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Fam. Crane fly

Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Fly --> Nematocera --> Tipulomorpha --> Tipuloidea -->


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Ctenophorinae (Add)
Gen. Ctenophora (Add)
Ctenophora (Cnemoncosis) (Add)
Ctenophora fastuosa (Add)
Ctenophora festiva (Add)
Ctenophora ishiharai (Add)
Ctenophora magnifica (Add)
Ctenophora nohirae (Add)
Ctenophora ornata (Add)
Ctenophora septentrionalis (Add)
Ctenophora yezoana (Add)
Ctenophora (Ctenophora) (Add)
Ctenophora amabilis (Add)
Ctenophora apicata (Add)
Ctenophora biguttata (Add)
Ctenophora elegans (Add)
Ctenophora flaveolata (Add)
Ctenophora guttata (Add)
Ctenophora nigriceps (Add)
Ctenophora nikkoensis (Add)
Ctenophora nubecula (Add)
Ctenophora pectinicornis (Add)
Ctenophora perjocosa (Add)
Ctenophora pselliophoroides (Add)
Ctenophora tricolor (Add)
Ctenophora (Xiphuromorpha) (Add)
Ctenophora sibirica (Add)
Gen. Phoroctenia (Add)
Limoniinae (Add)
Gen. Acantholimnophila (Add)
Gen. Achyrolimonia (Add)
Gen. Adelphomyia (Add)
Gen. Afrolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Alfredia (Add)
Gen. Amphilimnobia (Add)
Gen. Amphineurus (Add)
Gen. Antocha (Add)
Gen. Aphrophila (Add)
Gen. Araucoxenia (Add)
Gen. Arctoconopa (Add)
Gen. Atarba (Add)
Gen. Atypophthalmus (Add)
Gen. Austrolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Aymaramyia (Add)
Gen. Baeoura (Add)
Gen. Bergrothomyia (Add)
Gen. Beringomyia (Add)
Gen. Cheilotrichia (Add)
Gen. Chilelimnophila (Add)
Gen. Chionea (Add)
Gen. Cladura (Add)
Gen. Clydonodozus (Add)
Gen. Collessophila (Add)
Gen. Conosia (Add)
Gen. Crypteria (Add)
Gen. Cryptolabis (Add)
Gen. Ctenolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Dactylolabis (Add)
Gen. Dapanoptera (Add)
Gen. Dasymallomyia (Add)
Gen. Degeneromyia (Add)
Gen. Dicranomyia (Add)
Gen. Dicranoptycha (Add)
Gen. Diemenomyia (Add)
Gen. Discobola (Add)
Gen. Edwardsomyia (Add)
Gen. Elephantomyia (Add)
Gen. Elliptera (Add)
Gen. Ellipteroides (Add)
Gen. Eloeophila (Add)
Gen. Empedomorpha (Add)
Gen. Epiphragma (Add)
Gen. Erioconopa (Add)
Gen. Erioptera (Add)
Gen. Eriopterella (Add)
Gen. Eriopterodes (Add)
Gen. Eugnophomyia (Add)
Gen. Euphylidorea (Add)
Gen. Eupilaria (Add)
Gen. Eutonia (Add)
Gen. Geranomyia (Add)
Gen. Gnophomyia (Add)
Gen. Gonempeda (Add)
Gen. Gonomyia (Add)
Gen. Gonomyodes (Add)
Gen. Gonomyopsis (Add)
Gen. Grahamomyia (Add)
Gen. Gymnastes (Add)
Gen. Gynoplistia (Add)
Gen. Harrisomyia (Add)
Gen. Helius (Add)
Gen. Hesperoconopa (Add)
Gen. Heterolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Hexatoma (Add)
Gen. Hoplolabis (Add)
Gen. Horistomyia (Add)
Gen. Hovamyia (Add)
Gen. Hoverioptera (Add)
Gen. Idiocera (Add)
Gen. Idiognophomyia (Add)
Gen. Idioptera (Add)
Gen. Ilisia (Add)
Gen. Jivaromyia (Add)
Gen. Lechria (Add)
Gen. Lecteria (Add)
Gen. Leolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Libnotes (Add)
Gen. Limnophila (Add)
Gen. Limnophilella (Add)
Gen. Limnophilomyia (Add)
Gen. Limnorimarga (Add)
Gen. Limonia (Add)
Limonia acaenophora (Add)
Limonia achates (Add)
Limonia acinacis (Add)
Limonia acutissima (Add)
Limonia albifrons (Add)
Limonia albipes (Add)
Limonia alboangusta (Add)
Limonia alienata (Add)
Limonia alopecura (Add)
Limonia alpicola (Add)
Limonia amabilis (Add)
Limonia amblymera (Add)
Limonia amicula (Add)
Limonia angulosa (Add)
Limonia annulata (Add)
Limonia anteterminalis (Add)
Limonia anthracina (Add)
Limonia aquilina (Add)
Limonia argopoda (Add)
Limonia arthritica (Add)
Limonia atnitta (Add)
Limonia atridorsum (Add)
Limonia atrisoma (Add)
Limonia atroaurata (Add)
Limonia atwatye (Add)
Limonia aureolenta (Add)
Limonia ayodhya (Add)
Limonia badia (Add)
Limonia bagobo (Add)
Limonia bidens (Add)
Limonia bifaria (Add)
Limonia bilan (Add)
Limonia bilobulifera (Add)
Limonia bipendula (Add)
Limonia bistigma (Add)
Limonia borealis (Add)
Limonia bougainvilleana (Add)
Limonia brachylabis (Add)
Limonia brunettiella (Add)
Limonia bryaniana (Add)
Limonia cairnensis (Add)
Limonia calcarifera (Add)
Limonia caucasica (Add)
Limonia chaseni (Add)
Limonia cinctiventris (Add)
Limonia citrofocalis (Add)
Limonia congesta (Add)
Limonia costalis (Add)
Limonia dactylolabis (Add)
Limonia deceptor (Add)
Limonia decurvans (Add)
Limonia desiderata (Add)
Limonia devata (Add)
Limonia dilutior (Add)
Limonia dilutissima (Add)
Limonia dipinax (Add)
Limonia distivena (Add)
Limonia ectopa (Add)
Limonia edax (Add)
Limonia edura (Add)
Limonia egesta (Add)
Limonia elephantella (Add)
Limonia elephantina (Add)
Limonia eos (Add)
Limonia episema (Add)
Limonia erugata (Add)
Limonia esakii (Add)
Limonia evittata (Add)
Limonia expedita (Add)
Limonia festiva (Add)
Limonia firestonei (Add)
Limonia flavipes (Add)
Limonia flavoterminalis (Add)
Limonia fraudulenta (Add)
Limonia fusciceps (Add)
Limonia gissarica (Add)
Limonia goodenoughensis (Add)
Limonia graciosa (Add)
Limonia habra (Add)
Limonia hebridicola (Add)
Limonia hera (Add)
Limonia hercegovinae (Add)
Limonia hians (Add)
Limonia hostilis (Add)
Limonia inconsiderata (Add)
Limonia indigena (Add)
Limonia infantula (Add)
Limonia infausta (Add)
Limonia insitiva (Add)
Limonia interjecta (Add)
Limonia iridescens (Add)
Limonia japonica (Add)
Limonia juvenca (Add)
Limonia karafutonis (Add)
Limonia kashmirica (Add)
Limonia kumbu (Add)
Limonia kuschei (Add)
Limonia labuana (Add)
Limonia lackschewitziana (Add)
Limonia lateroflava (Add)
Limonia lateromacula (Add)
Limonia latiorflava (Add)
Limonia lindbergi (Add)
Limonia longeantennata (Add)
Limonia longivena (Add)
Limonia luteipostica (Add)
Limonia luteivittata (Add)
Limonia lyssa (Add)
Limonia macateei (Add)
Limonia macrostigma (Add)
Limonia maculicosta (Add)
Limonia maculipennis (Add)
Limonia masoni (Add)
Limonia messaurea (Add)
Limonia metatarsalba (Add)
Limonia microlabis (Add)
Limonia micropyga (Add)
Limonia monilis (Add)
Limonia mouicola (Add)
Limonia murcida (Add)
Limonia nebulinervis (Add)
Limonia negativa (Add)
Limonia nemoralis (Add)
Limonia neoindigena (Add)
Limonia nigrella (Add)
Limonia nigricans (Add)
Limonia nigropunctata (Add)
Limonia nitobei (Add)
Limonia niveipes (Add)
Limonia nominata (Add)
Limonia nubeculosa (Add)
Limonia ocellata (Add)
Limonia omniflava (Add)
Limonia pacata (Add)
Limonia pacatella (Add)
Limonia pacatina (Add)
Limonia pallidipleura (Add)
Limonia pannonica (Add)
Limonia parietina (Add)
Limonia parvipennis (Add)
Limonia parvispiculata (Add)
Limonia penumbrata (Add)
Limonia peramabilis (Add)
Limonia perbeata (Add)
Limonia perdistincta (Add)
Limonia perextensa (Add)
Limonia perissoptera (Add)
Limonia pernigrina (Add)
Limonia pernodosa (Add)
Limonia perproducta (Add)
Limonia phragmitidis (Add)
Limonia pilosicaudata (Add)
Limonia platyterga (Add)
Limonia pondoensis (Add)
Limonia pristomera (Add)
Limonia procericornis (Add)
Limonia prolixicornis (Add)
Limonia prolixisetosa (Add)
Limonia pronotalis (Add)
Limonia propior (Add)
Limonia prudentia (Add)
Limonia pullata (Add)
Limonia pygmea (Add)
Limonia quantilla (Add)
Limonia raiateaae (Add)
Limonia rantaiensis (Add)
Limonia sanguinea (Add)
Limonia sannionis (Add)
Limonia serandi (Add)
Limonia serpula (Add)
Limonia shushna (Add)
Limonia sociabilis (Add)
Limonia splendens (Add)
Limonia stenolabis (Add)
Limonia stigma (Add)
Limonia stoneri (Add)
Limonia striopleura (Add)
Limonia subaequalis (Add)
Limonia subhostilis (Add)
Limonia submurcida (Add)
Limonia subpacata (Add)
Limonia subprolixa (Add)
Limonia sylvicola (Add)
Limonia synempora (Add)
Limonia syrma (Add)
Limonia tagax (Add)
Limonia talungensis (Add)
Limonia tanakai (Add)
Limonia tanyrhyncha (Add)
Limonia taurica (Add)
Limonia tessellatipennis (Add)
Limonia thaleitrichia (Add)
Limonia thanatos (Add)
Limonia tigriventris (Add)
Limonia tristigma (Add)
Limonia trivittata (Add)
Limonia tuta (Add)
Limonia ubensis (Add)
Limonia uniaculeata (Add)
Limonia vajra (Add)
Limonia venustula (Add)
Limonia vibhishana (Add)
Limonia viridicolor (Add)
Limonia viticola (Add)
Limonia woosnami (Add)
Limonia yakushimensis (Add)
Limonia yapicola (Add)
Limonia yellowstonensis (Add)
Limonia yeranda (Add)
Limonia zebrina (Add)
Gen. Lipsothrix (Add)
Gen. Maietta (Add)
Gen. Medleromyia (Add)
Gen. Mesolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Metalimnobia (Add)
Gen. Metalimnophila (Add)
Gen. Molophilus (Add)
Gen. Neocladura (Add)
Gen. Neognophomyia (Add)
Gen. Neolimnomyia (Add)
Gen. Neolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Neolimonia (Add)
Gen. Neophilippiana (Add)
Gen. Nippolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Notholimnophila (Add)
Gen. Nothophila (Add)
Gen. Orimarga (Add)
Gen. Ormosia (Add)
Gen. Orosmya (Add)
Gen. Paradelphomyia (Add)
Gen. Paralimnophila (Add)
Gen. Phantolabis (Add)
Gen. Phylidorea (Add)
Gen. Phyllolabis (Add)
Gen. Pilaria (Add)
Gen. Platylimnobia (Add)
Gen. Polymera (Add)
Gen. Prionolabis (Add)
Gen. Prionota (Add)
Gen. Prolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Protohelius (Add)
Gen. Pseudolimnophila (Add)
Gen. Quathlambia (Add)
Gen. Quechuamyia (Add)
Gen. Rhabdomastix (Add)
Gen. Rhamphophila (Add)
Gen. Rhipidia (Add)
Gen. Rhypholophus (Add)
Gen. Riedelomyia (Add)
Gen. Scleroprocta (Add)
Gen. Shannonomyia (Add)
Gen. Sigmatomera (Add)
Gen. Skuseomyia (Add)
Gen. Spyloptera (Add)
Gen. Styringomyia (Add)
Gen. Symplecta (Add)
Gen. Taiwanina (Add)
Gen. Taiwanomyia (Add)
Gen. Tasiocera (Add)
Gen. Tasiocerellus (Add)
Gen. Teucholabis (Add)
Gen. Thaumastoptera (Add)
Gen. Thrypticomyia (Add)
Gen. Tinemyia (Add)
Gen. Tipulimnoea (Add)
Gen. Tipulina (Add)
Gen. Tonnoiraptera (Add)
Gen. Tonnoirella (Add)
Gen. Tonnoiromyia (Add)
Gen. Toxorhina (Add)
Gen. Trentepohlia (Add)
Gen. Trichoneura (Add)
Gen. Trichotrimicra (Add)
Gen. Ulomorpha (Add)
Gen. Unguicrypteria (Add)
Gen. Xenolimnobia (Add)
Gen. Zaluscodes (Add)
Gen. Zelandomyia (Add)
Tipulinae (Add)
Gen. Acracantha (Add)
Gen. Angarotipula (Add)
Gen. Aurotipula (Add)
Gen. Austrotipula (Add)
Gen. Brachypremna (Add)
Gen. Brevicera (Add)
Gen. Brithura (Add)
Gen. Cerezodia (Add)
Gen. Chlorotipula (Add)
Gen. Clytocosmus (Add)
Gen. Dictenidia (Add)
Gen. Dolichopeza (Add)
Gen. Elnoretta (Add)
Gen. Euvaldiviana (Add)
Gen. Goniotipula (Add)
Gen. Holorusia (Add)
Gen. Hovapeza (Add)
Gen. Hovatipula (Add)
Gen. Idioglochina (Add)
Gen. Idiotipula (Add)
Gen. Indotipula (Add)
Gen. Ischnotoma (Add)
Gen. Keiseromyia (Add)
Gen. Leptotarsus (Add)
Gen. Macgregoromyia (Add)
Gen. Maoritipula (Add)
Gen. Megistocera (Add)
Gen. Metalibnotes (Add)
Gen. Nealexandriaria (Add)
Gen. Nephrotoma (Add)
Nephrotoma abbreviata (Add)
Nephrotoma aberdarensis (Add)
Nephrotoma aculeata (Add)
Nephrotoma affinis (Add)
Nephrotoma albonigra (Add)
Nephrotoma alexandriana (Add)
Nephrotoma alleni (Add)
Nephrotoma alluaudi (Add)
Nephrotoma alterna (Add)
Nephrotoma alticrista (Add)
Nephrotoma altigalea (Add)
Nephrotoma altissima (Add)
Nephrotoma altrolatera (Add)
Nephrotoma ambricola (Add)
Nephrotoma ampla (Add)
Nephrotoma analis (Add)
Nephrotoma angusticrista (Add)
Nephrotoma angustifrons (Add)
Nephrotoma angustistria (Add)
Nephrotoma antennata (Add)
Nephrotoma antithrix (Add)
Spotted Crane-fly, Nephrotoma appendiculata (Add)
Nephrotoma astigma (Add)
Nephrotoma atamoor (Add)
Nephrotoma atrohirsuta (Add)
Nephrotoma atrostyla (Add)
Nephrotoma augustana (Add)
Nephrotoma aurantiaca (Add)
Nephrotoma aurantiocincta (Add)
Nephrotoma aurocomata (Add)
Nephrotoma australasiae (Add)
Nephrotoma austriaca (Add)
Nephrotoma baliana (Add)
Nephrotoma baluba (Add)
Nephrotoma bara (Add)
Nephrotoma barbigera (Add)
Nephrotoma basiflava (Add)
Nephrotoma basutoensis (Add)
Nephrotoma beckeri (Add)
Nephrotoma bellula (Add)
Nephrotoma biappendiculata (Add)
Nephrotoma biarmigera (Add)
Nephrotoma bicristata (Add)
Nephrotoma biformis (Add)
Nephrotoma bifusca (Add)
Nephrotoma boliviana (Add)
Nephrotoma bombayensis (Add)
Nephrotoma bourbonica (Add)
Nephrotoma boyesi (Add)
Nephrotoma breviorcornis (Add)
Nephrotoma brevipennis (Add)
Nephrotoma brevisternata (Add)
Nephrotoma buruensis (Add)
Nephrotoma byersi (Add)
Nephrotoma byersina (Add)
Nephrotoma cacuminis (Add)
Nephrotoma calinota (Add)
Nephrotoma capensis (Add)
Nephrotoma carinata (Add)
Nephrotoma catenata (Add)
Nephrotoma caudifera (Add)
Nephrotoma chaetopyga (Add)
Nephrotoma chalybea (Add)
Nephrotoma chapini (Add)
Nephrotoma chosensis (Add)
Nephrotoma cinereifrons (Add)
Nephrotoma cingulata (Add)
Nephrotoma circumcincta (Add)
Nephrotoma circumscripta (Add)
Nephrotoma cirrata (Add)
Nephrotoma citreiceps (Add)
Nephrotoma citricolor (Add)
Nephrotoma citrina (Add)
Nephrotoma clanceyi (Add)
Nephrotoma claviformis (Add)
Nephrotoma colorata (Add)
Nephrotoma comoroensis (Add)
Nephrotoma concava (Add)
Nephrotoma concolorithorax (Add)
Nephrotoma condylophora (Add)
Nephrotoma consimilis (Add)
Nephrotoma consularis (Add)
Nephrotoma contrasta (Add)
Nephrotoma cornicina (Add)
Nephrotoma cornifera (Add)
Nephrotoma costofumosa (Add)
Nephrotoma cretensis (Add)
Nephrotoma cristiformis (Add)
Nephrotoma crocata (Add)
Nephrotoma crocea (Add)
Nephrotoma croceiventris (Add)
Nephrotoma cuneata (Add)
Nephrotoma curtiterebra (Add)
Nephrotoma cuthbertsoni (Add)
Nephrotoma dafla (Add)
Nephrotoma daisensis (Add)
Nephrotoma dampfi (Add)
Nephrotoma definita (Add)
Nephrotoma delegorguei (Add)
Nephrotoma delta (Add)
Nephrotoma dewittei (Add)
Nephrotoma didyma (Add)
Nephrotoma difficilis (Add)
Nephrotoma dimidiata (Add)
Nephrotoma distans (Add)
Nephrotoma dodabettae (Add)
Nephrotoma dominicana (Add)
Nephrotoma dorsalis (Add)
Nephrotoma dorsata (Add)
Nephrotoma drakanae (Add)
Nephrotoma durangensis (Add)
Nephrotoma dutti (Add)
Nephrotoma eburata (Add)
Nephrotoma ectypa (Add)
Nephrotoma edwardsaria (Add)
Nephrotoma edwardsi (Add)
Nephrotoma effrena (Add)
Nephrotoma electripennis (Add)
Nephrotoma elegans (Add)
Nephrotoma elegantula (Add)
Nephrotoma elgonica (Add)
Nephrotoma erebus (Add)
Nephrotoma ericarum (Add)
Nephrotoma esakii (Add)
Nephrotoma eucera (Add)
Nephrotoma euceroides (Add)
Nephrotoma euchroma (Add)
Nephrotoma eugeniae (Add)
Nephrotoma euthynota (Add)
Nephrotoma evittata (Add)
Nephrotoma exastigma (Add)
Nephrotoma excelsior (Add)
Nephrotoma extensicornis (Add)
Nephrotoma familiaris (Add)
Nephrotoma fasciata (Add)
Nephrotoma ferruginea (Add)
Nephrotoma festiva (Add)
Nephrotoma flammeola (Add)
Nephrotoma flavescens (Add)
Nephrotoma flavipalpis (Add)
Nephrotoma flavofimbria (Add)
Nephrotoma flavonigra (Add)
Nephrotoma flavonota (Add)
Nephrotoma flavoposticata (Add)
Nephrotoma flavoscutellata (Add)
Nephrotoma fletcheriana (Add)
Nephrotoma floresensis (Add)
Nephrotoma fontana (Add)
Nephrotoma forcipata (Add)
Nephrotoma formosensis (Add)
Nephrotoma freemani (Add)
Nephrotoma fulani (Add)
Nephrotoma fulvomedia (Add)
Nephrotoma fumidapicalis (Add)
Nephrotoma fumiscutellata (Add)
Nephrotoma fuscapex (Add)
Nephrotoma fuscescens (Add)
Nephrotoma fuscipennis (Add)
Nephrotoma fuscoflava (Add)
Nephrotoma gaganboi (Add)
Nephrotoma gamma (Add)
Nephrotoma geminata (Add)
Nephrotoma geniculata (Add)
Nephrotoma glabricristata (Add)
Nephrotoma globata (Add)
Nephrotoma globosa (Add)
Nephrotoma glossophora (Add)
Nephrotoma gnata (Add)
Nephrotoma gorongozae (Add)
Nephrotoma gracilicornis (Add)
Nephrotoma graueri (Add)
Nephrotoma guangxiensis (Add)
Nephrotoma guestfalica (Add)
Nephrotoma guttipleura (Add)
Nephrotoma hainanica (Add)
Nephrotoma hamulifera (Add)
Nephrotoma handschiniana (Add)
Nephrotoma helvetica (Add)
Nephrotoma hemichroa (Add)
Nephrotoma hirsuticauda (Add)
Nephrotoma hubeiensis (Add)
Nephrotoma hunanensis (Add)
Nephrotoma hypocrites (Add)
Nephrotoma hypogyna (Add)
Nephrotoma idiocera (Add)
Nephrotoma imerina (Add)
Nephrotoma immaculata (Add)
Nephrotoma impigra (Add)
Nephrotoma inconsequens (Add)
Nephrotoma incristata (Add)
Nephrotoma inorata (Add)
Nephrotoma integra (Add)
Nephrotoma iridipennis (Add)
Nephrotoma irrevocata (Add)
Nephrotoma javana (Add)
Nephrotoma javensis (Add)
Nephrotoma jinxiuensis (Add)
Nephrotoma joneensis (Add)
Nephrotoma kaulbacki (Add)
Nephrotoma kaviengensis (Add)
Nephrotoma kelimotoensis (Add)
Nephrotoma kempfi (Add)
Nephrotoma kigeziana (Add)
Nephrotoma kodaikanalensis (Add)
Nephrotoma koreana (Add)
Nephrotoma korpa (Add)
Nephrotoma kraussiana (Add)
Nephrotoma kunagi (Add)
Nephrotoma laconica (Add)
Nephrotoma laffooni (Add)
Nephrotoma lamellata (Add)
Nephrotoma lateropolita (Add)
Nephrotoma laticrista (Add)
Nephrotoma latispina (Add)
Nephrotoma latissima (Add)
Nephrotoma leeuweni (Add)
Nephrotoma lempkei (Add)
Nephrotoma leonia (Add)
Nephrotoma lerothodi (Add)
Nephrotoma leto (Add)
Nephrotoma leucostigma (Add)
Nephrotoma libra (Add)
Nephrotoma ligulata (Add)
Nephrotoma lindneriana (Add)
Nephrotoma livingstonei (Add)
Nephrotoma longisternata (Add)
Nephrotoma lordhowensis (Add)
Nephrotoma luaboensis (Add)
Nephrotoma lucida (Add)
Nephrotoma lugens (Add)
Nephrotoma lundbecki (Add)
Nephrotoma lunulicornis (Add)
Nephrotoma luteopleura (Add)
Nephrotoma mabelana (Add)
Nephrotoma machadoi (Add)
Nephrotoma macrocera (Add)
Nephrotoma madagascariensis (Add)
Nephrotoma makiella (Add)
Nephrotoma malickyi (Add)
Nephrotoma mambila (Add)
Nephrotoma margaritae (Add)
Nephrotoma marshalli (Add)
Nephrotoma martynovi (Add)
Nephrotoma medioflava (Add)
Nephrotoma medioligula (Add)
Nephrotoma medioproducta (Add)
Nephrotoma medipubera (Add)
Nephrotoma medleri (Add)
Nephrotoma megacantha (Add)
Nephrotoma megascapha (Add)
Nephrotoma melanaspis (Add)
Nephrotoma melanoxantha (Add)
Nephrotoma melanura (Add)
Nephrotoma meraca (Add)
Nephrotoma meridionalis (Add)
Nephrotoma metallescens (Add)
Nephrotoma mexicana (Add)
Nephrotoma microcera (Add)
Nephrotoma milloti (Add)
Nephrotoma minuscula (Add)
Nephrotoma minuticornis (Add)
Nephrotoma mobukuensis (Add)
Nephrotoma monopsellia (Add)
Nephrotoma moravica (Add)
Nephrotoma moshesh (Add)
Nephrotoma mossambica (Add)
Nephrotoma muktesarensis (Add)
Nephrotoma nasuta (Add)
Nephrotoma navajo (Add)
Nephrotoma neopratensis (Add)
Nephrotoma nigeriensis (Add)
Nephrotoma nigricauda (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrichroma (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrirostris (Add)
Nephrotoma nigritana (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrithorax (Add)
Nephrotoma nigroannulata (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrocentralis (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrocostalis (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrohalterata (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrolutea (Add)
Nephrotoma nigropilosa (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrostylata (Add)
Nephrotoma nigrotergata (Add)
Nephrotoma nox (Add)
Nephrotoma nycteris (Add)
Nephrotoma occipitalis (Add)
Nephrotoma ocellata (Add)
Nephrotoma ochripennis (Add)
Nephrotoma okefenoke (Add)
Nephrotoma oligochaeta (Add)
Nephrotoma omeiana (Add)
Nephrotoma oosterbroeki (Add)
Nephrotoma opacistriata (Add)
Nephrotoma opima (Add)
Nephrotoma ordinaria (Add)
Nephrotoma ortiva (Add)
Nephrotoma ozenumensis (Add)
Nephrotoma pallida (Add)
Nephrotoma pallidapex (Add)
Nephrotoma palloris (Add)
Nephrotoma pamirensis (Add)
Nephrotoma pangerangensis (Add)
Nephrotoma parascutellata (Add)
Nephrotoma parva (Add)
Nephrotoma parvirostra (Add)
Nephrotoma paulianana (Add)
Nephrotoma pedunculata (Add)
Nephrotoma penumbra (Add)
Nephrotoma peralticrista (Add)
Nephrotoma perhorrida (Add)
Nephrotoma perincisa (Add)
Nephrotoma perlepida (Add)
Nephrotoma perobliqua (Add)
Nephrotoma petiolata (Add)
Nephrotoma pilata (Add)
Nephrotoma pilicauda (Add)
Nephrotoma pjotri (Add)
Nephrotoma platysphela (Add)
Nephrotoma platysterna (Add)
Nephrotoma pleurinotata (Add)
Nephrotoma pleuromaculata (Add)
Nephrotoma polymera (Add)
Nephrotoma praecipua (Add)
Nephrotoma pratensis (Add)
Nephrotoma profunda (Add)
Nephrotoma progne (Add)
Nephrotoma pulchella (Add)
Nephrotoma pullata (Add)
Nephrotoma puncticornis (Add)
Nephrotoma punctifrons (Add)
Nephrotoma punctum (Add)
Nephrotoma qinghaiensis (Add)
Nephrotoma quadrifaria (Add)
Nephrotoma quadrilata (Add)
Nephrotoma quadrinacrea (Add)
Nephrotoma quadristriata (Add)
Nephrotoma quadrivittata (Add)
Nephrotoma quincunx (Add)
Nephrotoma rajah (Add)
Nephrotoma ramulifera (Add)
Nephrotoma rectispina (Add)
Nephrotoma relicta (Add)
Nephrotoma repanda (Add)
Nephrotoma retenta (Add)
Nephrotoma reunionensis (Add)
Nephrotoma richardiana (Add)
Nephrotoma ridleyi (Add)
Nephrotoma rogersi (Add)
Nephrotoma rossica (Add)
Nephrotoma ruanda (Add)
Nephrotoma rubriventris (Add)
Nephrotoma ruiliensis (Add)
Nephrotoma ruwenzoriana (Add)
Nephrotoma saccai (Add)
Nephrotoma sachalina (Add)
Nephrotoma saghaliensis (Add)
Nephrotoma sakalava (Add)
Nephrotoma sangoana (Add)
Nephrotoma scalarifer (Add)
Nephrotoma scalaris (Add)
Nephrotoma schaeuffelei (Add)
Nephrotoma scurra (Add)
Nephrotoma scurroides (Add)
Nephrotoma semicincta (Add)
Nephrotoma semiflava (Add)
Nephrotoma seniana (Add)
Nephrotoma serricornis (Add)
Nephrotoma setirostra (Add)
Nephrotoma shanxiensis (Add)
Nephrotoma siamensis (Add)
Nephrotoma sichuanensis (Add)
Nephrotoma sinensis (Add)
Nephrotoma smithersiana (Add)
Nephrotoma sodalis (Add)
Nephrotoma solomonis (Add)
Nephrotoma sparsicoma (Add)
Nephrotoma spatha (Add)
Nephrotoma speculata (Add)
Nephrotoma spicula (Add)
Nephrotoma stackelbergi (Add)
Nephrotoma staryi (Add)
Nephrotoma sternomarginata (Add)
Nephrotoma strenua (Add)
Nephrotoma stygia (Add)
Nephrotoma stylacantha (Add)
Nephrotoma subalterna (Add)
Nephrotoma subanalis (Add)
Nephrotoma subdentata (Add)
Nephrotoma subeuryglossa (Add)
Nephrotoma subinanis (Add)
Nephrotoma sublunulicornis (Add)
Nephrotoma submaculosa (Add)
Nephrotoma subopaca (Add)
Nephrotoma subpallida (Add)
Nephrotoma subumbonis (Add)
Nephrotoma sullingtonensis (Add)
Nephrotoma sundaica (Add)
Nephrotoma suturalis (Add)
Nephrotoma takeuchii (Add)
Nephrotoma tealei (Add)
Nephrotoma tenggerensis (Add)
Nephrotoma tenuipes (Add)
Nephrotoma tenuis (Add)
Nephrotoma theowaldi (Add)
Nephrotoma thysia (Add)
Nephrotoma tianlinensis (Add)
Nephrotoma tigrina (Add)
Nephrotoma tigrinoides (Add)
Nephrotoma tincta (Add)
Nephrotoma toda (Add)
Nephrotoma toxopei (Add)
Nephrotoma tricincta (Add)
Nephrotoma trilobulata (Add)
Nephrotoma triobtusa (Add)
Nephrotoma tripartita (Add)
Nephrotoma triplasia (Add)
Nephrotoma triquetra (Add)
Nephrotoma tumidiverticalis (Add)
Nephrotoma tzitzikamae (Add)
Nephrotoma umbonis (Add)
Nephrotoma umbripennis (Add)
Nephrotoma unicingulata (Add)
Nephrotoma unicornis (Add)
Nephrotoma unisicata (Add)
Nephrotoma urocera (Add)
Nephrotoma usta (Add)
Nephrotoma vana (Add)
Nephrotoma variventris (Add)
Nephrotoma venusticeps (Add)
Nephrotoma vesta (Add)
Nephrotoma vicaria (Add)
Nephrotoma villosa (Add)
Nephrotoma vinsoniana (Add)
Nephrotoma violovitshi (Add)
Nephrotoma virescens (Add)
Nephrotoma virgata (Add)
Nephrotoma vittula (Add)
Nephrotoma walkeri (Add)
Nephrotoma whiteheadi (Add)
Nephrotoma xanthoplaca (Add)
Nephrotoma xanthoplacodes (Add)
Nephrotoma xichangensis (Add)
Nephrotoma xinjiangensis (Add)
Nephrotoma xizangensis (Add)
Nephrotoma zhejiangensis (Add)
Gen. Nigrotipula (Add)
Gen. Ozodicera (Add)
Gen. Platyphasia (Add)
Gen. Prionocera (Add)
Gen. Ptilogyna (Add)
Gen. Scamboneura (Add)
Gen. Sphaerionotus (Add)
Gen. Tanyptera (Add)
Gen. Tipula (Add)
Tipula (Acutipula) (Add)
Tipula maxima (Add)
Tipula (Afrotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Arctotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Bellardina) (Add)
Tipula (Beringotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Dendrotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Emodotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Eremotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Eumicrotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Formotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Hesperotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Indratipula) (Add)
Tipula (Kalatipula) (Add)
Tipula (Labiotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Lindnerina) (Add)
Tipula (Lunatipula) (Add)
Tipula (Mediotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Microtipula) (Add)
Tipula (Nesotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Nippotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Nobilotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Odonatisca) (Add)
Tipula (Papuatipula) (Add)
Tipula (Pectinotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Platytipula) (Add)
Tipula (Pterelachisus) (Add)
Tipula (Ramatipula) (Add)
Tipula (Savtshenkia) (Add)
Tipula (Schummelia) (Add)
Tipula (Serratipula) (Add)
Tipula (Setitipula) (Add)
Tipula (Sinotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Sivatipula) (Add)
Tipula (Spinitipula) (Add)
Tipula (Tipula) (Add)
Tipula oleracea (Add)
Tipula (Tipulodinodes) (Add)
Tipula (Trichotipula) (Add)
Tipula (Triplicitipula) (Add)
Tipula (Vestiplex) (Add)
Tipula (Yamatotipula) (Add)
Gen. Tipulodina (Add)
Gen. Trimicra (Add)
Gen. Valdiviana (Add)
Gen. Zelandoglochina (Add)
Gen. Zelandotipula (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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