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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Plecoptera --> Systellognatha -->


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Isoperlinae (Add)
Gen. Calliperla (Add)
Gen. Cascadoperla (Add)
Gen. Clioperla (Add)
Gen. Cosumnoperla (Add)
Gen. Isoperla (Add)
Isoperla acicularis (Add)
Isoperla acula (Add)
Isoperla adunca (Add)
Isoperla aizuana (Add)
Isoperla albanica (Add)
Isoperla alpicola (Add)
Isoperla altaica (Add)
Isoperla ambigua (Add)
Isoperla andreinii (Add)
Isoperla armeniaca (Add)
Isoperla asakawae (Add)
Isoperla asiatica (Add)
Isoperla auberti (Add)
Isoperla azusana (Add)
Isoperla baumanni (Add)
Isoperla belai (Add)
Isoperla bellona (Add)
Isoperla berthelemyi (Add)
Isoperla bifurcata (Add)
Isoperla bilineata (Add)
Isoperla bipartita (Add)
Isoperla bithynica (Add)
Isoperla bosnica (Add)
Isoperla breviptera (Add)
Isoperla buresi (Add)
Isoperla burksi (Add)
Isoperla carbonaria (Add)
Isoperla carpathica (Add)
Isoperla chazaudina (Add)
Isoperla chius (Add)
Isoperla citronella (Add)
Isoperla conspicua (Add)
Isoperla cotta (Add)
Isoperla coushatta (Add)
Isoperla curtata (Add)
Isoperla curvispina (Add)
Isoperla davisi (Add)
Isoperla debilis (Add)
Isoperla decepta (Add)
Isoperla decolorata (Add)
Isoperla denningi (Add)
Isoperla dicala (Add)
Isoperla difformis (Add)
Isoperla distincta (Add)
Isoperla emarginata (Add)
Isoperla extensa (Add)
Isoperla fengi (Add)
Isoperla flava (Add)
Isoperla flavescens (Add)
Isoperla francesca (Add)
Isoperla frisoni (Add)
Isoperla fukushimensis (Add)
Isoperla fulva (Add)
Isoperla fusca (Add)
Isoperla gibbsae (Add)
Isoperla goertzi (Add)
Isoperla graeca (Add)
Isoperla grammatica (Add)
Isoperla gravitans (Add)
Isoperla hemithales (Add)
Isoperla holochlora (Add)
Isoperla hyblaea (Add)
Isoperla ikariae (Add)
Isoperla ilvana (Add)
Isoperla inermis (Add)
Isoperla insularis (Add)
Isoperla irregularis (Add)
Isoperla jewetti (Add)
Isoperla kappa (Add)
Isoperla karuk (Add)
Isoperla katmaiensis (Add)
Isoperla kir (Add)
Isoperla lata (Add)
Isoperla laucki (Add)
Isoperla lesbica (Add)
Isoperla libanica (Add)
Isoperla longiseta (Add)
Isoperla lugens (Add)
Isoperla lunigera (Add)
Isoperla luzoni (Add)
Isoperla major (Add)
Isoperla marlynia (Add)
Isoperla marmorata (Add)
Isoperla maxana (Add)
Isoperla minima (Add)
Isoperla miwok (Add)
Isoperla mohri (Add)
Isoperla montana (Add)
Isoperla morenica (Add)
Isoperla mormona (Add)
Isoperla moselyi (Add)
Isoperla motonis (Add)
Isoperla muir (Add)
Isoperla namata (Add)
Isoperla nana (Add)
Isoperla nanchana (Add)
Isoperla nevada (Add)
Isoperla nigricauda (Add)
Isoperla nilovana (Add)
Isoperla nipponica (Add)
Isoperla obscura (Add)
Isoperla oenotriae (Add)
Isoperla okamotonis (Add)
Isoperla orata (Add)
Isoperla ordosi (Add)
Isoperla ornata (Add)
Isoperla ouachita (Add)
Isoperla oxylepis (Add)
Isoperla pallida (Add)
Isoperla pawlowskii (Add)
Isoperla petersoni (Add)
Isoperla peterzwicki (Add)
Isoperla phalerata (Add)
Isoperla pinta (Add)
Isoperla pseudornata (Add)
Isoperla pusilla (Add)
Isoperla quinquepunctata (Add)
Isoperla rainieri (Add)
Isoperla retroloba (Add)
Isoperla rhododendri (Add)
Isoperla richardsoni (Add)
Isoperla rivulorum (Add)
Isoperla roguensis (Add)
Isoperla russevi (Add)
Isoperla saccai (Add)
Isoperla sagittata (Add)
Isoperla shibakawae (Add)
Isoperla signata (Add)
Isoperla silesica (Add)
Isoperla similis (Add)
Isoperla slossonae (Add)
Isoperla sobria (Add)
Isoperla sordida (Add)
Isoperla sowerbyi (Add)
Isoperla submontana (Add)
Isoperla sudetica (Add)
Isoperla suzukii (Add)
Isoperla szczytkoi (Add)
Isoperla tilasqua (Add)
Isoperla towadensis (Add)
Isoperla transmarina (Add)
Isoperla trictura (Add)
Isoperla tripartita (Add)
Isoperla vevcianensis (Add)
Isoperla viridinervis (Add)
Isoperla wenoi (Add)
Isoperla yangi (Add)
Isoperla zwicki (Add)
Gen. Kaszabia (Add)
Gen. Mesoperlina (Add)
Perlodinae (Add)
Arcynopterygini (Add)
Gen. Arcynopteryx (Add)
Gen. Frisonia (Add)
Gen. Megarcys (Add)
Gen. Neofilchneria (Add)
Gen. Oroperla (Add)
Gen. Perlinodes (Add)
Gen. Pseudomegarcys (Add)
Gen. Salmoperla (Add)
Gen. Setvena (Add)
Gen. Skwala (Add)
Gen. Sopkalia (Add)
Diploperlini (Add)
Gen. Afroperlodes (Add)
Gen. Baumannella (Add)
Gen. Bulgaroperla (Add)
Gen. Cultus (Add)
Gen. Diploperla (Add)
Gen. Hemimelaena (Add)
Gen. Kogotus (Add)
Gen. Osobenus (Add)
Gen. Ostrovus (Add)
Gen. Pictetiella (Add)
Gen. Remenus (Add)
Gen. Rickera (Add)
Gen. Stavsolus (Add)
Perlodini (Add)
Gen. Besdolus (Add)
Gen. Chernokrilus (Add)
Gen. Dictyogenus (Add)
Gen. Diura (Add)
Gen. Filchneria (Add)
Gen. Guadalgenus (Add)
Gen. Hedinia (Add)
Gen. Helopicus (Add)
Gen. Hydroperla (Add)
Gen. Isogenoides (Add)
Gen. Isogenus (Add)
Gen. Levanidovia (Add)
Gen. Malirekus (Add)
Gen. Oconoperla (Add)
Gen. Perlodes (Add)
Perlodes microcephala (Add)
Gen. Perlodinella (Add)
Gen. Protarcys (Add)
Gen. Susulus (Add)
Gen. Tadamus (Add)
Gen. Yugus (Add)
Gen. Zhiltzovaia (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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