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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Adephaga -->


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Gen. Algophilus (Add)
Gen. Apteraliplus (Add)
Gen. Brychius (Add)
Gen. Haliplus (Add)
Haliplus allisonae (Add)
Haliplus annulatus (Add)
Haliplus apostolicus (Add)
Haliplus bierigi (Add)
Haliplus blanchardi (Add)
Haliplus borealis (Add)
Haliplus brandeni (Add)
Haliplus canadensis (Add)
Haliplus carinatus (Add)
Haliplus columbiensis (Add)
Haliplus concolor (Add)
Haliplus confluentus (Add)
Haliplus connexus (Add)
Haliplus crassus (Add)
Haliplus cribrarius (Add)
Haliplus cubensis (Add)
Haliplus curtulus (Add)
Haliplus cylindricus (Add)
Haliplus deceptus (Add)
Haliplus distinctus (Add)
Haliplus dorsomaculatus (Add)
Haliplus falli (Add)
Haliplus fasciatus (Add)
Haliplus fortescueensis (Add)
Haliplus fulvus (Add)
Haliplus gracilis (Add)
Haliplus gravidus (Add)
Haliplus halsei (Add)
Haliplus havaniensis (Add)
Haliplus hoppingi (Add)
Haliplus immaculicollis (Add)
Haliplus latreillei (Add)
Haliplus leechi (Add)
Haliplus leopardus (Add)
Haliplus lewsii (Add)
Haliplus longulus (Add)
Haliplus mimeticus (Add)
Haliplus minor (Add)
Haliplus mutchleri (Add)
Haliplus nanus (Add)
Haliplus nitens (Add)
Haliplus ohioensis (Add)
Haliplus oklahomensis (Add)
Haliplus panamanus (Add)
Haliplus pantherinus (Add)
Haliplus pilbaraensis (Add)
Haliplus pinderi (Add)
Haliplus pseudofasciatus (Add)
Haliplus punctatus (Add)
Haliplus robertsi (Add)
Haliplus rugosus (Add)
Haliplus salinarius (Add)
Haliplus salmo (Add)
Haliplus solitarius (Add)
Haliplus stagninus (Add)
Haliplus strigatus (Add)
Haliplus subguttatus (Add)
Haliplus tortilipennis (Add)
Haliplus triopsis (Add)
Haliplus tumidus (Add)
Haliplus ungularis (Add)
Haliplus vancouverensis (Add)
Haliplus variomaculatus (Add)
Haliplus varius (Add)
Haliplus wallisi (Add)
Gen. Peltodytes (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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