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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Fly --> Brachycera --> Asilomorpha --> Asiloidea -->


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Apocleinae (Add)
Gen. Martinofurcilla (Add)
Gen. Wilcoxius (Add)
Asilinae (Add)
Asilini (Add)
Gen. Abrophila (Add)
Gen. Asilus (Add)
Hornet robberfly, Asilus crabroniformis (Add)
Gen. Colepia (Add)
Gen. Dicropaltum (Add)
Gen. Dolopus (Add)
Gen. Eccritosia (Add)
Gen. Efferia (Add)
Gen. Machimus (Add)
Gen. Mallophora (Add)
Gen. Mauropteron (Add)
Gen. Negasilus (Add)
Gen. Neoaratus (Add)
Gen. Neoitamus (Add)
Gen. Philonicus (Add)
Gen. Polacantha (Add)
Gen. Proctacanthella (Add)
Gen. Proctacanthus (Add)
Gen. Prolatiforceps (Add)
Gen. Promachella (Add)
Gen. Promachus (Add)
Gen. Reburrus (Add)
Gen. Rhadiurgus (Add)
Gen. Zosteria (Add)
Dasypogoninae (Add)
Gen. Diogmites (Add)
Dioctriinae (Add)
Laphriinae (Add)
Gen. Lampria (Add)
Gen. Laphria (Add)
Laphria affinis (Add)
Laphria aktis (Add)
Laphria apila (Add)
Laphria canis (Add)
Laphria cinerea (Add)
Laphria divisor (Add)
Laphria ephippium (Add)
Laphria fattigi (Add)
Laphria flava

Laphria flavicollis (Add)
Laphria gibbosa (Add)
Laphria grossa (Add)
Laphria index (Add)
Laphria ithypyga (Add)
Laphria lata (Add)
Laphria macquarti (Add)
Laphria nigella (Add)
Laphria posticata (Add)
Laphria sacrator (Add)
Laphria sadales (Add)
Laphria saffrana (Add)
Laphria sericea (Add)
Laphria sicula (Add)
Laphria thoracica (Add)
Laphria virginica (Add)
Laphria vorax (Add)
Laphria winnemana (Add)
Gen. Nusa (Add)
Gen. Perasis (Add)
Leptogastrinae (Add)
Gen. Acronyches (Add)
Gen. Ammophilomima (Add)
Gen. Apachekolos (Add)
Gen. Beameromyia (Add)
Gen. Cesagaster (Add)
Gen. Eurhabdus (Add)
Gen. Euscelidia (Add)
Gen. Lasiocnemus (Add)
Gen. Leptogaster (Add)
Leptogastrini (Add)
Gen. Leptopteromyia (Add)
Gen. Mesoleptogaster (Add)
Gen. Ophionomima (Add)
Gen. Psilonyx (Add)
Gen. Schildia (Add)
Gen. Shannomyioleptus (Add)
Gen. Sinopsilonyx (Add)
Gen. Tipulogaster (Add)
Ommatiinae (Add)
Gen. Afroestricus (Add)
Gen. Cophinopoda (Add)
Gen. Emphysomera (Add)
Gen. Longibeccus (Add)
Gen. Metommatius (Add)
Gen. Michotamia (Add)
Gen. Ommatius (Add)
Gen. Ommatomyia (Add)
Gen. Pygommatius (Add)
Gen. Thallosia (Add)
Stenopogoninae (Add)
Gen. Ceraturgus (Add)
Stichopogoninae (Add)
Gen. Lasiopogon (Add)
Gen. Stichopogon (Add)
Trigonomiminae (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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