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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Fly --> Brachycera --> Stratiomyomorpha -->


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Antissinae (Add)
Gen. Anacanthella (Add)
Gen. Antissa (Add)
Gen. Antissella (Add)
Gen. Cyanauges (Add)
Gen. Discopteromyia (Add)
Gen. Exodontha (Add)
Gen. Lecomyia (Add)
Beridinae (Add)
Gen. Actina (Add)
Gen. Actinomyia (Add)
Gen. Allognosta (Add)
Gen. Anexaireta (Add)
Gen. Archistratiomys (Add)
Gen. Arcuavena (Add)
Gen. Aspartimas (Add)
Gen. Australoactina (Add)
Gen. Australoberis (Add)
Gen. Benhamyia (Add)
Gen. Beridella (Add)
Gen. Beridops (Add)
Gen. Beris (Add)
Beris alamaculata (Add)
Beris ancistra (Add)
Beris angustifacies (Add)
Beris annulipes (Add)
Beris basiflava (Add)
Beris brevis (Add)
Beris burmanica (Add)
Beris chalybata (Add)
Beris clavipes (Add)
Beris concava (Add)
Beris crassitarsis (Add)
Beris cypria (Add)
Beris digitata (Add)
Beris dolichocera (Add)
Beris emeishana (Add)
Beris excellens (Add)
Beris flava (Add)
Beris furcata (Add)
Beris fuscipes (Add)
Beris gansuensis (Add)
Beris geniculata (Add)
Beris hauseri (Add)
Beris heptapotamica (Add)
Beris hildebrantae (Add)
Beris hirotsui (Add)
Beris huanglianshana (Add)
Beris kovalevi (Add)
Beris liaoningana (Add)
Beris luteipes (Add)
Beris luteistigma (Add)
Beris malaisei (Add)
Beris morrisii (Add)
Beris nebulosa (Add)
Beris potanini (Add)
Beris pulchripennis (Add)
Beris rex (Add)
Beris rozkosnyi (Add)
Beris schaposchnikowi (Add)
Beris shennongana (Add)
Beris similis (Add)
Beris spinosa (Add)
Beris strobli (Add)
Beris trilobata (Add)
Beris vallata (Add)
Beris yangxiana (Add)
Beris zhouquensis (Add)
Beris ziminae (Add)
Gen. Berisina (Add)
Gen. Berismyia (Add)
Gen. Chorisops (Add)
Gen. Draymonia (Add)
Gen. Eumecacis (Add)
Gen. Exaireta (Add)
Gen. Exairetina (Add)
Gen. Hadrestia (Add)
Gen. Heteracanthia (Add)
Gen. Macromeracris (Add)
Gen. Microhadrestia (Add)
Gen. Mischomedia (Add)
Gen. Neactina (Add)
Gen. Neoberis (Add)
Gen. Oplachantha (Add)
Gen. Paraberismyia (Add)
Gen. Smaragdinomyia (Add)
Gen. Spartimas (Add)
Gen. Tytthoberis (Add)
Gen. Zealandoberis (Add)
Chiromyzinae (Add)
Gen. Archilagarinus (Add)
Gen. Archimyza (Add)
Gen. Barbiellinia (Add)
Gen. Boreoides (Add)
Gen. Chiromyza (Add)
Gen. Clavimyia (Add)
Gen. Hylorops (Add)
Gen. Inopus (Add)
Gen. Mapuchemyia (Add)
Gen. Mesomyza (Add)
Gen. Nonacris (Add)
Gen. Stenimantia (Add)
Gen. Stenimas (Add)
Gen. Tana (Add)
Chrysochlorininae (Add)
Clitellariinae (Add)
Oxycerini (Add)
Gen. Oxycera (Add)
Gen. Oxycerina (Add)
Hermetiinae (Add)
Nemotelinae (Add)
Gen. Nemotelus (Add)
Pachygastrinae (Add)
Gen. Ashantina (Add)
Gen. Dolichodema (Add)
Gen. Hermetiomima (Add)
Gen. Kerteszmyia (Add)
Gen. Meristomeringina (Add)
Gen. Meristomerinx (Add)
Gen. Nasimyia (Add)
Gen. Pachygaster (Add)
Gen. Parameristomerinx (Add)
Gen. Parastratiosphecomyia (Add)
Gen. Stratiosphecomyia (Add)
Gen. Tijucameru (Add)
Parhadrestiinae (Add)
Raphiocerinae (Add)
Sarginae (Add)
Stratiomyinae (Add)
Gen. Hoplitimyia (Add)
Gen. Odontomyia (Add)
Gen. Panamamyia (Add)
Gen. Stratiomys (Add)
Gen. Vitilevumyia (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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