Add)
Ummidia taiwanensis (Add)
Ummidia tuobita (Add)
Ummidia zebrina (Add)
Ummidia zilchi (Add)

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