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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Beetle --> Polyphaga --> Byrrhoidea -->


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Elythomerinae (Add)
Gen. Elythomerus (Add)
Heterocerinae (Add)
Augyliini (Add)
Gen. Augyles (Add)
Gen. Centuriatus (Add)
Gen. Explorator (Add)
Gen. Microaugyles (Add)
Gen. Taenheterocerus (Add)
Heterocerini (Add)
Gen. Culmus (Add)
Gen. Dampfius (Add)
Gen. Efflagitatus (Add)
Gen. Erus (Add)
Gen. Filiolus (Add)
Gen. Gradus (Add)
Gen. Heterocerus (Add)
Heterocerus aragonicus (Add)
Heterocerus dayremi (Add)
Heterocerus debilipes (Add)
Heterocerus etruscus (Add)
Heterocerus fenestratus (Add)
Heterocerus fijiensis (Add)
Heterocerus flexuosus (Add)
Heterocerus flindersi (Add)
Heterocerus fossor (Add)
Heterocerus fulvipes (Add)
Heterocerus fusculus (Add)
Heterocerus hankae (Add)
Heterocerus holosericeus (Add)
Heterocerus humilis (Add)
Heterocerus infuscatus (Add)
Heterocerus jelineki (Add)
Heterocerus kamtschaticus (Add)
Heterocerus kaszabi (Add)
Heterocerus largsensis (Add)
Heterocerus lorenzevae (Add)
Heterocerus magnus (Add)
Heterocerus marginatus (Add)
Heterocerus mastersi (Add)
Heterocerus medius (Add)
Heterocerus morgani (Add)
Heterocerus mus (Add)
Heterocerus nepalensis (Add)
Heterocerus novaeselandiae (Add)
Heterocerus obsoletus (Add)
Heterocerus ottomerkli (Add)
Heterocerus pallidivestis (Add)
Heterocerus parallelus (Add)
Heterocerus persicus (Add)
Heterocerus pulchellus (Add)
Heterocerus sauteri (Add)
Heterocerus scabriusculus (Add)
Heterocerus sichuanensis (Add)
Heterocerus simillimus (Add)
Heterocerus stultus (Add)
Heterocerus subpilosus (Add)
Heterocerus thebaicus (Add)
Heterocerus thieleni (Add)
Gen. Lanternarius (Add)
Gen. Lapsus (Add)
Gen. Neoheterocerus (Add)
Gen. Olmedous (Add)
Gen. Peditatus (Add)
Micilini (Add)
Gen. Micilus (Add)
Tropicini (Add)
Gen. Tropicus (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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