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Phylum Arthropoda --> Tracheata --> Hexapoda --> Class Insects --> S.Class Pterygota --> Ord. Lepidoptera --> Glossata --> Heteroneura --> Papilionoidea -->


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Abisara echerius

"Plum Judy" by Ajith (അജിത്ത്) via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

Hamearis lucina

"Hamearis lucina" by Gilles San Martin via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.


Gen. Abisara (Add)
Abisara abnormis (Add)
Abisara aita (Add)
Abisara atlas (Add)
Abisara attenuata (Add)
Abisara barnsi (Add)
Abisara bifasciata (Add)
Abisara burnii (Add)
Abisara caeca (Add)
Abisara cameroonensis (Add)
Abisara chela (Add)
Abisara chelina (Add)
Abisara delicata (Add)
Abisara dewitzi (Add)
Abisara echerius

Abisara freda (Add)
Abisara fylla (Add)
Abisara fylloides (Add)
Abisara gerontes (Add)
Abisara geza (Add)
Abisara kausambi (Add)
Abisara mindanaensis (Add)
Abisara miyazakii (Add)
Abisara neavei (Add)
Abisara neophron (Add)
Abisara rogersi (Add)
Abisara rutherfordii (Add)
Abisara saturata (Add)
Abisara savitri (Add)
Abisara sobrina (Add)
Abisara talantus (Add)
Abisara tantalus (Add)
Euselasiinae (Add)
Corrachiini (Add)
Gen. Corrachia (Add)
Euselasiini (Add)
Gen. Euselasia (Add)
Gen. Hades (Add)
Gen. Methone (Add)
Stygini (Add)
Gen. Styx (Add)
Gen. Hamearis (Add)
Hamearis lucina

Nemeobiinae (Add)
Zemerini (Add)
Gen. Dodona (Add)
Gen. Zemeros (Add)
Riodininae (Add)
Eurybiini (Add)
Gen. Alesa (Add)
Gen. Eurybia (Add)
Helicopini (Add)
Gen. Anteros (Add)
Gen. Helicopis (Add)
Gen. Ourocnemis (Add)
Gen. Sarota (Add)
Incertae Sedis (Riodininae) (Add)
Gen. Argyrogrammana (Add)
Gen. Dianesia (Add)
Gen. Emesis (Add)
Gen. Minstrellus (Add)
Mesosemiini (Add)
Mesosemiina (Add)
Gen. Eunogyra (Add)
Gen. Leucochimona (Add)
Gen. Mesophthalma (Add)
Gen. Mesosemia (Add)
Gen. Perophthalma (Add)
Gen. Semomesia (Add)
Gen. Teratophthalma (Add)
Napaeina (Add)
Gen. Cremna (Add)
Gen. Eucorna (Add)
Gen. Hermathena (Add)
Gen. Hyphilaria (Add)
Gen. Ithomiola (Add)
Gen. Napaea (Add)
Gen. Voltinia (Add)
Nymphidiini (Add)
Aricorina (Add)
Gen. Ariconias (Add)
Gen. Aricoris (Add)
Lemoniadina (Add)
Gen. Juditha (Add)
Gen. Lemonias (Add)
Gen. Synargis (Add)
Gen. Thisbe (Add)
Nymphidiina (Add)
Gen. Adelotypa (Add)
Gen. Calociasma (Add)
Gen. Calospila (Add)
Gen. Catocyclotis (Add)
Gen. Dysmathia (Add)
Gen. Hallonympha (Add)
Gen. Harveyope (Add)
Gen. Hypophylla (Add)
Gen. Joiceya (Add)
Gen. Livendula (Add)
Gen. Menander (Add)
Gen. Minotauros (Add)
Gen. Mycastor (Add)
Gen. Nymphidium (Add)
Gen. Pandemos (Add)
Gen. Periplacis (Add)
Gen. Rodinia (Add)
Gen. Setabis (Add)
Gen. Zelotaea (Add)
Theopina (Add)
Gen. Archaeonympha (Add)
Gen. Behemothia (Add)
Gen. Calicosama (Add)
Gen. Protonymphidia (Add)
Gen. Theope (Add)
Riodinini (Add)
Gen. Amarynthis (Add)
Gen. Amphiselenis (Add)
Gen. Ancyluris (Add)
Gen. Baeotis (Add)
Gen. Barbicornis (Add)
Gen. Brachyglenis (Add)
Gen. Calephelis (Add)
Gen. Caria (Add)
Gen. Cariomothis (Add)
Gen. Cartea (Add)
Gen. Chalodeta (Add)
Gen. Chamaelimnas (Add)
Gen. Charis (Add)
Gen. Chorinea (Add)
Gen. Colaciticus (Add)
Gen. Crocozona (Add)
Gen. Cyrenia (Add)
Gen. Dachetola (Add)
Gen. Detritivora (Add)
Gen. Exoplisia (Add)
Gen. Isapis (Add)
Gen. Ithomeis (Add)
Gen. Lasaia (Add)
Gen. Lyropteryx (Add)
Gen. Melanis (Add)
Gen. Metacharis (Add)
Gen. Monethe (Add)
Gen. Nahida (Add)
Gen. Necyria (Add)
Gen. Nirodia (Add)
Gen. Notheme (Add)
Gen. Panara (Add)
Gen. Paraphthonia (Add)
Gen. Parcella (Add)
Gen. Pheles (Add)
Gen. Rhetus (Add)
Gen. Riodina (Add)
Gen. Seco (Add)
Gen. Siseme (Add)
Gen. Syrmatia (Add)
Gen. Themone (Add)
Stalachtini (Add)
Gen. Stalachtis (Add)
Symmachiini (Add)
Gen. Chimastrum (Add)
Gen. Esthemopsis (Add)
Gen. Lucillella (Add)
Gen. Mesene (Add)
Gen. Mesenopsis (Add)
Gen. Panaropsis (Add)
Gen. Phaenochitonia (Add)
Gen. Pirascca (Add)
Gen. Pterographium (Add)
Gen. Stichelia (Add)
Gen. Symmachia (Add)
Gen. Xenandra (Add)
Gen. Xynias (Add)

Most of the taxonomic data has been found on Wikispecies and it is therefore available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

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